l  1958 - Utah

From the alleged MJ-12 Aquarius Briefing Document prepared for incoming President Jimmy Carter in 1977.
(TS/ORCON) In 1958, the United States recovered a third Alien aircraft from the desert of Utah. The aircraft was in excellent flying condition. The aircraft was apparently abandoned by the Aliens for some unexplained reason, since no Alien life forms were found in or around the aircraft. The aircraft was considered a technological marvel by United States scientists. However, the operating instrumentations of the aircraft were so complex that our scientists could not interrupt their operation. The aircraft was stored in a top security area and analyzed throughout the years by our best aerospace scientists. The United States gained a large volume of technological data from the recovered Alien aircraft. A detailed description and further information regarding the aircraft is explained in Attach 3.
l 1953 May 20 - Western Utah UFO Crash 
    The 1953 DRES SITE

According to various sources, a large craft of several hundred feet diameter crash landed in the area, clipping the top of a hillside and leaving a gouge in the valley floor before coming to rest.

There are also reports that some of the ET's survived the crash and have taken refuge in the area, where there have been numerous sightings of ET's on the ground. This incident appears to be related to the Kingman crash on the same date. This investigation is ongoing.    CSETI

Reports indicate that ET's survived the crash, taking refuge in the nearby woods and is related to the Kingman Crash (Cseti) Update:12-04-02

l  3rd UFO Crash Retrieval Conference Nov. 4-6 2005  
LMH's talk be on an Alleged 1953 UFO Crash and Burial Near Garrison, Utah, 1953
Three miles away is the U. S. Forest Services Desert Research Experimental Station known as DRES.

l   An Alleged 1953 UFO Crash & Burial Near Garrison, Utah, 1953
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The talk discussed, witnesses, military testimony and independent testing about the site to gain further insight into this gigantic crashed UFO.
On May 20, 1953, some kind of unidentified aerial craft allegedly crashed in a desert site near Kingman, Arizona. Just twenty-two days later on June 11, 1953, and 200 miles straight north on a dry lake bed east of the Fishlake National Forest an agency of the U. S. government took two dozen photographs of this large triangular feature in the dry lake bed. The triangle measured approximately 4,400 feet long and 2,700 feet wide. The nearest small town to the lakebed is Garrison, Utah. Three miles away is the U. S. Forest Services Desert Research Experimental Station known as DRES.
It is believed that within this large triangular earthen feature is buried a UFO.

there is sufficient evidence to conclude that:
1) UFOs have crashed on earth, 2) governments have recovered and exploited these alien technology gifts and 3) most disturbing to a democratic free society, the alien secret is more important than constitutional or individual
l  1958 Utah West Desert Crash

In 1958, The United States recovered their third alien spacecraft from the Utah desert.
The craft was in excellent flying condition, and had been mysteriously abandoned by its occupants. When examined by a group of scientists, the instrumentation was so complex that none of them could fully comprehend its operation.
Shortly thereafter, funds were not only appropriated by Project Snowbird to begin a more intensive study but also to contact the aliens who had abandoned their craft.

update 12-04-02 4 bodies recovered
This UFO Crash event was the base for the segment ( building with the bees surrounded by corn) in the New X- Files Movie, Where an Agriculture "Front" was built over the craft because it was too big to move at that time
l  1947   Crash Hoax

On the 10th and 11th two more "crashed disc" stories got worldwide coverage. A disk shaped object was found in Hollywood, California, and another in Twin Falls, Idaho. In both cases the hoaxes are quickly identified. The FBI was involved in both cases. The Twin Falls, Idaho, hoax -- made of jukebox parts -- is turned over to the Army at Fort Douglas, Utah.
No mention of this case is found in the Project Blue Book files; just as no mention is found of the Roswell case.

l  UFO Crash Site At White Sands Missle Range

Here is a crash site I discovered, link to my thread read it an let me know what you think. John Quest
Downed Extraterrestrial Recovery Operations.
May be referred to as
Downed Alien Recovery Teams.
l  Utah Crash? 1964 - Photos
  Utah UFO Crash 1964 - Photos?
  Credit: Blackworld

No information is available on these (manipulated?) photos or the apparent crash event. If you have any information regarding these photos or the event please contact us
Updated : 8/1/2007

l  Famous UFO Crashes  
l  UFO Crashes in the Desert  
l  UFO Crash Sites  
l  CrashDebris.Com  
Distributor of UFO crash debris. Complete with isotopic anomalies and scientific data.
l  Utah The New Area 51  
NOTE: These Photos are most likely FAKES and should be considered artist renderings at best...
Submission 12/02/04
.... I posted a link on the ATS Forum regaurding the credibility of the Utah crash photos and the results of folks providing feedback on them was quite helpful. Dont get me wrong  This is not and attempt to discredit your site, rather only to help you weed out the malicious information people provide to disrupt any true research in this sensitive subject area that is already under continuous criticism.
I Am providing a link to the discussion page so you can make your own decsission as to what you think of the findings!
The forum is Above Top Secret here is the link
By the way Your site is Awsome ! Keep up the good work!!         Thanks Darin ATS
See Full Report
l  UPDATED 1953 May 20 - Western Utah UFO Crash
The 1953 DRES.. {Desert Research Experimental Station}
  CRASH SITE:    282 KM SW of Salt Lake City, Utah
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l  RECENT UFO CRASH? Feb. 21st  2005
UUFOH recieves information on a possible UFO crash south of Salt Lake City, Utah.
Crash & Recovery Team in Utah Feb. 23rd 2005. Object came in veryquick and did not show up on radar, 30 foot craft made of an unknown alloy, LIFE inside craft noted,
Investigation continues....Report coming soon?....
l  UUFOH Searches For Crash With Channel 4 News 

OK here comes the disinformation, and misdirection concerning this event........
l  Tabloid Tweaks Utahns with Alien Spacecraft Spoof Salt Lake Tribune  
l  World Weekly News - Space Ark Crashes In Utah!  
click here for REPORT / INFO  from researcher Steve Jones (spent over 20 years and $10,000 investigating this event)
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3rd UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 
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An Alleged 1953 UFO Crash and Burial Near Garrison, Utah.
High altitude aerial photograph taken by
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Large triangle is in dry lakebed near Garrison, Utah
West Desert Crash Event
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