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Similarities between The Sherman Ranch Portal and activities and Pine Bush,NY
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From: Bruce Cornet
To: aliendave@earthlink.net
Sent: 1/3/2004 11:03:59 AM
Subject: Bigelow ranch

Dear Dave,
Very interesting web pages on the Bigelow ranch in Utah.  To your knowledge has the state geological survey or anyone done a detailed magnetic and bedrock geological survey of the region containing the ranch?  Do you plan on visiting the ranch in the near future?  How far is it away from where you live?

Yours truly,
Bruce Cornet, Ph.D.
Prof. Geology and Botany

You wrote:
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From: Dave Rosenfeld
To: Bruce Cornet
Sent: Monday, January 05, 2004 2:30 AM
Subject: RE: Bigelow ranch

Thank you for your kind words, our data base on the area is being reorganized, etc. and much more on the ranch subject will be updated & posted soon.
  As far as I know, no magnetic or bedrock geological survey of the region has been performed unless NIDS has done so. I haven't come across any public record (but haven't searched recently), & NIDS isn't likely to release any info if it was acquired.
Its entirely possible such a study was performed after knowing the possibility of a portal/Vortex and its paranormal background, by NIDS, the state, or other outside agent. Am I right to assume such a study would involve satellite imagery? if so I am very interested in seeing this data if available or recoverable.
  Visits to the ranch are not welcome so: unanswerable
Distance personally: approx. 2 1/2 hrs
Thanks you for your inquiry,

"Real Information is not learned, but passed on"
2000-2004 Alien Dave

Dave Rosenfeld - UUFOH Director
The Utah UFO Hunters www.aliendave.com
Dear Dave,
Thank you for responding and answering my questions.  You note on your website that a helicopter was observed carrying a device on a long cable beneath the helicopter, and that it made many passes over certain areas of the ranch and surrounding hillside. ( Portal refferance Although Bigelow and Alexander will not discuss the doings on the ranch, in recent weeks the locals have noted some unusual helicopter activity over the site On one occasion two "black military helicopters" scanned the property at ten feet off the ground. At another time, a group of five "military helicopters" did  "multiple sweeps'' at a higher altitude. At one point a large red "construction type" helicopter scoped the area dangling a twelve foot long "black cylinder" beneath it.)  That description could have been of a magnetometer taking measurements.

I performed a ground magnetic survey in the Wallkill River Valley (Pine Bush area), NY, between 1992 and 1995 that involved 1,800 stations covering 200 square miles.  I used an EG&G Proton Precession Magnetometer, which was one of the most sensitive at the time.  The results were extraordinary, and produced a map that revealed a correspondence between underground magnetic anomalies and surface phenomena. 
Public report (The Face Lift): http://www.abcfield.force9.co.uk/b_cornet/Vol_2/index.html
Magnetic map: http://www.abcfield.force9.co.uk/b_cornet/Vol_2/Fig_01.html
Anomaly correlation map:  http://www.abcfield.force9.co.uk/b_cornet/Vol_2/Fig_02.html
Archived (original) report: http://www.geocities.com/bcornet2001/index2.htm
Magnetic map:  http://www.geocities.com/bcornet2001/RPT_Intro.htm
Anomaly correlation map:  http://www.geocities.com/bcornet2001/Fig_02.html

An underground triangular-array transmitter was found underneath one paranormal hotspot at the Jewish Cemetery:   http://www.abcfield.force9.co.uk/b_cornet/Vol_2/Fig_04.html
or    http://www.abcfield.force9.co.uk/b_cornet/Vol_2/Fig_04.html
The military was seen one night planting sensing devices (?) in the ground at the cemetery.
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UPDATED: 1/27/2005
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The Bigelow Ranch was dealing with the same presence as Pine Bush

The U.S. Government, Dimensional Portals, and Dr. Wen Ho Lee -
The Rest of the Story By Richard Boylan, Ph.D.  http://www.drboylan.com/wenhlee2.html

Hyperdimensional Portals:
Update on the Sherman Ranch http://www.debshome.com/Hyperportal3.html

Are there parallel worlds?

How Ley Lines Work http://www.paranormalnews.com/article.asp?ArticleID=782
Standing stones and circles, henges, cup-marked stones and dolmens have intrigued us for generations, but there is little real evidence of their true purpose. Natural telluric energy may have been used by the ancients.

UFOs: Para-Dimensional Doorway - http://www.angelfire.com/journal2/UFORCE/page54.html
"Utah Portal" & More Utah Artwork
The Dimensional Vortex was also a possibility when in 1996 Ground Zero was involved in the mysterious Duchesne Vortex in Utah's Uintah Basin. This eventually led to the mysterious Sherman Ranch encounters where Terry Sherman, a Uintah rancher claimed that an orange ball of light would form above his ranch, a wormhole would open up, and coming through were large dark skinned beings. Sherman also claimed that a vehicle that looked like a flying boxcar also came through the wormhole and later he would find missing and mutilated cattle near his farm. The family also experienced paranormal manifestations in the home as well as nausea, night sweats, and nosebleeds. This has all been documented and most of the data is now in the hands of the National Institute of Discovery Science

Clyde Lewis Host of GROUND ZERO said:
"while he was at the Ranch the wind sounded like angels singing."
"Portal Creature"  Copyright  2001-2005  Dave Rosenfeld
The Ranch purchased (for a purported $230,000) a "Haunted Ranch" in Utah where UFO attacks, creature sightings and "Interdimensional Portals" had shown up, in the wake of mysterious "Cattle Mutilations."
ARTWORK © Copyright 2001-2005 Dave Rosenfeld
ARTWORK BY ALIEN DAVE  Copyright  2001-2005 UUFOH
ARTWORK © Copyright 2002-2004 Alien Dave
"THE VORTEX" -ARTWORK  Copyright 2004 Alien Dave
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tHe SHeRmaN RaNcH  PORtaL

Interdimensional Portal,Vortex in Utah Uinta Basin Ranch
A Doorway allowing UFOs, Higher Intelligences, Unknown Beings & Creatures, even "dog-killing balls of light"
into our world?

Why is the Ranch area and Uinta Basin of so much interest to beings from another dimension?
Why are they hostile to being studied and recorded?

Similarities between the Sherman Ranch in Utah and Pine Bush, NY
Common activity at both locations
Phenomena similar to what you describe at the ranch were observed and recorded, ranging from sightings of craft, aliens on the ground, strange animals and animal sounds, light flashes and holographic projections, portals opening and closing, poltergeist activity, etc.  This information is embedded in my numerous web pages listed at:  http://www.monmouth.com/~bcornet/aop_toc.htm

The occupants of the craft in the Pine Bush area were more friendly to humans and to being observed than the descriptions you provide.  They shot and tagged me (injured my left kidney) within the first two weeks of my study (June 18, 1992), and then came to me whenever I went out into the field at night, sometimes putting on extraordinary performances for my cameras and recording devices.  This lasted for a period of about five years.  They would sometimes escort me for many miles on local roads and highways, occasionally with other witnesses.  Sometimes they liked to play tricks or surprises, like racing up behind my van as I accelerated onto I-84 from the on-ramp.  A pair of headlights pretending to be those of a vehicle or truck were spotted in the rear-view mirror racing towards us just above the pavement at more than 200 mph.  As soon as they got within a few hundred feet of us (the women in my van were screaming), a huge angular stealth-black craft rose up, moved right, turned on more lights, and slowed down over the trees to our right, just before ducking down into a clearing and disappearing.  Exciting times!

My observation areas near Pine Bush were also about 2 1/2 hours drive away from where I currently live in Red Bank, NJ.

The big question is, What is going on and why?  Why is the ranch area and valley of so much interest to someone from another dimension?  Why are they hostile to being studied and recorded?  In the Pine Bush area it is difficult for these interdimensional-lopers to avoid being seen.  If any cattle or animal mutilations had occurred, the area might erupt in hysteria.  The local military monitors the Pine Bush area and kept track of people like me, who routinely went into the field.  There are stories (early colonists) that this phenomenon has been going on in the Hudson Valley for hundreds of years.

I understand from government sources that people in the CIA and OSI are very much interested in the portals that occur in these areas.

If you haven't seen the attached picture, it was taken by Bryan Williams just south of the Wanaque dam in 1998, where a stationary portal is located.  It is one of the best pictures I've seen showing an open portal and alien.

Yours truly,
Bruce Cornet, Ph.D.
Prof. Geology and Botany       wcornet@raritanval.edu
Raritan Valley Community College
Somerville, NJ  08876

27 Tower Hill Ave.
Red Bank, NJ  07701

If you have any other information regarding the Ranch Portal - PLEASE CONTACT US + UUFOH 
Pine Bush Portal
taken by Bryan Williams just south of the Wanaque dam in 1998, where a stationary portal is located.  It is one of the best pictures I've seen showing an open portal and alien.

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