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UFO Hunters Report Strange Lights at Dugway
Written by Audrey Rock-Richardson

March 3, 2005

It's being called by some "The New Area 51." And it's in your backyard.
It seems some strange things have been seen at Dugway Proving Ground. Dave Rosenfeld, Don Rogers, Brian Whitesides, & Pete Day of the Utah UFO Hunters captured on camera a flashy light show at the proving ground on Friday, June 11, and Saturday, June 12, 2004.

Since then, UUFOH has been busy fielding questions about the things they saw at Dugway last summer. Fox 13 News' Steve Baron and KTVX Channel 4's Brent Hunsaker have both, in the last month, broadcast television news stories on the phenomenon. But still, very few answers are emerging on what UUFOH Director Dave Rosenfeld calls one of the top 10 occurrences he has ever seen.

Five UUFOH Investigative Team members were there to witness and photograph "a dramatic unknown Beam Test" near I-80 and Wendover in the Air Force's Utah Test and Training Range (UTTR).

On Friday night (June 11) around 1 a.m., they say, they saw a wide beam of light, with flickering light surrounding it, shoot straight up. The incident lasted three to five minutes, then stopped abruptly, the sky falling pitch black again. The say the sequence repeated every 5-15 minutes for exactly one hour.

According to their official UUFOH report, the light was so intense, it was at least two times brighter than nearby Wendover, which was visible from their vantage point. Three members noticed a possible mild sunburn the next morning, and some say they experienced mild allergy symptoms, illness, and fatigue for a number of days following the incident.

When they gathered all peripheral information, they also had reports of a bomb-like noise the next morning (heard but not seen). And they claim they weren't alone when they viewed the spectacular show. UUFOH say the dramatic lights were unavoidably visible from nearby I-80, and that any passing motorists & perhaps numbering in the hundreds & could have also witnessed the light show. They also say they witnessed a military plane in the area, and what they believe was "camouflaged surveillance" around the area.

So what was it, exactly? "A military/shadow government weapons test," said Rosenfeld. "This event we called Beam Test' or System N.O.R.A. It's rumored to be some sort of laser, or particle beam, likely mobile, space weapon. It might be nuclear powered & maybe 100000 megawatt? & and it's dangerous to be in the general area while it's firing. And this weapon is not for defense."

Paula Nicholoson, Public Affairs Officer for Dugway Proving Ground, said Fox 13 had sent her some of UUFOH's photos for comment. "First of all, from the photos they sent me, I can't verify that these were even taken at Dugway," she said.

"But I can tell you that we did have some field artillery units out here that were being shot, and there was some testing going on during those dates, June 11 and 12. And they were units from the Utah National Guard."

UUFOH is convinced whatever was going on wasn't safe. They dedicate their very lives and resources to research of unexplained phenomena, and they don't mince words on the purpose of their mission. They are, self-described, "a Salt Lake City-based group dedicated to Investigating and finding evidence on the UFO activities and paranormal happenings in Utah."

"Our goal is to provide enough information for the common person to draw their own conclusions based on accurate information, often considered out of the box' and normally not released by the extremely filtered mainstream media sources," said Rosenfeld. "And to educate and inform the public of the UFO activities and evidence that occur in Utah."

The Utah UFO Hunters have members across Utah, and they meet monthly to discuss current events, investigations, evidence, etc. Sometimes, they welcome a guest speaker. The group is continually looking for new reports and sightings, looking to determine "how hot the hotspots are," and looking for new locations to view phenomenon. When there is a recent sighting, or regular sightings increase, a search group tries to capture the phenomena on video or camera.

"By taking detailed reports, collecting data, information, physical evidence, locating hotspots, interviewing witnesses, photographing and/or video taping UFOs & and our search group in the field & we hope to bring the newest sightings and photos to you," said Rosenfeld.

The June photos have raised a flurry of questions, curiosity, and media coverage. And the reaction, according to Rosenfeld, has been mostly supportive.

"It was mostly good," said Rosenfeld. "There were some comments about health concerns, but mostly kudos. Our website got flooded, and the hits from government and military agencies were again high in numbers." And, of course, he adds, "We received the usual degrading comments from a few."

But Rosenfeld isn't surprised by what he saw last summer. He says strange sightings are a typical occurrence at Dugway, and that UUFOH is often there to document it. "Exotic testing of weapons and other technology needs oversight," he said. "And our star visitors are watching what goes on there, so naturally sightings of UFOs in or near the area is common."

Rosenfeld and UUFOH are pushing for more answers on what happened at Dugway last summer.

"Dugway needs some oversight!" he said. "Our objective is truth, no matter how far fetched or boring. We bring you the facts and news and let you make up your own mind based on the evidence. The Truth Is Here In Utah, and we want to show you that truth."

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