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1953 May 20 - Western Desert, Utah UFO Crash
The 1953 DRES.. {Desert Research Experimental Station}
Posted with permission and credit by: © 2003-2005 Steve Jones and Ryan Layton
1953 UFO Crash & Burial? Near Garrison, Utah.
A U. S. government agency took 2 dozen high altitude aerial photographs in a grid pattern
on June 11, 1953 of a large triangle feature in dry lakebed near Garrison, Utah
l  PHOTO 1:
The debris field (just to the right of the center) is clearly outlined and the roads to the east side of the DRES property and the south are also clear. One thing is for certain, it's size is very close to what we had estimated (over a mile in length and about 1/2 mile wide at the top of the V). It is very clear that whatever impacted hit really hard and came in very fast. Like we had ascertained before, indications are that it came in at a very shallow angle, which is what M--- had indicated. He said that it clipped a hill top to the SSW on the incoming flight path.
We were right on the money with the location of the top and the observation of the effects on the long term plant life.

If you zoom in you can really see it,
just to the NNE of the edge with the clear outlining of almost a splatter like upper edge.   .......Steve Jones
In this zoom, you can see it a bit better. 
(go to print version for a good look at the splatter pattern)  [Splatter pattern] 
1953 DRES.. Crash Site
{Desert Research Experimental Station} Its rumoured and possible that the UFO that crashed here  ...could of been transported to and reburied at Dugway Proving Grounds.
supposedly it was the event that spurred the 'agricultural front' bee hive segment of the X files movie.
l  PHOTO 3:
A closer view shows
> what looks like a drill sample test hole with tailings (tailings pile approx. 100 yards wide)
> possible survey work
(Triangle formation) in the center of the impact zone

l  According to various sources, a large craft of several hundred feet diameter crash landed in the area, clipping the top of a hillside and leaving a gouge in the valley floor before coming to rest. The craft was so large that recovery and transportation was considered impossible at that time.

l  After 20 years of research and study new evidence suggests this event did take place. (see photos, etc. below) And the location is to this day considered 'important' by numerous military sources. It was also a location considered for the MX missile site, and has UN interests as well.

l  One thing that should be pointed out is that DRES is no longer an active research station, at
least according to the roster of the Department of Agriculture. It is also a designated United Nations Biosphere. SJ
l  The Desert Research Experimental Station or (Research Range)
was established in 1953 by President Herbert Hoover as an agricultural range experiment station which covers 87 square miles.  In 1933, the Civilian Convervation Corps, or CCC, built the DRES facility.

l  There are also reports that some of the ET's survived the crash and have taken refuge in the area, where there have been numerous sightings of ET's on the ground. This incident appears to be related to the Kingman crash on the same date. This investigation is ongoing.    CSETI
l  WESTERN UTAH Reports indicate that ET's survived the crash, taking refuge in the nearby woods and is related to the Kingman Crash (Cseti) Update:12-04-02

l  A presentation was to be released at the 1st UFO Crash Conference 2003 but was put on hold.
TerraServer aerial photos of the site.

Here is one from about 30,000 feet. 
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l  PHOTO 2:
Clearly something impacted the Earth here.With enough force to send debris 3/4 of a mile beyond the impact zone.

Remember this event took place 50+ years ago, these photos are recent Terraserver images. 50+ years of weather, erosion, etc. and the site still shows incredible details.

l  Interesting note:
to the right of impact zone is a image of what looks like an alien head facing the impact site.
Special Thanks to: 
Researcher Steve Jones (spent over 20 years and $10,000 investigating this event)
"UUFOH Crash & Retrieval Team
UPDATED: 12/13/2005

aliendave.c[m - UTAH UFO  CRASH SITE   
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l Research Trumps Old Rumors at Desert Site 8/29/05 Salt Lake Tribune 
  Disinformation article,  it is blantantly obvious that they are not happy with our looking around the place, coupled with what we know. That place is highly monitored and this is crystal clear evidence of that. This is serious shit and it needs to be looked at that way.
l Did a UFO Crash at Kingman, Arizona in 1953? 

1953 UFO Crash and Burial Near Garrison, Utah.
One of the original High altitude Aerial Photographs taken by a U. S. government agency
on June 11, 1953. (Steve Jones beleives that these 24"x24" photos were taken by the US Air Force)
The large triangle feature is in a dry lakebed near Garrison, Utah

NOTICE: there is little change in the strange triangle anomally from the 1953 aerial to the
1997 terraserver image. 40+ years later...
Aerial Photo June 11, 1953
l  3rd UFO Crash Conference -2005

An Alleged 1953 UFO Crash & Burial Near Garrison, Utah, 1953
Linda M Howe discussed, witnesses, military testimony and independent testing about the site to gain further insight into this gigantic crashed UFO.

On May 20, 1953, some kind of unidentified aerial craft allegedly crashed in a desert site near Kingman, Arizona. Just twenty-two days later on June 11, 1953, and 200 miles straight north on a dry lake bed east of the Fishlake National Forest an agency of the U. S. government took two dozen photographs of this large triangular feature in the dry lake bed. The triangle measured approximately 4,400 feet long and 2,700 feet wide. The nearest small town to the lakebed is Garrison, Utah. Three miles away is the U. S. Forest Services Desert Research Experimental Station known as DRES.
It is believed that within this large triangular earthen feature is buried a UFO.

l   An Alleged 1953 UFO Crash & Burial Near Garrison, Utah, 1953
      click here to visit for LMH 4 part report on this event, (subscribers only)
Listen to Dreamland 11/12/2005 Interview with Whitley Strieber as LMH reports on the DRES site.
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1953 May 20 - Western Utah UFO Crash
The 1953 DRES.. {Desert Research Experimental Station}
  l  CRASH SITE:   282 KM SW of Salt Lake City, Utah
Latitude & Longitude coordinates of the triangle feature (113W 40'29.83" by 38N 37')

l  The Location of this site is 175 miles south of the highly classified Dugway Proving Grounds 
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