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'The Sherman Ranch' is still considered an Unknown Zone with many mysteries still unsolved,  many questions still unanswered, and phenomenon still being reported at the ranch and surrounding areas. Maybe NIDS will find the Truth and make it public, until they do, UUFOH will continue to investigate and keep you informed the best we can.
  So is it the 'Strangest Place on Earth?' maybe so.......  its definitely the 'Strangest Place in Utah' for sure.
As some of our questions we had about the 'Sherman Ranch' were answered, more questions arose. So we continue to perform research into this mysterious area. We also will continue to document, record and collect data on Utah's UFO Ranch and its surrounding areas.
  The Utah UFO Hunters is considered to have the largest database of information, reports and photographs on this location available for public view, we hope to continue this trend. We continue working with others in presenting this mystery with all available data, from every angle.
  We hope that NIDS the current owners of the ranch, understands our strong interest in the area and the phenomenon that occurs there. We also hope NIDS doesn't take offense to our reports, video and photos we make public. We have been following the story closely since it broke in 96 before their purchase of the ranch. We have been in contact with the original reporters and witnesses even at one point the former owner T. Sherman. We found the shutout and lockdown disappointing and the lack of information available from them since their purchase equally frustrating.  We waited and hoped that NIDS would release reports or findings about their investigations and make their own conclusions on what's going on there, public. Its been years...... We are still waiting,.... We hope by not releasing the exact location or photos that would reveal its exact location in our reports will keep us from getting on their black list. We respect what they are trying to do there, just don't agree on how they are doing it. We are willing to share information if its a two way street.

We thank Clyde Lewis and Rogue Entertainment for their cooperation and interest as well as their commitment to document mysteries such as this one in their cutting edge video documentaries  ........ UUFOH 2003
The Unknown Zone
A New Investigative Video Series Hosted by Clyde Lewis
Produced by Rogue Entertainment
Featuring The Utah UFO Hunters

"Thanks for all your help!" - Kevin D - Rogue Entertainment

Dave Rosenfeld UUFOH Director & Mark Woody UUFOH Asst. Director were
Interviewed by Whitley Strieber on 9/13/03 for DREAMLAND ONLINE  - show aired 10/04/03

Special Interviews- Ranch Recon 2003 Interview

Join Whitley as he interviews two intrepid explorers from Ranch Recon 2003 who have made an unofficial visit to the area of the National Institute for Discovery Science's famous Sherman Ranch, called 'the strangest place on earth.' And be sure to take a look at the bizarre creature photographed there--very similar to the one Dr. John Alexander talks about in his interview on this site. You can see the creature and get more information by clicking here..
click here to download the show
"The firefly's flame
Is something for which science has no name.
I can think of nothing
eerier than flying around with an unidentified glow on a person's posterior."
Poet - Ogden Nash
Utah's UFO Ranch is OFF LIMITS!
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The Bottom Line
UFO Hill - Ranch Recon 2003 UUFOH & 'Unknown Zone'
Residents call the area "UFO Hill" and all have heard stories
UNKNOWN ANIMAL? updated   Visitors submit their views  
Strange Animal caught in photo. What is it?
Photo comparisons with other recently reported unidentified animals
Small blue firefly-like lights witnessed. Are there Fireflies in Utah?
Reports and Comments from the UUFOH Team
PHOTOS                  Total photos posted - 16 updated  
Other UUFOH 2003 Recon Photo Anomalies   
The Sherman / NIDS Ranch still considered an 'Unknown Zone'
UUFOH talks about this report on Dreamland online - listen now!
The Firefly Issue, The Strange Animal & more! updated
The Utah UFO Hunters - Clyde Lewis - The Unknown Zone Crew
Ranch Recon Team 2003 - UFO Hill

"Are There Fireflies in Utah?"
After witnessing, photographing and video taping these strange flashing lights we felt it needed to be confirmed one way or the other. "Are there Fireflies in Utah?" We did some research and found this:

"Are there Fireflies in Utah?" -YES, one source says, rare accounts have been reported in Utah.
Utah Firefly Reports:
Brigham City:  May 31, 2003:A reader writes: I left Massachusetts over 20 years ago. I had not seen fireflies since then until now. I had heard of legends of these magical creatures in a cow pasture on the north side of Brigham City, Utah. I found it hard to believe until I drove down an old dirt road to investigate it . . . and there they were sending messages while the rest of us were making hay.......
& July 7, 1999 We live in a very country area of Utah- our backyard is a preserved swamp land- with cat tails growing abundantly. The fire flies are everywhere back there. I'm told that they are less likely to be seen when the moon is bright or the sky is too clear- so city lights would definitely effect that.

And others say NO,
On fireflies in Utah -One source says:
> If you live in the United States, west of about the middle of Kansas, you are not apt to have the flashing type of fireflies in your area. Although some isolated sightings of luminous fireflies have been reported from time to time from regions of the western U.S., fireflies that glow are typically not found west of Kansas. The reason for this phenomenon is not known >
another says:
> According to Turpin, in the United States fireflies are most common east of the Mississippi River, and are not found west of the Rocky Mountains.

Were the lights we seen from UFO Hill, Fireflies?
The firefly, also known as the lightning bug, is actually neither a fly nor a bug, but a beetle,
In the United States there are more than 170 species of fireflies; worldwide there are more than 1,900 known species, and they are found on every continent except Antarctica. Each species of firefly is different. For example, many species of fireflies that come out in the daytime don't have lights at all, but use their scent, or pheromones, to attract mates. In some species the females are wingless, and they rely on their lights to attract the flying males to their location.  Different species also have particular habitats that they prefer. Some are found primarily over open fields, other occur only in wooded areas, and some reside near bogs and marches, Many firefly species tend to be found around water such as ponds, streams, marshes or even depressions, ditches, etc., that may retain moisture longer then surrounding areas. However, fireflies are also found in very dry regions of the world as well.
So the location conditions were favorable for fireflies: Fact

Flash and color: Do any have a blue flash?
Some flash primarily at dusk and stop when it gets dark, while others don't begin flashing until it is very dark.Different species even have different colors of light. For example, the genus Photinus have a yellow flash, Photuris have a green flash, and Pyractomena have an amber flash.
We found no references to Fireflies having a blue flash, but we cannot confirm fireflies do not make a blue flash.

               (We witnessed Blue, Orange, Red and White flashes.)

Behavior/ Flight patterns
A large percentage of the lights we witnessed did not exhibit the behavior or flight characteristics of fireflies. Some of the lights were very bright even lighting up the ground underneath it or bushes nearby and some of the lights traveled at a very fast speed covering a considerable distance in a second or two.
The information we have gathered seems to say 90% of the firefly-like lights we witnessed were not fireflies.
We cannot confirm what we witnessed that night were fireflies, but some do lean slightly towards fireflies being the answer or explanation for what we witnessed even though fireflies are not known to be in Utah or are extremely rare in Utah.  Others feel it should not be easily labled 'fireflies' and believe it was unexplained phenomenon and not fireflies.
RANCH RECON 2003 - In this report, UUFOH wants to:
> Update the public on the Utah UFO Ranch mystery with observations, research, photographic evidence, interviews, and discoveries.
>  Present any findings, research, evidence in an unbiased manner for open discussion and further study.
>  And..with respect to the research NIDS is doing there, and, to hopefully protect our limited connection and contacts with NIDS we will continue to keep its exact location un-disclosed so it won't get over run with what they call "tailgate researchers" or "UFO Buffs" which is a category we ourselves most likely fall into.
> We also would like to say HELLO to NIDS and their researchers who will undoubtedly view this report.
> We know they watch us closely and keep tabs on our work (We have been told, They are "well aware" of our "excursions" to the area and also our research and study of the area) So closely in fact that certain key members would not join us out there in fear of being contacted or harm their limited connection with NIDS.
> UUFOH would like to remind others, 'Authors' -'webmasters' - 'publishers' - etc. that

          Utah's UFO Ranch Report 2003

  The Utah UFO Hunters Investigative Team, A select team of 8
  Clyde Lewis host of Ground Zero Radio
  The Unknown Zone production crew, Rogue Entertainment

On a sunny Rocky Mountain morning, a small convoy of paranormal researchers and investigators along with a TV production crew headed towards the Uintah Mountains into the high desert of North- Eastern Utah, the geologically unique.Uintah Basin. The highest range in the State of Utah and the most prominent east-west trending range in the contiguous United States. Its also known for its UFO activity. Duchesne County, Utah RATES # 6  & Uintah County, Utah RATES # 28 in the nation for UFO sightings.
  Our target location:
Several areas bordering the infamous and mysterious 'Sherman Ranch' or 'NIDS Ranch' and Skinwalker Ridge
  Our mission:
To observe and record any activity or phenomenon that might present itself. Perform research, Collect and record data and attempt to answer questions we have about the target and surrounding area, Report findings, Conduct interviews and make commentary for the Investigative Video series "The Unknown Zone"

The Sherman Ranch, Utah's UFO Ranch, is an area full of mysteries and legends, strange and unusual stories of UFOs, vortex's and portals, various unknown creatures, incredible and unexplained phenomenon, haunting's, concentrated energy fields and cattle mutilations. but its also a place where one can feel its strange energy and desolate beauty deep within. Discoveries and events happen here that open doorways into the unknown, often taking reality and bending it to the point of no return.     See Utah's UFO Ranch    Alien Dave

No Trespassing - "Your not welcome here"
There are some that would like to keep this area and its mysteries away from the public eye, keeping reports, events and evidence from others working for the same goal and intent, by keeping information controlled, covered up or even altered to take away the significance of this area, even being labled 'non active' or 'low activity' by some researchers. Fact hiding....
Take the Path of the Skinwalker article by George Knapp for example, calling it the Gorman Ranch in an attempt to mislead the reader. He also notes that he was handed numerous reports years ago, and that he just now got permission to release some of them. Explaining that some of the reports might frighten locals or nearby residents or because they don't have any explanation or category for the phenomenon that goes on there.
The UFO Ranch is private property, No Trespassing. NIDS warns "you are not welcome here"

2003 Ranch Recon - UUFOH has been researching the Sherman Ranch for many years and will continue to investigate the area, its stories, legends, and reports from its present owners, NIDS.

Arriving at the 'meet point' we were minus two, after waiting and planning our next move we decided to head for the second location still minus two. Arriving at our second previously recon' d location around mid day, we viewed the area for a short time minus a total of five players. A call notified us that R & D  had problems with a power steering hose and stopped to make repairs. and was on the road again. But M,T,& B were still 'location unknown'.  meanwhile....Clyde did his "I'm Clyde Lewis" a few times unsuccessfully and mentioned "There's a weird energy here, I can't even think." We reviewed the stories, went over the reports, and got familiar with the area. IT WAS HOT!  Clyde wasn't the only one to feel a strange energy there, I myself felt a energy that was very uncomfortable, a sort of "bad feeling" or unbalance within yourself.

UUFOH members doing a refreshment run returned with some interesting news.   They ran into a local who called the location 'UFO HILL' and shared some of her own experiences and interesting stories that have circulated in their community about strange goings on in the nearby area.

Information Collected
> #1 So we found that the locals had named the area 'UFO HILL' and we adopted the new label of 'UFO HILL' for the location we were observing from.
> #2 We also found that using the word 'Skinwalker' can get you some strange reactions from the local Indians, One resident responded to Clyde, "How do you know about Skinwalkers? your a white man." with a tone that implied that it was almost offensive for a 'white man' to say or use the word.
> #3 We took numerous photos, which one captured an unusual or Unknown Animal. which has become a topic of its own lately, And of coarse video, We hung out until late afternoon. We all convoyed into town for some grub and a break from the heat. and returned later for the start of the night watch.
> #4 When darkness fell across the ranch, the atmosphere changed and everyone got exited, we had reason to, We took hours of video tape and countless photos throughout the night, again showing some interesting things, even witnessing some unusual phenomenon.
> #5 Small bright flashing lights, were observed by the entire UUFOH Team, were they fireflies? We did some searching, In our researching efforts we found some details that are very interesting but not conclusive. ......Entirely
> #6 I do believe everyone learned something on our trip, I know we all experienced an encounter with the 'Skinwalker Skeeters' present there. Even an Unsettling energy was noticed.
I was going to go into a whole 'This and that' about our visit to UFO Hill but, I think I will let the photos speak for themselves and the comments from others that attended tell the story.

We present this information openly, for you to make your own conclusions, based upon the evidence presented. We welcome feedback, further research, findings, etc.
UUFOH Director Dave Rosenfeld
Shown only the cropped close up (above insert) without anything to relate scale, Team members where asked:
What's your first impression? their replies were,

> Mark, I think in photo # 1 one it looks like a fawn getting up,,and in Photo # 2 it is obviously an undetermined animal.  An animal out of this world?  I'd say no, it is probably a fawn getting up ffrom hiding.  I have to say say it is indiginous to terra firma.and is probably a fawn.

  after seeing full version  > hmmmm...  A mini-me Calf.  Odd

> Troy My first thought would be a calf.  but its weird looking still.

> Don It looks like a small horse or mule to me.  
  I decided to look at it again & it almost looks like the animal has a baby sheep or some animal in it's mouth?
  after seeing full version  >Now I see what your talking about.

>Misty the picture of the animal to me kinda looks like a cow (the head area), but its hind quarters rise higher than the body, which to me is very strange and un-cow like.  Very weird picture.
  after seeing full version  >seems impossible it being a cow-deer with its small size compared to the fence post.

> Ryan it looks like it's half kangaroo half horse! lol...

>Beau after seeing full version  >i think it looks like a elk but not sure so im going  with it being a elk

>Don R after seeing full version >Not really.  I thought it was standing on a slope and that's why it head was so low.  But if its on flat ground, then it really is a bizarre animal.  It looks like a cross between a kangaroo and a horse.  Its nothing like anything I've seen before. Judging by the size, coloring and the shape of the head, I don't think it's any animal (even a young one) that's native to the western US.  I went looking on the Internet and saw some animals that kind of looked like it, but they were native to Asia.  Its hard to tell exactly because of the fuzzy picture.  Anyway, here is a link that was one of the better ones for showing pictures of deer from around the world.
To me it seems like someone lost an exotic pet (or transplanted some) or the zoo has a runaway.
> 7/31/03 This is trivial, but that animal looks to me like a cross between a Wallaby, a small relative of the Kangaroo, and a horse. Sorry, forgot about the smaller "roos" in Australia.

>Kevin If it's near the fence that would make it really small. I don't know what that is.
So what is this photo showing? A small animal - species unknown or undetermined

l  UPDATED                 Unidentified Animal Update
We were skywatching on a bluff about 20  30 feet above a river plain and noticed some blinking lights in the bushes below us.  This caused quite a stir among us because there aren't supposed to be any fireflies in Utah, plus a few of their lights didn't fit the normal description of fireflies with what we've found on the Internet.

It is a discovery in every sense of the word. Just not the type of discovery we were looking for. And why are the fireflies in the wet area at the ranch? A Mystery whether it is supernatural or a sign (natural) of impending global changes.
2003 UUFOH-Unknown Zone © COPYRIGHT 2003 UUFOH
l  REPORT # 3

Friday, July 4th 2003
...the Ranch trip adventure.  As far as my photos are concerned, I used a Sony 560X Steady Shot Digital Zoom   Video Camera Recorder Hi 8 Model-TRV98. with NightShot.
You have a copy of all the footage I took on the Ranch expedition. 
It is an eerie feeling which one programs into their mind before even arriving at the location because of the knowledge we already have of all the past happenings at the Ranch.  Actually, one might say that this whole planet is a mystery.  I believe the Ranch site is a great site for visitors who want to be out of a huge populated area to conduct experiments etc. 
My thoughts on the firefly-like lights.  I thought they were fire fly's as soon as I saw them but the thing that struck me as being strange was the pattern and sequence of the lights.  It almost appeared that they were programmed.  I don't know if my mind wanted to find something of the sort because if the excitement of the trip in general or because I really was seeking some sort of visual experience. I felt great being a part of a quest along with others with like feelings.  The UUFOH Group handled the trip very well I believe.  Too bad some members didn't make the trip.  As far as equipment goes, I only wish I had a more powerful lens on my camera and that the camera could focus better in dark situations.  The thing I really enjoyed was the association & interaction of those members and everyone who attended the Ranch trip.
                                                        Don Rosenfeld (Alien Dad)
l  REPORT # 4

7/15/03      Ranch Recon/2003
I thought this was a great spot for a skywatch with an awesome view of the Ranch.  We got some good shots. 
So is there still activity on the Ranch?  After my experience there I personally think yes.  Were the lights we witnessed fireflies?  Maybe........maybe not?  Certain aspects point to the possibility the lights were fireflies.  For example, fireflies live in swampy/wooded areas, are observed mostly at dusk and exhibit flashing behavior.  On the other hand, fireflies are not often found west of about Kansas, do not flash a bluish/white color, or fly fast.  The lights I observed moved quickly from one spot to another, and were witnessed till about 2:00 A.M.  A person who has seen these same lights on the Ranch, claims they are part of a sentient cognitive intelligence.  Some of us felt this same intelligence in the eerie way the lights seemed to lead us toward the Ranch.  I guess it will be hard to determine whether or not we witnessed paranormal activity that night.
My equipment used:  Sony Hi8 camcorder with night shot and 460x20 digital zoom, and an automatic Olympus 35mm camera.  Night shot footage captured the firefly like orbs quite well (along with a very strange noise).  Our "Blair Watch Project" was a success in my eyes.  We were prepared, had some butt-kickin' equipment and altogether caught some very cool, weird pictures and footage (including the strange small animal). 
I had a great time, everyone was awesome, and I am looking forward to our next investigation.
Misty Morgan/UUFOH
Not Just The Lights,
but the unseen intelligence itself that is prevalent there.... Col.John Alexanader who is Bigelows right hand man coined the phrase
what you are going to do,
before you do !!! 
And can anticipate human thought
& action...          UUFOH    
The Utah UFO Hunters Investigative Team
Utah's UFO Ranch Report 2003
As TRUTH being our primary goal  we wanted to relay a few messages up front:

Our goal is; the bottom line. The Truth, whatever that may be, or however dull. We try to be unbiased, logical, and find the facts. We are dedicated to finding the Truth in Utah and presenting it to the world, we don't need to enhance or exaggerate our research to make it exiting or to gain publicity

We do not believe information on this area should be keep from anyone, even if its controversial, unbelievable, or unconfirmed, The history of activity from this area of Utah demands further study, research and observation.
Ranch Recon 2003 UUFOH
Ranch Animal - © COPYRIGHT 2003 UUFOH
Strange Animal Caught In Ranch Photo
Photo by: Dave Rosenfeld  © Copyright 2003 UUFOH
What is this animal? a deer, elk or cow? maybe,.. if its two feet tall.
Fox, dog, cat? would fit the small size frame. but looks more like a mini deer, goat, or exotic animal pet
Photo: Taken with a Canon EOS Elan II, 500mm zoom lens,  800sp Kodak film.
Insert close up is an enhanced version to show details

NOTE: notice the size of the animal, compared to the 4-5 ft fence post to the left & slightly behind it.
Comparing size relations with the animal, fence post, and the next shot with the size of the Ford pickup even further away from the camera,(not posted) shows that this is indeed a small animal
Animal> = 1/4 height of fence post - if fence post was 10 feet high - the Animal> = 2 1/2 feet high
An elk or cow stands 4 - 4 1/2 feet high at its back,
that would make the fence post  = 16 - 18 foot high
Not Even Close
With the fence post being 4 feet it would make the animal 1 foot high, that would eliminate deer, elk, cows, horses. and possibly put it into the category of  'Unknown Animal'  This animal is still not identified.

What do you think? We welcome comments /observations on this photo or any other posted here
Clyde Lewis 'Tuning In'
Host of Ground Zero & the new investigative video series The 'Unknown Zone'
Photo by: The Utah UFO Hunters

Photo below: Possibly Utah's Chupacabra?
'Investigative Team' 
'Top Dogs' of the Utah UFO Hunters performing observations from UFO Hill
Photo by: The Utah UFO Hunters
Photo: © Copyright 2003 UUFOH
'Stone Circle'
Circular stone formation found in the
'Unknown Zone' near the UFO Ranch
possibly an indian ritual site?
Photo by: The Utah UFO Hunters
Photo: © Copyright 2003 UUFOH -Ranch Recon 2003
Night Observations
UUFOH  observations
Photo by: The Utah UFO Hunters
© Copyright 2003 UUFOH
© Copyright 2003 UUFOH
"Blair WATCH Project"
Some of the video we took was so
Blair Witch we had to throw this one in
Who is that guy?
Photo by: The Utah UFO Hunters
'A Warning?'
More Ranch weirdness,....right by the gate is a rope with some kind of animal fur hanging from it. It looks like it was placed there intentionally, but for what or why is undetermined.
Is it bait? for a predator...
Is it a warning? to trespassers......
Photo by: UUFOH Member Christine Applegate
If the UFO community all of the researchers and public interested in this area would work in concert, being open with any opinion, research or evidence, maybe the enigma or mystery can be solved or explained.  Even if this is not accomplished, the information learned and collected openly will surely contribute and add different perspectives, theories, and questions to the overall mystery of the area. Possibly getting everyone closer to the truth. One thing is for sure, the infighting and arguments MUST CEASE for the good of us all.     Truth is our Goal.  Co-operation is Key. UUFOH
"Red Light from Observation post"
Using a tripod mounted Canon EOS Elan II with a 28-80mm lens
at f 5.6 & 1600sp Fugi film  -1/2 hour exposure.
UUFOH picked up this red light coming from one of the surveillance posts, indicating that the surveillance equipment was on and is being used. Probably aimed at us!
(Insert is zoomed 400X,) Note: This photo was taken in complete darkness
Photo by: The Utah UFO Hunters
l  REPORT # 1
UUFOH Investigates The Mysterious Ranch    

In June, 2003 the Utah UFO Hunters once again trekked to the mysterious Sherman Ranch near Fort Duchesne, Utah. This was the fourth of such trips for this researcher. We took our regular observation area, well south of the ranch property, in order to respect NIDS' request of no trespassing. I and fellow researcher Troy Jackson, and Beau Hackwell, found this area on a previous trip. We were looking for an observation area that did not interfere with or trespass on the ranch. Evidently the locals use the same area to watch lights in the sky, and call it UFO Hill.

We have been accused of being "saucer nuts, and "UFO freaks", by a Las Vegas investigational journalist. I find it interesting that when he investigates phenomena he is a serious researcher, and we are nuts and freaks for doing the same research. I also noticed that he used without permission, a copy-written photo for his article in UFO Magazine. I wish people in this field would work together instead of constantly criticizing every other researcher! I wonder what causes the in-fighting in this field. All I can come up with is money, and prestige. If that is all these researchers are in this field for, it is no wonder we have not come up with more results. If we could put money and egos aside and work together sharing information, with the common goal of finding evidence that leads to the truth behind aerial phenomena and other phenomena, we would find that "smoking gun," quickly. Yes, this field draws more than its share of "nuts, and "flakes," I have to agree to that. But not all serious researchers are high profile, with serious financial backing. Many of us are hard working Americans, and proud people from every walk of life and country. We spend many long hours researching, investigating, and following up on sightings. We spend long hours writing, and web publishing. Okay so my university degree is in the medical field, not journalism or writing, but I try to do the best I can, to bring to you, the public the results of our work. People have a right to know the truth, wherever that may lead. Even I don''t believe all that is seen on this website, but I know all of our research is stated matter of factly. We do NOT embellish or make up reports. If you see an article by this researcher, it is the truth. It is an honest report of my observations. I try to be as unbiased as I can. I look for rational explanations first. I never draw conclusions, but leave that to you, the public. Here at the UUFOH we take time away from our families and use our own money to buy equipment, purchase documents, put up this website, make calls, buy and read books in order to keep up on the subject, pay our dues to this association and others such as MUFON (A fantastic organization in my opinion, one that seems to follow the same guidelines I do. I guess they are all "Saucer Nuts" as well), and we spend more money to use for travel, and on-site follow-ups. We try to interview every eyewitness personally, where the event took place. Then we need to check on that person, check with airfields to see if the object could be conventional, check the weather for that particular day, etc. etc. Yeah, I guess that makes John Schuessler, MS, International Director of MUFON, and on the science advisory board of NIDS, Director of a group of "Saucer Nuts," as well. If that is the case, I am proud to be a "Saucer Nut." Anyway, I respect a large portion of the work of that journalist, and just wish he had the same respect for other researchers. We try working with NIDS, but it always seems to be a one way street. They conveniently lost a negative of a UFO taken by our Director, Dave Rosenfeld, taking over two years to return it.  It is just hard to work with them. I greatly respect NIDS. I appreciate where they are coming from, and what they claim they are trying to accomplish. I am very impressed with the caliber of people that they employ. Their credentials are impeccable! Some are even heroes of mine such as former astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Ph.D. , and UFO pioneering researcher Jacques Vallee, Ph.D. In no way do we at the UUFOH want to distract from them or hinder their research at the ranch. The last thing we would like to cause is cessation of any phenomena that may still linger there. We just want to investigate to the best of our ability aerial and related phenomena within Utah. For several reasons, among them respect for NIDS' request to stay away, I personally have decided not to go back to the ranch observational area. This is a personal decision, and not a decision made by the UUFOH or its Founder/Director. The Utah Basin is of great interest to me. It has been a hotspot for decades, as documented by Junior Hicks, and Frank Salisbury. Native American history and legends are of import as well. I know well of Yanna-Golosh's or Skin Walkers, but never knew of their relationship to the ranch until the work of Mr. Knapp. I still need to do some follow up research on this aspect of the Sherman/NIDS/Mystery Ranch. I would like to create a relationship with NIDS, and fellow researchers such as George Knapp, and welcome them to contact me for the purpose of sharing information, forming new contacts, and further our common research. I hope this happens, but am doubtful it will.

As we met with other members of the group we were joined by Clyde Lewis, and a film crew for the Unknown Zone, by Rogue Entertainment. It was nice to exchange views on various topics with Clyde. Unfortunately, this skywatch/investigation as others in the past to the ranch were uneventful. We did, however, speak to many locals and heard more stories of the area. Excitedly as on one other occasion, Director/founder of UUFOH, Dave Rosenfeld, caught unexplained phenomena via photography. With additional film shot at IE 1600 (yet to be developed). We are hopeful that with this very high speed film we may reveal additional unusual phenomena as well. Two members of the UUFOH did addition reconnaissance of the ranch area. They found a small orange orb, and many blue/white lights. Unusual, and yet at the same time such an mundane discovery, for Utah, it is the opinion of this researcher that the blue/white lights were mere fireflies (Beatles). I did not see the orange or green lights, so I cannot comment on them. I have contacted many specialists in the field of entomology, even the University of Utah, regarding fireflies in Utah. They have been seen in Utah, and this is not a first. Other members of UUFOH are not quite sure what they are. I am however, convinced the blueish/white were mere bioluminescent Beatles, or fire flies, though I never did catch one to examine it. I have seen fireflies in many other states, but admit this is a very first for me in Utah. I find the discovery of bioluminescent Beatles in this state of interest in and of itself.

I personally have seen nothing unusual at the Sherman ranch. I have no doubt that phenomena took place, and may still be taking place there. I myself did not witness any phenomena on my four trips to "the ranch." The area is of interest to the UUFOH, and will remain an area of investigation. I personally will keep researching various aspects of this area, but do not plan to go back to the ranch area again. I will leave this in the capable hands of NIDS, and perhaps other researchers in the UUFOH. I admire NIDS and will respect their wishes to stay away, in hopes that they can document further phenomena occurring at this mysterious place. I do wish I could be included in the select few who will honor oaths of secrecy between themselves and NIDS, and be allowed to know more of this very interesting place, for I would NOT divulge anything to anyone told to me in confidence.

Mark Woody -Asst.. Director UUFOH   435-249-5870  801-560-6578
"Mysterious Lights"
Photo: Dozens of the firefly-like lights were captured in this photo using 1600sp film and a 1/2 hour exposure.
Insert is a close up of two of the lights which show a green color due to the color correction process done at the lab. The color of the lights witnessed at the time of photo was blue/white.The Sherman Ranch can be seen in the background.
Note: This photo along with others posted here were processed into a 16 scan .TIFF. file format on CD - using this extremely large file format details can be viewed at a better resolution and can be zoomed in considerably without losing quality.This photo is not from a digital camera.
Photo by: The Utah UFO Hunters
"Fire Flies?"
Another still from some of the video we took of the mysterious firefly-like orbs
Photo by: The Utah UFO Hunters
© Copyright 2002-2003 UUFOH
"Mysterious Lights"
A still from some of the video we took of the mysterious blue flashing lights
Photo by: The Utah UFO Hunters
© Copyright 2003 UUFOH
"Anomalies picked up on film"
Using a tripod mounted Canon EOS Elan II with a 28-80mm lens
at f 4.5 & 1600sp Fugi film  - 1 hour exposure.
UUFOH picked up these two strange anomalies near the ranch,
Top left: is a triangular light or? notice its light is stationary as the stars leave trails during the exposure.
Bottom right: a blue light source, coming from a wooded area, possibly another firefly-like light?
Photo by: The Utah UFO Hunters
Note: Photo is still being analyzed
l  REPORT # 2

I want it to be known that I make no claims to know for a fact what it was I saw on this trip with the UUFOH Search Group. It was defiantly an occurrence of mystique and in my thoughts a Paranormal type of event.    But who can know for sure. I'm very open minded and would like to discover the answer of what we all saw as would you all.

Dave R. and my fellow UUFOH Associates-

The night of 6/--/03 and into the morning of 6/--/03 held some substantial and very intriguing events and for a lot of us some long awaited findings and visual proof of a paranormal event of which most can only read about.  Even though this event still only filled our thoughts, or at least my thoughts with curiosity and that never ending feeling of being unsure of what is really out there.

For starters as we arrived (Mark, Beau and My self) at the rally point of the trip, just south of the ranch in Ft. Dushane Utah. The consensus seemed to be a very strange and unsettling feeling for several members of the group as well as the guest for the sky watch Clyde Lewis. 
Both Dave and Clyde had made the statements of feeling uneasy and that the overall feeling of the surrounding area on this particular day was very noticeable and strong.
The area which we had continued to use as our gathering point we came to find out from the locals was referred to as UFO Point and apparently carried some what of a negative vibe but also a mystique with the area.
After we had went into Roosevelt for Pizza and some great conversation we all headed back out to the gathering point and readied for the evening. I don't really want to get to much into depth for this report on all activities and what every one did but focus on what happened to me when I was away from every one else.
The time was about 7:45 to 8.00 Pm, awaiting the skies to grow darker, we continued to conversate as we watched the local area for any sign.
The night grew darker and I became more aware that with all the talk we might not see what we wanted so I approached Beau Hackwell telling him I was going to leave for a bit and to not say anything. The time was about 9:45 P.M. when I left the area and made my way west of the point to an area which opened into the fields before us.  My thoughts kept going to the stories about the fields and people who were alone when they witnessed their sightings.  At this point I just walked off not feeing anything at the moment just enjoying the night, but I must say that I defiantly had it in my heart to find out once and for all what was going on or at least to see something.  The night had come alive with the local animal life, Cows becoming more active and restless as was every thing else.
I had arrived at the gate to the open farming fields and stayed there for a few minutes as I watched the area around me studying everything.  I moved out of the brush and as I walked to the open gate I looked to the west and up an old dirt road leading to the field, I was met by a flashing blue light about the size of a quarter.  The light was flashing on and off with about 1 to 2 seconds between each and the light was a brilliant whitish blue.  My first thought was that it was a dog with a strange collar due to the fact that it was at ground level and the flashes seemed to be at the rate of a dogs trot. (Thought the light was activated by the dogs trot).
I sit there watching the light grow closer thinking that I was going to meet up with the locals dog and wasn't liking the fact. When the light was about 11 to 12 feet from me it rose up into the air about the height of the fence and crossed over into the field into a grouping of brush there then disappeared from sight.  Shocked by the sudden behavior of the light I moved slowly toward the brush and that's when it came out and I had noticed the flashes had became longer and more slower.  This was definitely strange!
The Object had come out of the brush and had begun to move around me toward the east and I continued to move slowly and turn toward it.  I must have moved wrong because as I turned toward it east of me it moved rather quickly further away toward the Canal.  I stopped and moved my hands out toward the light slowly, the light begin to move closer but also more toward the open fence line.  As I stood there watching the light it begin to move out into the field.  The whole time I must have been numb because its finally starting to really register and I begin to walk after the blue light slowly.
Soon, the light had faded and never showed back while I was at this location.  As I stood there I begin to get very over powered by a sense of dread, I felt very strongly that something was wrong and I defiantly should not be here.  All my senses were now raging and every thing seemed to come to life, the sound, the visual and the feelings.  At this point I didn't wait any longer and I started back the way I had come, eyes darting back and forth and listening to every sound that had found my ears.
I never saw the light again until I had arrived back up with the others at the gathering point. As I walked into the area I knew before I even heard from them that they were seeing the same thing I had just witnessed.  The rest I'm sure others from the group have stated to you.  The sightings lasted till about 2 A.M. at which time I don't believe it was seen again.
My thoughts are simple and direct on the situation we had found our self in.  It was stated that the objects might have been fire flies.
A) It is my thought that there are no fire flies in the Utah area.
B) Second I had played with Fire Flies when I was a kid and they were a yellowish color.
C) Can a Fire Fly change the speed between the flaring of its luminescence?
D) The brightness at which the light was displayed, it's very hard for me to even comprehend the object being an insect.
The light was defiantly playing with the members as they watched and tried to interact with it and at one point was directly above my head..
What it was, I don't know but that was defiantly why I was out there and in my mind it still remains unexplained.
Troy A. Jackson  8/1/03 
© Copyright 2003 UUFOH
The Utah UFO Hunters -
Presents the largest collection of exclusive - uncensored, and detailed photos of the
NIDS Mystery Ranch available for public viewing and scrutiny anywhere on the net!

Special Thanks to:

l  CAMERA DEN for all their help and excellent work.
5973 S State Street, Utah
l  CLYDE LEWIS of GROUND ZERO for his interest and involvement with UUFOH
Informing and educating the public of other realities, mysteries and phenomenon in Utah.  A UUFOH SUPPORTER
l  PIZZA HUT in Roosevelt for your excellent service and hospitality.
l  The Utah UFO Hunters 2003 Recon Investigative Team
Dave Rosenfeld, Mark Woody, Troy Jackson, Beau Hackwell
Don Rosenfeld, Misty Morgan, Ryan Galloway, Don Rogers
l  Whitley  & Anne Strieber
Thank you for your interest, cooperation & kind words. It was great talking with you after following your work for so long, I hope that you and Dreamland continue to inform us all of the mysteries that surround us, and the reality of other possibilities.      .........Sincerely, Dave Rosenfeld UUFOH DIRECTOR
Chuppa-kitty - Photo comparisons
Strange Unknown Creature photographed in Utah
Unidentified species is photographed elsewhere, comparisons look like the same unknown animal photographed in Utah 2003 by the UUFOH Team during Ranch Recon 2003.
Unidentified Animal reports continue to increase... characteristics are common ...

For photo comparisons, links, photos and new additions
UUFOH Director -Dave Rosenfeld
UPDATE: 10/6/03 Whitley Strieber called an entomologist at the Museum of Natural History in NYC,
and he was asked, "what kind of insect, would cause a blue light, land insect,"  he couldn't answer the question,
and as far as flying insects "he was unaware of any"   so from our research, contacts and knowledge,
NO flying INSECT makes or produce's a blue light.
So the findings produced say it is nearly impossible for the blue lights witnessed by UUFOH to be insects of any kind, It is possible however, that the other colored lights seen, may be luminescence producing insects.

We also contacted the University of California, Santa Barbara via email after viewing their Bioluminescence Web Page  and asked them if they knew of any insects that produce blue light.                We haven't received a reply.....
but they had no information of insects creating a blue light on their webpage, this is was we found there:
Terrestrial bioluminescence is a rarity limited to a few insects (such as fireflies) and to certain earthworms and fungi. The reason for this disparity is simple, according to the Bioluminescence Web Page (, maintained at the University of California, Santa Barbara: the glow that animals generate themselves is the only source of light in the deep ocean, our planet's largest habitat.

UPDATE: 10/10/2003 From: BL Web Page - Re: Insects that produce blue light
Hi Dave.
Technically fireflies will produce green or yellow light, but in my experience, depending on the conditions (background and
ambient light) it is sometimes hard to distinguish green from blue (or even white-looking). The photos on your site don't
look blue enough to be anomalous, even factoring in some red-shifting which may have occurred during film processing.
  There are several insects which produce blue- or blue-green light. You said they were firefly-like, so I assume they were flying? That would eliminate some of the options (millipedes, earthworms, glow-worms, click beetles). Utah is not too far west for certain fireflies or glow-worms -- we even have some species in California.
  Happy hunting, Steve
--    B I O L U M I N E S C E N C E   W E B   P A G E    --
Contact: Steven Haddock, PhD
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute    --    <>
7700 Sandholdt Rd.            (831) 775-1793  Voice
Moss Landing, CA 95039          (831) 775-1620  Fax
UUFOH RESPONSE:  Opinions aside, and considering that the entire UUFOH Recon team witnessed these blue lights within a few feet, your opinion on the color is just that. Also, from 'our experience' living in Utah all or most of our lives we have never witnessed Fireflies nor have we heard of anyone seeing them until now. Since no one can identify a species of firefly in Utah or even produce reliable data that they do exist in Utah, we will consider that fireflies that produce a blue light or any color light do not exist in Utah until proven otherwise.emulsifying

Interesting........ So it is very possible that the blue lights the UUFOH Team witnessed were the same blue lights seen by Terry Sherman. The same blue lights that incinerated his dogs, & the same mysterious blue lights seen on the Ranch numerous times by numerous witnesses over the years. Then again,............

7/02/03 Alan Limb Responds
Well Dave. I can tell you with truth, that when I was a little kid going around trick or treating in October we used to see fireflies here in Cedar City a lot. And we used to have frogs and pollywogs to catch, but you don't see either one anymore, and even scorpions. However around that time they started using DDT for about everything and much of the wildlife I knew started to disappear. We even had millions of sparrow birds that came in our trees but nowadays, I very seldom see even sparrows. But also, we used to have 10 foot snow drifts and have to trudge to school in blizzards. Those seem to be gone too with all of Utah's water. Something, the weather, man or what ever has changed our environment tremendously in my life time. I've never seen another fire fly since that time too.

7/31/03 Don Rogers Responds
I was pretty excited about the "blue" fireflies, which I believe are fireflies, but were very unusual.  And especially after doing some research on them, and finding that there are no fireflies that color or that bright, I became very excited about them .  I was also puzzled by the "red" fireflies that are not mentioned in any of the articles.  To me they were
very red and almost as bright as the blue ones. However, they didn't stay around like the blue ones did, but they still didn't fit any of the descriptions of what I've read about and to me are still a mystery.
I'm still interested on going back to the same area (not necessarily the same spot) to see if there are any other fireflies like the ones we saw.  I think that if they are fireflies then we should be able to find some in other swampy areas within a mile or two of where we were.  So, a check to see if they're still there and not in other places would add some support as to what they are.  If any other members may be interested let me know and I'll try to scare up some butterfly nets for a "bug hunt".
Thanks for your work.   Don Rogers

From a Roosevelt, UT local & member:
UUFOH asked: "Question: have you ever seen fireflies out there in Roosevelt or any other area of Utah?
Response  "...........the members of her family that have seen alot of things out there, my daughter lives in Ballard and we have seen strange lights that seem to float on top of the ground, its a remote area and we watch them for over 15 minutes and then they were gone. the strange thing was they were going in all directions. If they were fireflies they were pretty big."          C. A    7/10/03

Bioluminescence Web Page    -   Museum Natural History in NYC
Tom Turpin, (765) 494-4568;
Fireflies mostly in the East.
Utah fireflies ..lately too.
MORE SUBMISSIONS                       

8/17/03 Submission via email;
> Hey Dave, I don't know you, but just wanted to say you have a great site, with very unbiased reporting.  The only thing I was confused about, was the way you, and your staff are so forgiving of NIDS, when you owe them nothing,  and they don't give a rats ass about your research.  The area around the ranch inarticulate is not owned by them, and should be available to serious researchers that are willing to share their information with the public who are as anxious to find answers as anyone else.     Other than that, I respect your work and effort that you are doing, and only wish I could go on an excursion with the group sometime.          Take Care   Gord  

9/2/03 Submission via email;
> Looks like an African animal known as a Dik Dik Dik or baby gazelle.
9/23/03 via email
> Your's a marsupial. Out of place? Yes. Impossible? No. Disinformation was invented in America... PTZ's look impressive to the initiated.    STEVE
9/29/03 via email
> Dear Utah UFO Hunters.
We wrote to you because we have observed the strange animal that you managed to catch in the Ranch Recon 2003, .............. since we thought that the rare animal could be related to Chupacabras, that has given to much of that to speak in several countries of latinamerica.
                                 The Blue Sphere Team. Morelia, Michoacán, México.
9/30/03 via email
> actually .. it looks like a poney .. or a dear .. But mostly like a horse .. !!    DJ
10/1/03 via email;
> It looks to me to be something like a prehistoric mammal.Something mammalian that evovled from some such thing as a veloceraptor.Definitely I think someone is screwing around with genetics i.e.   the government         Sincerely  Robert
10/02/03 via email
> Looks almost like a kangaroo... what would a kangaroo be doing in Utah though?   J.C. in California
10/04/03 via email
> I live in upstate NY. A couple years ago someone's exotic pet got loose and was hurt... had to be captured and taken to a vet. Turned out it was a Patagonian Cavy. Could be what you have there. I'd forgotten about it until I saw your update.        Chris
10/19/03 via email
> It looks like an eohippus.
10/22/03 via email
> Dave - I'm listening to your interview with Whitley Strieber right now, and it reminded me that I wanted to send you this info. I think the little critter looks like a munjac deer. Native to S.E.Asia, they're all over the UK countryside, now. Here's a link so you can have a look. Could someone in the area or at the ranch be raising them?
Been a while since I've written. Wonder if you'll remember me. Anyway, chemtrails still bad here in Michigan.
Take it easy - Susan in Michigan
> It looks like a kangaroo to me.
    Sharon Knoll
> Hi Alien Dave,
I saw your photo. It sure looks like an out-of-focus calf that was photographed just as it is rising off the grass, back legs first, then front legs. I'm no expert, but that's sure what it looks like to me.
George Knapp
> I think you are pretty close with the Mara, but who knows for sure.  I think George Knapp is way off the mark with the calf thing.  Not totally impossible, but I was raised around farms in Layton and I have never witnessed a calf that resembles the picture you show on the website.  Good guess, but not quite.  I am still wondering what it has in it's mouth...  It is quite fuzzy, true, but you can still make out something hanging out of both sides of it's mouth, and I don't think it is hay.  Here is a picture of a calf rising off the ground, make your own determination.
   Brian Whitesides

MORE SUBMISSIONS                       
l  posted on the Unknown Animal Update page
as seen on

A few weeks ago, Dr. John Alexander spoke frankly for our subscribers about mysterious events on the National Institute for Discovery Sciences ranch, including sightings of a small unknown animal in this very, very strange place.
Now, we talk to two independent investigators who have combed the same area armed with cameras and a lot of courage. What happens when ordinary folks, not bound by any allegiance to NIDS take a walk up that way?
You could be looking at one of the results. They didn't even see the small animal in this photo when they took it. Is it similar to the ones seen by official visitors to the ranch?
Certainly, it is not any identifiable species, at least not one that belongs anywhere near Utah. Close to a number of them, yes, but not quite...

Don't miss this fascinating trip into the unknown.

Learn more about Aliendave and the Utah UFO Hunters.

Want to join the speculation about the strange animal on Dave's website? Click here.
NIDS Ranch Animal
THE UTAH UFO HUNTERS - RANCH RECON 2003  Skinwalker Territory
aliendave.c[m  Utah's Paranormal Ranch
I found some interesting notes about fireflies on your website, and maybe I should mention that I've got similar experience in Sweden, where fireflies are not expected. This is my report:
  The one I spotted emitted very bright red light, green and yellow as well, and resembled a species in the Tropics, a fire beatle, Pyrophorus, emitting orange, green and yellow light, but no red light at all.
  I think UFO-people may well contribute to new knowledge on firefly matters, since you are observant on lights in the dark. It is very important, however, to try to catch those new species.
Sincerely    P G Jonsson
l  NEWColor corrected enhancement (above) -UUFOH
A couple photos showing some other interesting features or anomalies UUFOH captured on film
© Copyright 2003-2004 UUFOH

for more on the Utah Ranch with a direct connection to ‘hell’
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