Wolf Creek UFO
Article - 5/27/2005
by Martin Jeffrey  
Editor: Mysterymag.com

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Wolf Creek UFO
UPDATED: 5/30/2005
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Wolf Creek UFO
Wolf Creek UFO

Utah is the home to many paranormal events that have yielded fascinating, physical proof. Many readers will know about the alleged “vortex” at the Sherman Ranch, now owned by Robert Bigelow and used as a scientific research facility. One man at the centre of the UFO investigation and research in the area is Dave Rosenfield, Director of the Utah UFO Hunters.

Dave Rosenfeld is well qualified and experienced in ufology as well as being a member and sponsor of the respected MUFON investigation network. Over the years, Dave has photographed and captured on videotape many UFO’s in the Utah sky!

He has also snapped photographs of some of the most remarkable UFOs that have been seen in Wolf Creek Canyon located in the Uintah Basin. The Uintah's have also been known to be a haven for theories about alleged alien bases and many public Bigfoot sightings.

On November 4th 1999, Dave photographed and experienced something that will stay with him for the rest of his life. Witnessed at around 2:30am, Dave took the photo on the right. Dave tells of his experience and subsequent photograph on his website:

“(I was) looking for a dark site to take some night shots of the night sky, as I love astrophotography. I found myself in a small side canyon in Wolf Creek Canyon, at around midnight. I planned on spending the night. It was cold and there was a lot of snow, but oh what a sky!”

After setting up his camera, Dave began to take a series of long exposure shots of the sky and began to make his bed in the back of his truck. He continued to take further photographs when he had his experience.

“It was then, around 2:30am. That’s when I first saw the object, it came up over the mountain to the north, very slowly, it was far off in the distance. At first I thought it was a plane, but it took only seconds to realize that it was something else, an unidentified flying object! It grew larger; I was in awe, watching it hover there silent.

It hovered for 10 minutes or so then zipped back and forth across the ridgeline of the mountain, sometimes moving behind the trees and mountain for about 15 minutes, then returning to the same spot it was hovering in. again with no sound. Suddenly it, (without other words for it) "powered down" and was gone.”

Dave stood in total shock but was also upset that he didn’t get a photo of it! He looked around but could see nothing at all. In a state of bewilderment and disappointed he continued to search the skies for the object. Then it returned.

“I could see a green glow. Slowly gaining brightness. It was "powering up"! That's when I see the shape of it, a glowing saucer/disk shape "blurring" the sky around it. It was then I took the photo shown. It continued to gain brightness, the colour getting more and more white than green. I could only watch it as it did so. Suddenly, without warning moved down the side of the mountain and towards me at incredible speed. Lighting up the snow covered ground as it did. It flew right over the truck and me to the Southwest.

I then noticed a small oval dark spot towards the back of it as it was going out and up, away from me, until it was out of sight completely. Remembering it was making a slight sound like it disturbed the air. I was very excited now and my heart was racing.

I checked my watch, it was 3:17 am. I just had a sighting that lasted 45 minutes?”

Dave had taken the photograph on a 35mm, tripod mounted Canon EOS Ellan, and he made details of the settings of that night that would prove invaluable for the investigation of his negatives.

The photograph and negatives were sent to the National Institute of Discovery Science to be analysed.

After months of analysis (and lost negatives!) the report was completed. The negative, CD and photo received an “Inconclusive” status. NIDS replied “Primarily that means we were able to determine that the photo was not doctored. But as to what the object was, there is no way we can tell.” NIDS also confirmed that the photo will "go into our research cabinets for the time when another sighting of that object will make your photo more relevant" becoming a part of their research archive.

There is no doubt that Dave took an image of an unusual object and the analysis confirms that no doctoring took place. Whatever it was it had a profound effect on Dave. “I have had other sightings, but this one, moved me. It was a perfect form and moved without effort. The memory of that night will stay with me forever.”   

l  credit:  Martin Jeffrey  -  Editor: Mysterymag.com

I'm honored that you found such interest in the account / report.
You did a great  job with the article,
  thank you,
  Dave Rosenfeld

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