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Hyperdimensional Portal Area - Stargate - Utah's #1 Paranormal Hotspot

This picturesque ranch in northeastern Utah is the focal point of scientific research into the paranormal.
Called the "Strangest Place On Earth" due to its long history of strange and bizarre happenings,  the reports continue of anomalous phenomena in this rural section of northeastern Utah.
The activity, as reported by hundreds of witnesses over several decades, & possibly centuries, includes UFOs, unusual balls of light, animal mutilations and disappearances, poltergeist events, sightings of Bigfoot-like creatures, living dinosaurs, and other unidentified animals, physical effects on plants, soil, animals and humans, strange ice circles, magnetic anomalies, and a vast array of other unexplained incidents. The area is also noted to have a Vortex or Portal where doorways to other realms or dimensions are seen as glowing tubes, and random holes or rips in the sky.
NIDS after buying the Sherman ranch, where it seems the activity is concentrated, installed video cameras and other sensitive monitoring equipment, built new fencing and constructed observation posts manned with trained observers, in hopes of collecting evidence for scientific study. But to this day NIDS says publicly, that none of the phenomenon occurring there has been recorded, even though the NIDS scientists have seen the balls of light, unknown creatures and UFOs, and mutilated animals.
A "pre-cognitive intelligence" roams here", & the phenomena seems to play with and test the NIDS researchers courage and ability to 'record' or observe the activity or unknown events.
One NIDS scientist says,  "It isn't as simple as saying that ET's or flying saucers are doing it. It's some kind of consciousness, but it's always something new and different, something non- repeatable. It's reactive to people and equipment, and we set up the ranch to be a proving ground for the scientific method, but science doesn't seem amenable to the solution of these kinds of problems."
The NIDS Ranch borders Indian land and is known to the local Indians as "unholy ground" where a shape-shifting creature called the "Skinwalker" is said to lurk in its various forms and natural doorways to other worlds or dimensions are known to exist.
The Ranch is currently owned by Robert Bigelow or NIDS and is Private Property. NIDS does not want you there, its guarded and under electronic surveillance. Trespassers will be prosecuted. -Note: The Ranch is to be considered dangerous & unpredictable, attempting to enter the Ranch puts your safety at risk.... and you'll just get arrested for trespassing.
The Ranch is located in Utah's Uinta Basin an area with a long history of UFO sightings. Some of which have been published in a book called "The Utah UFO Display" by Junior Hicks.
The Uinta Mountains are also unique, being the most predominant mountain range in North America that lies in a East -West direction.
"Forbidden Ground" still unknown to science and common realities .....UUFOH 2000 -2008 

Here you will find a extensive collection of information, articles, artwork and photos on the infamous
"SHeRmaN RaNcH" which is also known as "Utah's UFO RaNcH"
"NIDS Mystery Ranch"  "Bigelow Ranch" "Haunted Ranch" "Ghost Ranch" "Paranormal Ranch" "Skinwalker Ridge" & "UFO Hill"
recently called the "Gorman Ranch" for some reason, likely an attempt to hide the former owners identity.

UUFOH has the largest known data base of information on the NIDS Ranch available to the public anywhere on the net. Including uncensored and exclusive photos, reports, original articles, information, and artwork.
Page 3 - Robert Bigelow
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Cattle Mutilations are common at the ranch,Terry Sherman lost 14 of his special hybrid heifers. NIDS has had 12 mutilated or missing cows on the
RaNcH since they took over in 1996.
see Utah Cattle Mutilations
To Paranormal Enthusiasts:
Please do not attempt to visit the "RaNcH", it is private property,
also with the extreme level of paranormal activity, unknown and possibly dangerous creatures, intelligence's, etc. said to roam there,  it is not recommended, its best to keep your distance.

4NIDS WARNING:                                                                        
           Trespassers will be prosecuted to the fullest extent
         'Your not welcome here' NIDS
- Photo comparisions with other photos of unidentified animals & the RaNcH Animal
- Links and comments
l Skinwalker Ranch Video Parts 1-4 Youtube video
    Coast to Coast Interview with Colm Kelleher & George Knapp
l  1996 Interview with Terry Sherman September 6, 2004 -   Part 1 and 2:
About High Strangeness on Fort Duchesne, Utah Ranch. earthfiles.com - subscriber
a telephone interview originating on Sunday June, 30 1996 went on Art Bell 90 minutes later.
l  LISTEN   while you browse
Real Player : ParaNet Continuum Radio Program Archive
Shawn Casteel and Zack Van Eyck report on Robert Bigelow's National Institute for Discovery Science and what progress it has made.  Casteel is a researcher and VanEyck is a reporter for a Salt Lake City, Utah newspaper
Flash Movie:
l    NIDS UFO HUNTERS in Utah 
4Utah's UFO RaNcH Area - Location:  Fort Duchesne,  Uintah County, Utah
                                       Population: 1,649 -- Time Zone: Mountain
                                       Latitude: 40.30458 -- Longitude: -109.8546 -- Elevation: 4988 Feet
Some History of the Area
4Whiterocks History  
This was the first trading post in Utah, originally called the Reed Trading Post, ownership was transferred to Antoine Robidoux in the 1830's. For Robidoux or Fort Winty, as it was sometimes called, served as an unsavory rendezvous, trading post, fort, and traveler's stop until 1844 when the post was burned to the ground and all white males were killed by the enraged Utes. Robidoux's absence saved him from this fate. An Indian agency was established near there from 1869-1912 when offices were moved to Fort Duchesne. Whiterocks Village, a prehistoric settlement was excavated by the University of Utah in 1966. A number of structures were unearthed as well as large quantities of cultural debris. Evidence indicated occupation by Fremont Culture about 850 A.D. It is listed as a historic site. It is not open to the public and little remains there. Permission to go onto this land must be granted by the Ute tribe.

4"The Strip" was a triangular shaped piece of land, just east of Fort Duchesne, that was purchased from the Indians by a mining company. There was no law or authority to govern this piece of land and this little town quickly turned into a reckless and unlawful vice. Many killings took place there. The closest city was Boothill, located on the red bluff about 1 ½ miles away. The story has it that Butch Cassidy, who frequented this area, was seen there after he was supposedly killed in South AmericaCredit: Mark Woody.

4The Ranch purchased (for a purported $230,000) a "Haunted Ranch" in Utah where UFO attacks, creature sightings and "Interdimensional Portals" had shown up, in the wake of mysterious "Cattle Mutilations."

4HEARD AROUND THE WEST, August 5, 1996
     by Lisa Jones
  In Fort Duchesne, Utah, ranchers Terry and Gwen Sherman swear their property is being frequented by UFOs. The Sherman's and their children report seeing three kinds of craft in the last 15 months - a small, boxlike object about 8 feet long, a 40-foot-long variety and a ship the size of several football fields. Terry said he once heard male voices speaking an unfamiliar language. The voices seemed to be about 25 feet above him, but he couldn't see a thing.
Local UFO expert Joseph "Junior" Hicks told the Idaho Falls Post-Register, "I think primarily it's research and exploration."
Page 5 - UFO Magazine
Page one "Your not welcome here"
Page 4 UUFOH Ranch Recon 2002
Page 2 - LINKS - "Were the steers and the aliens play"
Page 6 - UUFOH Ranch Recon 2003
UUFOH  INVESTIGATIVE TEAM   Skinwalker Territory
aliendave.c[m       Utah's Paranormal RaNcH
Terry Sherman in 1996
Terry Sherman showing another mysterious hole on the property
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           4Page 2 - FULL LIST of LINKS, NEWS, & MEDIA ARTICLES on the 'RANCH' UPDATED
          4Page 3 - ROBERT BIGELOW - This page has information on 'Bob' Bigelow.
          4 Page 4 - UUFOH RANCH RECON 2002 - EXCLUSIVE 2002 PHOTOS -
          4 Page 5 - 2003 SPECIAL ADDITIONS - media
          4 Page 6 - UUFOH RANCH RECON 2003 - EXCLUSIVE 2003 PHOTOS!
           4 Page 7 - tHe SHeRmaN RaNcH  PORTAL
          4 Page 8 - Unidentified Animal Update  connection with the blue chupa?
- PAGE MENU - Articles -
- Skinwalker Ranch Video Parts 1-4 Youtube video
- Audio- Real Player: interview  Shawn Casteel and Zack VanEyck report on the Ranch
- The RaNcH From Hell -1997 Weirdness Update -by David Perkins
- PatH of tHe Skinwalker part 1-2-3 -by George Knapp
- Updated List of Links and Articles - Skinwalkers
- George Knapp Responds to UUFOH
- Over 20 Articles! - Over 50 Photos! - Plus Artwork & Exclusives!
- Bigelow Shuts NIDS Down ..the conclusion to place NIDS in an inactive status
- The current owner of the ranch, a mysterious billionaire that founded NIDS the
  National Institute For Discovery Science. Indeed he wanted the property for its
  Paranormal Activity and stories of Vortexes or Portals that would open up on the ranch.
- Bigelow Aerospace
- Bigelow's Involvement with the Aviary
- The First Uncensored Photos on the net!   THE SHERMAN RANCH
- Close Ups - bait area - Other features
- Mystery Light photo - UUFOH Recon Team Report
- UFO Magazine on Path of the Skinwalker p.1
- UFO Magazine on Path of the Skinwalker p.2
- UFO Magazine - Publishes the Ranch Mystery Light photo - from Ranch Recon 2002
- UUFOH was listed as the second place winner of Webwatch June/July 2003 Issue
- UFO Hill & The Unknown Zone - UUFOH Report -
- Strange Animal captured on photo - analysis - submissions
- Blue Fireflies in Utah? was the fire-fly like lights real Phenomenon? -analysisupdate
- Anomaly photos - Warning - Team Reports - what locals call the area
- Clyde Lewis of Ground Zero - Unknown Zone TV, Rouge Entertainment -
- DREAMLAND online interview with Whitley Streiber
- Interdimentional portals, VORTEX'S  at the  RaNcH
- Portal Artwork - VORTEX Creature Artwork  by drX abductions
- Bruce Cornet - EX-NIDS Deputy Administrator
- The Ranch Portal and its similarities to Pine Bush, NY
- Ranch Portal Links
Terry Sherman former owner, showing mysterious holes or depressions that would appear overnight on the ranch.
The soil taken from these spots were never found.


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