l  Utah's Underground Bases Update 
Utah has 67.9% of the known underground bases acreage, & its federally owned.
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l  Underground Bases

l  What is going on out there in the Deserts of Utah???

l  DOMINION OF DESERET -The Utah Connection
   Invisible Government in Western America!

l  Mormon Underground Geneological Vaults in Wasatch Mountains

l  Mormonism Deepest Secret???

   What's Going On Beneath Salt Lake City?   UPDATED


l  UFO Up Date: Info? On 'Branton'  by BRANTON

l  Underground Utah

    Wed, 19 Jun 96 Gray Bases-
l  Major underground base in Utah-Granite Mountain in Little Cottonwood canyon.

l  Salt Lake City, Utah Man Investigates Square-cut Lava Rock Cave in Burley, Idaho

l  Strange Relics from the Depths of the Earth by J.R. Jochmans, Litt.D., 1979
1973 Moab, Utah, the lower halves of two human skeletons.over 100 million years of age!
June 1, 1968 -600 million year old human sandal print found at Antelope Springs 

l  Secret Underground installation in the Wasatch Mountains in Utah
Housing the "Nautilus" Spacecraft ?

l  A Dulce Base Security Officer Speaks Out
Salt Lake, Lake Powell Area, Dark Canyon, Dugway Proving Ground, Modena, Vernal.
All have exits from alleged underground installations
NWO BASE - Utah Alien connection?

There have been rumors of "New World Order" bases being constructed below southeastern Utah with containment facilities where 'dissidents' are intended to be apprehended underground when and if the New World Order takes control of the United States. There are reportedly numerous such underground containment facilities throughout North America.
l  Excerpts from Branton:
Other reports that came my way include the following:
R.W. of Salt Lake stated that he entered a cave up on the bench of the western Rockies northeast of Salt Lake several years ago with a friend. Deep inside they saw an orange colored reptilian humanoid coming around a rock. They left in a hurry in absolute terror and never returned.
l  Another young man, R.D., busted into a tunnel near the Crossroads Mall in downtown Salt Lake after pulling a locked manhole cover up with a chain tied to his truck, prompted by rumors of reptilians stalking tunnels under Salt Lake, reports that the activity under Salt Lake City is tied-in with the Groom Lake scenario, and stories of people who had disappeared after entering the tunnel labyrinth. Things he saw in the 3rd sub- basement level and below, during this and other explorations, included: a long tunnel with an ancient wooden door at the end; a room from which a greenish luminescent glow emerged; men dressed in suits carrying Uzi machine guns off in the distance who were walking through a large chamber; an apparently "bottomless" pit; and a large tunnel "big enough to drive a truck through" that was strung with lights and led southwest (in the direction of Little Cottonwood Canyon). In this large tunnel he saw unusual tracks in the dust made by some king of THREE-TOED biped creature (a reptilian?). Other stories connected with the CROSSROADS area: One man who worked in the tunnels was startled when he touched a tunnel wall and his arm went THROUGH the wall. Some time later he tried it again in the same spot and the wall was SOLID; a Spanish woman who worked nights on a cleaning crew in the Crossroads Mall quit her job after (what she could only describe as) a "demon" came around a corner, hobbled up to her, snarled viciously and went past her down the hall.
l  A woman by the name of Barbara who worked as a hair stylist in Dugway, UT., stated that reptilians passing themselves off as human beings had infiltrated the adjacent Dugway base. She had seen ONE OF THE BASE COMMANDERS transform temporarily before her eyes into a reptilian-like entity. These "chameleons" have also been seen working in the surface installations of the underground bases near Dulce, N.M.; Groom Lake, NV; Deep Springs, CA; and the Madigan facility south of Seattle. Sources have indicated that much of the Groom Lake alien-interaction activity has been extended into the Dugway underground and similar underground structures below Idaho. There are also reports of " androids " working at the Dugway base as well. The EG&G corporation, which does much of the hiring for the Nevada Test Site, is also very active in the Military bases near Dugway Proving Grounds.
l  Utah Underground & the Repitilian Connection   Branton / angelfire.com


l  Cosmic Grand Deception
The most secretive and the most dangerous of all the reptilian predators?
A security worker from Salt Lake City stated that construction workers broke into an ancient system of tunnels below S.L.C.including one particular tunnel which was discovered beneath what is now the Crossroads Cinemas, he said you don't want to go down there, you might encounter the "lizard people"
l  Utah Underground
A Mr. John Hall of Utah alleged that several years ago a farmer near Alpine, Utah requested help from some locals to move a large boulder in the midst of a field.  They were surprised upon moving it to find an 'staircase' or tunnel that led deep underground.  They followed this until they came face to face with a huge snake or serpent that seemed to be 'guarding' the lower entrance, whereupon they fled to the surface terrified and set the boulder back over the opening.
Credit: www.conspiracyarchive.com   Caverns Labyrinths
The fossilized remains of a very unusual looking being was taken out of a cave in Utah. This being very clearly has enormous eyes, a very unusually shaped head and a an exceedingly wide and thin mouth. He was found shriveled up in the lotus position. He was found as a dry dehydrated being in this cave in the southwestern desert.
CREDIT : http://www.crystalinks.com/ufohistory.html
l  The UFO Conspiracy
Information concerning the U.S. government's cover-up of alien activity on Earth, according to Milton William Cooper
ALIEN BASES exist in the four corners area of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada.
Six bases were described in the 1972 papers, all on Indian reservations and all in the four corners area. The base near Dulce was one of them.
By Zack Van Eyck, Staff Writer 
l  A six foot, six inch skeleton was found in a Utah mound
This was at least a foot taller than the average Indian height in the area, and these natives- what few there were of them -were not mound builders.              John Williams
l  Ceramic Tunnel Unearthed in Beck Street Strip Mine
A large Tunnel found during a dig in a strip mine on Beck Street was found to have polished ceramic walls, The backhoe operator was told to cover the opening to the tunnel, and to keep quiet about it. He was told that if you go in there you won't come back out. No more was mentioned about it.
There is a lot of Geo-thermal activity along Beck Street. which may have some type of connection.
  Being that this area is so close to downtown Salt Lake, it is possible that it is part of the Ancient Tunnel system under Salt Lake City.                                  UUFOH
Undergroud facility "vents"
photos by UUFOH
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l  Mysterious 1947 News Report
of Giant Desert Mummies Surface
The internet site of radio talk show host Jeff Rense -
http://www.rense.com/general15/hiss.htm - has unearthed a, mysterious, unexplained. but very provocative clipping from the August 5. 1947 edition of the San Diego Union. According to the clipping, explorers had unearthed, near the Arizona-Nevada-California line, the mummified remains of strangely' costumed giants which the discoverers  dated to around 80,000 years ago.
  The Union reported that a Howard E. Hill of Los Angeles was recounting the work of Dr. F. Bruce Russell. a retired Cincinnati phvsician who had originally located the first of several tunnels near Death Valley in 1931. but had not been able to return to the area until 1947. With the help of Dr. Daniel S.   Bovee, who with Hills father had once helped open up New Mexico's cliff dwellings. Russell had recovered the remains of several men of 8 to 9 feet in height.
  These giants' said Hill. "are clothed in garments consisting of a medium length jacket and trouser extending slightly below the knees, The texture of the material is said to resemble gray dyed sheepskin. but obviously it was taken from an animal unknown today."
  Hill also said, according to the Union - that in another cavern was found the ritual hall of the ancient people, together with devices and markings similar to those now used by the Masonic Order, In a long tunnel were well-preserved remains of animals, including elephants and tigers. So far, Hill added, no women have been found.
  He said the explorers believe that what they found was the Burial place of  the tribes hierarchy. Hieroglyphics, he added. bear a resemblance to what is  known of those from the lost continent of Atlantis. They are chiseled, he added. on carefully polished granite.
  Credit: Jeff Rense  & Atlantis Rising
- Number 31 Jan./Feb.2002 page 11     www.AtlantisRising.com
Alien Underground Facilities in Utah

l  Caverns under Salt Lake City (Mormon Church. connection), Utah
l  Little Cottonwood Canyon, Granite Mountain, Utah
l  Draper, Utah
l  Twin Peaks, Utah
l  Wasatch Mountain Range, Utah
l  Salem, Utah
l  Spanish Fork, Utah
l  Payson, Utah
l  Sleeping Ute Mountain, Utah
l  Mt. Nebo, Utah
l  Monroe Mountains, Utah
l  Bald Mountain, Utah
    possibly- and likely
l  Kings Peak, Utah - Michael Army Airfield &  Dugway Proving Ground

l  Alien UFO Base Locations Utah
   Near Noamy Pk, Logan City   http://www.karinya.com/bases1.htm
l  Map of Underground Bases in the Intermountain West
l  Caves in the United States 
The Underground Network and Its Management
UFO'S, The Greys And The Secret Government

Corporations that are currently assisting the various alien groups and the "black government" are:
Standard Oil,  -  Lockheed,  -  Northrop,  -  McDonald-Douglas,  -  AT&T,  -   IT&T,
the A. Matthews Construction company,  -  the Robbins Company,  the Utah Mining Company,  -  and a host of others.
By: Shadow                CREDIT: UFO'S, The Greys And The Secret Government
code name:
(Deep Underground Military Bases)

According to some sources
UTAH lies directly over one of the largest NATURAL cavern systems in North America
If you have any information on the
"Dream Mine" - "Relief Mine"
"Lost Rhodes Mine"
or with
any other Underground Utah News or Info

Please  contact us

l  X P E D I T I O N S   M A G A Z I N E   N E W S   4/04/03
A hot new lead has surfaced in the high mountains of northeastern Utah. Fantastic artifacts made of gold and inscribed with an unknown language have been found within a cave. Other artifacts that appear to be related to these are being found in nearby areas. Religious significance is being attributed to these items. The items might be linked to a large manmade pyramid we located several months ago near this site. The Xtreme Team is planning a full expedition to the area once the weather clears and snow has melted. This location is extremely difficult to access. Expect more information by June.

TO: The Utah UFO Hunters                             www.aliendave.com

l  Underground Base in Oquirrh Mnts  12/7/2003
When I was growing up in Magna Utah, I was told that a US Geological survey in the early nineteen hundreds, conducted in the Oquirrh Mountains, (which constitute the western border of the Salt Lake Valley) revealed ancient iron doors on the side of Coon Mountain. I suspect it is possible that the federal government created an underground nuclear bomb shelter using exsisting caverns in that aria, or Kennecott Utah Copper Corporation discovered natural caverns. The urban legend was that ancient astronauts from orion came and exctracted minirals, thus carving out an eight level underground that they used in prehistoric times for genetics. The salt water sea called Lake Bonneville (or however the spelling is) was supposedly used by the extra terrestrials. But according to the storys, the aliens are long gone.... and so is the lake. So, rumors about reptilians and this eight level genetics lab inside Farnsworth Peak or Coon Peak, or Green Ravine Canyon (generaly that area is not large) have been circulating for years and years. Remember back in nineteen ninetys before people even talked about any of this stuff? This is how long ago my freinds mother was telling me ALL ABOUT reptillians and ancient star gods who do genetics inside the mountains that are publicly known to have been practically turned inside out for minirals excavation...what do you think?

Don Rogers replies:
l  Re: Underground Base in Oquirrh Mnts  12/8/2003
I've done some camping on the west side of the Oquirrh mountains and the mountain has more holes in it than Swiss cheese!  I read an article about the caves with steel doors on them a few years ago.  According to the article, most of the mines were made during the booming mining times of Utah in the late 1800's and early 1900's.  During the Depression a lot of "Hobos" started living in the mines and were causing problems for the local's.  Since Kennecott didn't want to cave the mines in ( they wanted to use them for storage and further exploration)  they sealed them off with the steel doors. 

Of course, the article didn't mention anything else about some of the strange things that have always been going on in that area.  It's definitely one of the "hot" spots in Utah for UFO activity.  And the stories do go back a long way.  Even the Indians spoke of it being a "spiritual" place when the Mormons came to the area. I know that Kennecott gets very upset if you just want to go for a hike on there property,  so I think it's quite possible that something may be going on there besides mining.  Does the person who sent this have any recent experiences with UFO's?
  Don Rogers - UUFOH

diggin for info?
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Utah article links
According to a very well documented book by Richard Sauder, Ph.D.   (see right) --->
UNDERGROUND Bases and Tunnels
What Is The Government Trying To Hide?
published by Adventures Unlimited Press 1995

There are several documented Underground Facilities in Utah.

Military Underground Bases
A three- volume report issued in June & July 1964 entitled Feasibility of Contructing Large Underground Cavities. the Army Corps of Engineers lists 12 underground sites across the country.  One of those sites is in Utah.
l  Listed as SITE 7: Sandstone -EMERY COUNTY, UTAH. Access via vertical shaft. The area is called Horse Bench and is 10 miles south of U.S. 50 and just to the southeast of State Highway 24. Green River, Utah is about 10 miles to the northeast.

The Defense Nuclear Agency
In 1975 the The Defense Nuclear Agency published a detailed, geological study that discussed dozens of possible sites accross the country for very deeply based military installations as much as 5000 ft underground.
The 6 Utah sites listed are:
l  La Sal Mountains, Utah (20 miles southeast of Moab)
l  Book Cliffs-Uncompahgre Uplift. Area along Utah-Colorado border (ingeneral vicinity of and to the south of Grand Juntion Colorado.
l  Monument Uplift and Blanding Basin, Utah (southeastern part of state near towns of Blanding and Mexican Hat)
l  San Rafael Swell, Utah (west of town of Green River)
l  Extreme West Central Utah (area 30-40 miles west of towns of Delta and Minersville)
l  Sothwestern Utah (area between towns of Cedar City and Pangwitch)
NOTE: Intallations built in these areas are more than likely well hidden and very deeply buried.  Entrances also are likely to be well camoflauged and some distance (miles) away from the base itself.                                                                credit: Richard Sauder, Ph.D.
UNDERGROUND Bases and Tunnels
What Is The Government
Trying To Hide?
by Richard Sauder, Ph.D.
published by
Adventures Unlimited Press 1995
One Adventure Place
Kempton, IL 60946 USA
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