Strange Unknown Creature photographed in Utah
Unidentified species is photographed elsewhere, comparisons look like the same unknown animal photographed in Utah 2003 by the UUFOH Team during Ranch Recon 2003.
Unidentified Animal reports continue to increase... characteristics are common ...
UPDATE: Second creature killed in Texas

Sent: 6/9/2004 Whitley wrote:
Subject: Interesting

Hey, Dave, long time no talk to! Ready to record an update?
I found something damn interesting in regard to your photo of that strange critter on the NIDS ranch. Take a look at this animal in the first link. Note those hindquarters and tail. If it crouched, it'd be a dead ringer. And in the second link, scroll down to picture set 2 and you will see another creature crouching just like the one in your picture.
This little critter is out there, seems like. I have had a guy look for this thing in Walker's Mammals of the World, and it just isn't a recorded species at all.

l  Wait! It's a ...  Unidentified creature stumps experts 
l  Ghoststudy.com 

Sent: 6/22/2004 Alien Dave wrote: 
Subject: RE: Interesting

Hey Whitley,
Sorry for the delay in responding,... I've been real busy! and way behind on emails, updates.
I checked out the links on the unknown animal and yes I would have to agree, the color and markings and size seem to be the same. I put together a photo comparison using the photos from the links you sent. >below< "Chupa-kitty"  let me know what you think.
  Alien Dave
(C) Copyright 2004 UUFOH
aliendave.c[m                     unknown animal
UPDATED: 1/27/2005
Unknown Creature
Credit: Ghoststudy.com
'Patagonian Cavy' at Utah's Hogle Zoo
< Recently another Unidentified Animal was shot and photographed in Texas

NEW 04
l  Another "Chupacabra" Shot in Texas  www.earthfiles.com/cfm?ID=808&catagory=Enviornment
    Second creature killed is similar to the Ranch animal
NEW 04
l  Texas Chupa? woai.com/news/local/story.aspx?content_id=EBC8FC7B-ED5D-46A5-8DA4-3C6F6C31975E  
NEW 04
l  Elmendorf Beast   unknowncountry.com/news/?id=4069  
"coy-dog" creature is still unexplained.

Elmendorf Beast I thought this might interest you? It sure looks to me like that kangaroo type of animal you had on your web page. - Alan Limb
l  Strange Animal Found in Texas
Another unknown animal with similar characteristics, this one is "hairless"
l  Elmendorf Chupacabra Really A Deer?
The great debate continues over a strange animal shot and killed by a farmer in Elmendorf. A San Antonio hunting guide says he has the answer.
l  Strange Animal Shot by Elmendorf, Texas Farmer
< Unidentified animal photographed by Devin McAnally about six hours after he shot the creature, no blood. Described as about 20 inches tall, 30 inches long with 3-inch-long, thin, fangs that extended downward from upper jaw and overlapped with 1.5 inch fangs protruding upward from lower jaw. (Not visible in photos.) There are spots on the hide and sparse hair as described by eyewitnesses in Puerto Rico of the alleged "chupacabra goat-sucker" there. Digital photograph © 2004 by Devin McAnally.
Unknown Animal
Credit: Devin McAnally.
© 2004 by Devin McAnally.
There has been many responses to the Ranch Recon 2003 animal photo,
many have said its a Muntjac
5/30/2004  Amy wrote:
Subject: Unknown animal
Hello, I'm an exotic animal nut and go to many auctions,  I believe the animal in the photo is a muntjac.
Muntjac are small and appear noticeably hunched forward. Whilst their raised hindquarters give the impression that their front legs are shorter, this is in fact not the case and all four legs are proportional. When moving Muntjac will hunker down and run with head low and tail raised, although the latter is more usually associated with fright or mild alarm. In flight Muntjac have a barrel-like appearance and they can often be mistaken for foxes when seen in poor light or dense cover. A mature animal may reach a height of 43-46 cm at the shoulder and weigh between 11 and 16 kg, the females (does) being slightly smaller.
I thought they were cute and almost bought one but found out they have large fangs and can be quite aggressive although they only weigh about 30 to 40 lbs.

5/27/2004 > Unknown animal may be a muntjac photo inclosed
Hello, wandering thru the net and noticed your site, awesome !!!!  I'm a paranormal investigator in Akron Ohio, and also an exotic animal buff, I go to many exotic animal auctions and I believe the animal you captured on film is called a muntjac, They are very cute, I almost bought one until I found out they have large fangs and are aggressive.  They are tiny about 40 to 50 lbs full grown, look like a cute little deer but have an attitude.  Here is a photo, you can go online and probably find a better pic.  Hope this helps, someone may have bought one and it escaped.  Great site take care Amy McCrary
4/09/04 caryn wrote:
It is what we call in the UK a young 'muntjac' deer. The adult measures around 45 cm at shoulder. I have come across very young ones in our local woods, they are tiny.
10/19/03 via email
> It makes me think of a Chinese deer called the Muntjac that can be as small as 16 inches in height, We have had them running wild around England for the last 80 years so seeing the image  makes me wonder if someone has imported them to the US
best wishes Dominic    http://www.deer-uk.com/muntjac_deer.htm  
another view:
While researching what this animal could be, we came across this small animal known as a 'MARA' or 'PATAGONIAN CAVY' which fits the small size frame and has that deer-like look with a kangaroo-ish snout. It looks somewhat like a rabbit but is actually a rodent.
This photo was taken at the Hogle Zoo in Utah. September 2003 by UUFOH

The Mara stood about 1 1/2 feet high, had large ears and exhibited a strange deer-like quality. They are not known to be running wild in Utah unless someone's exotic pet got loose.......... but it seems this is the closest match or explanation for the strange animal so far....         unless.....
The Windigo or Skinwalker decided to take this shape while we were present.
UUFOH Director -Dave Rosenfeld      
Sceptical note:

> Hi Alien Dave,
I saw your photo. It sure looks like an out-of-focus calf that was photographed just as it is rising off the grass, back legs first, then front legs. I'm no expert, but that's sure what it looks like to me.
George Knapp
> I think you are pretty close with the Mara, but who knows for sure.  I think George Knapp is way off the mark with the calf thing.  Not totally impossible, but I was raised around farms in Layton and I have never witnessed a calf that resembles the picture you show on the website.  Good guess, but not quite.  I am still wondering what it has in it's mouth...  It is quite fuzzy, true, but you can still make out something hanging out of both sides of it's mouth, and I don't think it is hay.  Here is a picture of a calf rising off the ground, make your own determination.
   Brian Whitesides
"I agree, Its obviously NOT a calf. but something smaller and has a different biuld altogether....
    Alien Dave
6/14/2004  About the small animal.....
I seen this photo of this strange little animal.Given the size of it,my best guess would have been a baby kangaroo. I say this because of the high back and longer rear legs.The fact that it is walking on all four legs is what makes me think different.
Given the amount of fur,and the fact that it seems to appear that it's grazing suggests that it is of an Earthly origion.  Harry
NEW 04 l  Obviously the Texas creature cannot be compared to a muntjac, muntjac's are hooved animals, the Texas beast is definately canine in nature with long claws on its paws. But, the teeth / jaw structure and skin texture/color are different from any known dog species. Its real alright, and apparently there is a breeding population. Could this possibly be what was photographed at the NIDS Ranch in 2003?                              Alien Dave - UUFOH
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