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l  Experience:
l  Current:

5/06 To Present

w Sign-A-Rama
2237s State. Salt Lake City, Utah  84115
Contact :  Karen Anderson - 801-484-5576
Graphic Design - Production Artist
5/01/2005 To /06

w Davis Security -
2601 E. Sunnyside Ave.Salt Lake City, Utah  84108  
Contact Tyler - 801-583-4100
Licensed Security Guard
8/2005 To 11/2005

w Certified Systems - AAA
3001 S. 80 E. Salt Lake City, Utah  84108  
Roger or Brian
Tow Truck Driver - Roadside Assistance

5/01/2004 To November 2004

w Permacoatings, Inc   - Alien Skins - Spray on Liners
7250 South 672 West, Midvale, Utah  84047  -
General Manager, Product Applicator, graphic design, prep, cleanup, Auto body & paint, also created Company Logo 2004 design & website advertising.

1990  To 5/01/2004

w Montana Brand Produce Co. 14 years Sub Contractor:  
1550 N Beck Street, SLC, Utah -
Self Employed Independent Contractor- Small business owner / operator, 
Wash This - Mobile &  Contract -Fleet Washing, buildings, etc. (high pressure, two step chemical, heat/steam.)

1984 to 1990

w SuperWash USA - Lead for 6 years, then purchased company and accounts.
Salt Lake City, Utah
Manager Mobile Wash Unit
Lead position, supervisor

----- to Present
Multiple and Various Other Jobs & Abilities including:

w Insulation Installer - 2 years, C & S Insulation
w Line Cook, Prep Cook, Chef,  -3+ years, - The Beanery - China Place
w Auto body & paint -2+ years - (have own equipment)
w Artist, Graphics, Sign Painting - 9+ years - (have own equipment)
w Painter - 11+ months,
w Photographer - experienced, Freelance - (have own equipment)
w Tile Setter -
w Mechanic, -
w Guide,-
w Location Scout, -
w Writer, -
w Investigator -
l  Education:

w Rocky Mountain Bartending Academy- graduate, T.I.P.S. certified bartender
w High School, GED       West High .

l  References

w Denise Lynch        - 232-5193
w Darlene Lander     - 355-1361
w Marlee Spendlove - 968-8946
w             -

8Video: Footage included or used in:

w The Unknown Zone, Host Clyde Lewis by Rogue Entertainment
    (also: on camera appearence in opening segment as witness)
w Weird TV, Producer -Chuck Cirino
w U of U student documentaries - Holly Bromley
   (lenghty involvement and subject of documentaries 2004)
8Researcher, Investigator:

w Studied & researched exoscience and paranormal subjects for over 16 years, including: Cryptozoology, UFO's, ARV's, UMO's, Orb & spirit energies, Zero Point Energies, Sacred Geometry, Exopolitics, Earth Mysteries & Anomalies, Bedrock studies, Ancient Text, Remote Viewing, etc.
w Numerous professional contacts in related fields & news media.
w Well prepared with equipment for investigative, research, analysis work.
w Published numerous reports, photos and articles, on several paranormal /phenomenon related subjects and fields.
w Performed scientific research & investigations with other organizations into the unknown and unexplained, exotic & harmful military testing, anomalous wildlife, spirit energies, etc.
w A supporter of the Disclosure Project to put an end to the 50+ year Truth Embargo
w >see UUFOH Article archive     
l  Director, Founder, Host:

w The Utah UFO Hunters Investigative Team , since 1996  
w (Co-sponsors for SLC MUFON -Marlee Spendlove - contact
   Sponsored by  & Camera Den (until their recent closure)
w UUFOH Meetings / Event Coordinator - Host - Speaker - Conferences 
w >see UUFOH - MUFON Meeting News 
l  Media:
- Done numerous radio and on camera interviews and reports including:


w FOX 13, Reporter: Steve Baron  - several see latest :Secrets in the Desert
                              Katy Carlyle - 2006
                              February 24, 2007
w KUTV Channel 2, Reporter: John Gulay
w KTVX Channel 4, Reporters: Brent Hunsaker - 2/24/2005, Kristine Cline /2004
w KSL Channel 5, Reporter: Keith McCord 11/06/2004 - LINK
w >see UUFOH In The News 
8Video : Documentaries : TV Series  : Movies

w Guest on two shows for the History Channel "UFO HUNTERS"
   episodes #38 & 39

w Guest on A&E series "Tattoo Highway " Close Encounters episode 13
   Aired July 1st 2009

w Canadian Documentary Crew Films UUFOH
   "UFO HUNTERS" by Niagara College Productions

w Be All Over TV on Utah's Kjzz TV. A Norway Films production.
   Paranormal Ghost Hunters Visit Ogden Exchange Building
   watch video>

w Fastwalker Files : The Movie A great UFO Disclosure Documentary that UUFOH was a part of.  > watch it on Youtube Be sure to watch for photos/ artwork by UUFOH Director Dave Rosenfeld in the movie!

w Involved & featured in the German TV Documentary episode "Utah & UUFOH" for
  "Inside USA" by Maximus Films   10/08/2005

w Invited to an in-field audition in San Antonio, Texas to be the 'Host' -of a upcoming
  TV series for the Travel Channel called "The Tracker"
  via- Mike Mathis Productions  in L.A. CA
  (reported on the numerous "chupacabras" recently shot & killed in Texas 2004)
w Technical Director for the ongoing production "Mysterious Utah" The Movie
  >see LINK  - Fine Art Film Studios
w "The Unknown Zone" >see LINK   Rogue Entertainment

w City Weekly, (Salt Lake City) front page feature article Dec 2003
  & listed 'Best of Utah 2004'
w Uintah Basin Standard, (Roosevelt, Utah) /2004  
w BYU Newsnet, (Provo) Chris Siefert 
w Deseret News, (Utah) 11/04/2004  - 2005 LINK
   Deseret News (Salt Lake City), Jul 23, 2006 LINK

w Salt Lake Tribune (Utah) Cathy Free 
w Tooele Transcript (Utah) 3/3/05  by Audrey Rock-Richardson - LINK  
w Teton Valley News (Idaho), LINK 

w UUFOH Director on Residual Hauntings radio show MARCH 12th 2008. Host Tom Carr the founder of the Wasatch Paranormal Investigators, and co host Russ Larson founder of Paranormal Utah invited "aliendave" to be their guest March 12th 2008 at 9pm. (SHOW ARCHIVED)   >  listen now

w KNRS 570 AM - Bob Longsberry Show Feb. 24th, 2005
w Ground Zero, with Clyde Lewis A regular guest
w Dreamland Online, with Whitley Strieber > coast to coast am  
w BBC (London), 4 KLO Radio 1430 AM 
w World Paranormal Forum 
w Magic Mind Radio  
w Wake Up USA- A UFO Study, 
w Johnson & Toffe show,  
w Many more… AM & FM > see LINK

w Main character in Web Inquiry Project Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN
   by Melissa Elliott

w Numerous reports/articles published at
  for more see UUFOH In The News


w UUFOH mentioned the the very popular book "Hunt For The Skinwalker"

w Mysteries & Legends - Utah True Stories of the Unexplained by Mike O'Reilly
   devotes almost the entire last chapter to Dave Rosenfeld & UFO's in Utah including pictures of dave and his UFO's
l  Photographer:

w Experienced photographer with special interests in Astro photography, Black & White (night, mood, & contemporary), Wildlife, Cryptozoology, Extreme Weather, Paranormal, Science, Investigative Evidence, Cropcircles, Exotic, Freelance and Custom work.  Experienced with high speed films, long exposures, special/unique lighting, etc.
w Equipment:
  35mm Canon EOS Elan ll SLR, w/ remote, Bogen tripod, 500mm, 28-80mm, doubler, lenses, various filters, Meade ETX 90 telescope, camera adaptable, 35mm Canon automatic, DSCPro Digital camera, Canon 8mm video camera,
w Digital Imaging, Editing, Analysis, Enhancements, Design & Print.
w See numerous samples with navigation menu at l 
8Photos published in numerous magazines, which include:
w Mystery Magazine: online (UK) Wolf Creek UFO - 5/20/2005
w UFO Magazine: (UK) "Path of the Skinwalker" 2003
w UFO Magazine: (Brazil)  Cover photo March 2004 
  Feature Article photos in both March, April 2004 Issues
w Sky & Telescope:  2001 
8Other work includes:
w Wedding photography 2004
w Portfolio work, Exotic, Erotic - Blue Productions.  
8Websites published or hired photography work, including:

w Earthfiles: -Linda Moulton Howe:
Squash seeds documentation for language analysis. Baba Afghan Restaurant
w Unknown Country: - Whitley Strieber
w Coast to Coast AM: - Art Bell
w The Utah UFO Hunters: -   
   Hundreds of photos posted throughout the site, since 1996
w Utah Skies: -
w Ground Zero: -
8CD Cover photos:
w Nightmoves "Rhythms of the Heart" -
  Sky Lab Studios, 2003 Frederick Entertainment 

_______________________________________________________________________   l  Webmaster:

w 9+ years experience using Homestead SiteBuilder Pro & LPX,  Basic html, Java, etc. on my humble PC.
w Currently maintain, design, & edit, an extensive, multiple award winning, Regional Investigative Research site. UUFOH -   (averages 700 hits a day)
w Design, Edit, Built several websites for local S.L.C.Companies.
- The Utah School Of Hypnosis, Denise Lynch
- Evolving Souls  -
w Also -4 Online Stores >   
w 1 personal website
w Perform and Available for Freelance work.
w See web site examples at  -  -  - drX Art - continue... 

w see the guestbook for comments about the UUFOH website
"Dave" Self Portrait
Dave Rosenfeld

Salt Lake City,  Utah
PHONE # 801- 831-3104
w To better the current human experience with truth, knowledge, awareness and beauty.
To help awaken others with love and light so they may see beyond the filters and fences  without fear to experience freedom of spirit & will.
To know openly, the reality of other possibilities and the possibility of other realities.

w Wanting a quality working environment that creates growth, security, profits, partnerships and challenges my abilities as well as others.  
w To work and excel in the Visual Art, Graphic Arts, Design, Photo / Video, Film, Media related fields where my talents, experience & skills will be best used & appreciated.  
w Wanting and willing to expand into new territories and fields.  
w To obtain employment that is fun, creative, inspirational, & friendly. Yet allows freedom to express ideas, change, creativity, also allows growth, advancement, partnerships and other opportunities.
w To produce creative and informative results that will benefit my employer, customers, as well as myself.

w Management: - 12+ years management experience
w Self Employed for 12 years - Small Business owner/ operator 
w Leadership skills developed from several years of past employment opportunities and self-employment. 
w Including: Sales, billing, customer service, production, supervisor, manager, partner relations, maintenance & training.
8 Licensed Security Guard
8 T.I.P.S. Certified Bartender - valid SMART card 
w Computer Experience: familiar with - Homestead SiteBuilder Pro & LPX ,  
Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Lotus SmartSuites, Microsoft Office, Macromedia Studio -Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Flash, Delorme -Topo Map 4.0, Avery -Design Pro 5, basic HTML, Java, and others listed below...
l  Artist:

w Mixed Media & Digital Artist with experience in Adobe Illustrator,CS 4, Photoshop 7.0, Omega Composer, Artpath, Flexi 7.5-8, Roland, Image Ready 7.0, Elements,  Macromedia Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Flash,  Arcsoft -DiscPro,  Jasc -Paint Shop Pro 7& 8, Animation Shop 3,  Terragen,  Picture It Express, Conware IconArt, Plugins & more...
w Experienced in multiple mixed media, airbrush, ink, paint, vinyl, pencil & pastels, sculpture, sign painting, graphics, logo and design, layout, digital animation, automotive, wood, metal, some limited story board work,
w Have received numerous artistic awards throughout school and up to present day.
w ART CONTEST WINNER for the 3rd UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 2005
   Ryan Wood - "West Desert Saucer On Edge" Cover Art

w Custom design apparel, T-shirts, products, etc.  Art and Graphic prints,
-    -
w See published downloadable artwork, icons, etc at -
w Recent samples at       
w View comments & ratings at 
w See numerous older art samples at
w Custom Website design, Art, Logos, Icons, etc.,   
w Ad Design: full page ad for USH  in the "Catalyst" Jan. 2005
w Ad Design: Beck St. X Posure - City Weekly 2005 - Business cards -  
w Cd Covers - Artwork, layout & design for Clear Mind Institute
w Artwork and photos included in the UFO documentary "The Fastwalker Files,
  Disclosure". DVD - Producer Robert Miles
a.k.a. Alien Dave
UPDATED: 9/13/2009
DAVE ROSENFELD   -  resume
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Dave Rosenfeld

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