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Who is Alien Dave?                                 
One Mans Quest for an Alternative Truth

Alien Dave                      
The name might sound familiar, but the man behind the name is a mystery to most.
In the following article we may find out just who this man is, on the other hand we may not.
Sometimes called Salt Lake City's own real-life Fox Mulder, Alien Dave dives into the Paranormal realm of UFO's, Alien's, Cropcircles, and the like, with a passion and desire to find answers to the mysteries of the unknown.

Alien Dave                      
What a name, actually its a nickname. After years of other people calling him this, he took on the nickname with honors. And although some people look at him with a "your crazy" look when they hear the name, it doesn't bother Dave at all. He doesn't mind being different, and somewhat unusual, and he says the name seems to fit, who he is and his style. He says his belief in UFO's and extraterrestrials are to him more believable, credible, and realistic than Christ being resurrected, the parting of the red sea, or the notion of the earth being created in seven days.
His real name is Dave Rosenfeld, a self employed, small business owner, devoted father, Artist, photographer, UFO / Paranormal investigator/ researcher,  & writer, born in San Francisco, California who currently lives in a canyon just outside Salt Lake City, Utah.

Alien Dave,                        
Is the founder and director of The Utah UFO Hunters, a UFO Search Group that started in 1996, he started the group after seeing and photographing many UFOs and Cropcircles in the Utah area. The 'group', journeyed out to remote areas looking for UFO's, trying to photograph and video tape them, sometimes signaling them when possible, sometimes getting more than they hoped for. As the group were out photographing and video taping their experiences they sometimes got a little extra.... a contact, or interaction. But the experiences made Dave want to find out more, he became very interested in the UFO and paranormal subjects.

When he got his first computer in the fall of 2000, he decided to start a website for his small group. having no experience in computers or website's it was trial and error for the first few months. Then it seemed to come naturally to him, becoming the huge, informative, ultra cool, award winning website your on now. Dave must be credited for the work he has done on his website, It is absolutely loaded with information and data on Utah's UFOs and just about every other paranormal topic Utah has to offer. As Dave's website grew so did the group. The group now has some of the very best UFO, Bigfoot, Paranormal, and Cropcircle researchers and investigators in the state of Utah. They are the Utah UFO Hunters.
They also co-sponsor for the Salt Lake City MUFON chapter.

Alien Dave                     
Claims to have had many encounters with the unknown. From a brief sighting of the legendary Bigfoot in the High Uintas to Dozens of UFO sightings with video and photos to prove it,
He also has been to, investigated and photographed several Cropcircle formations, natural power spots, mysterious places such as the infamous "Sherman Ranch", Indian burial mounds, and ancient sites. Dave is also interested in many other areas of phenomenon.

Look, Listen, Learn          
Having many unusual, paranormal, otherworldly, and / or possibly supernatural events unfold in his presence, he tries not to explain or understand all of what he has been witness to. Instead he tries to let people see for themselves that there is more to reality than most people see or believe. He says,"Its not what some want you believe, its not sleep paralysis, Lucid Dreaming, or fantasy role playing, if it is, I have pictures of it !"
He also thinks that since these sceptics can't produce photos, video or physical evidence of some of the things they believe in such as GOD, they should accept the same labels they invent for others and put it upon themselves.
It could be this simple,  the words "Heaven", "chariot of fire", and maybe even "god" had definitions that are sure to compete with "Space", "UFO" and "Extraterrestrial" today. Quite possibly having the same meanings using terminology of the time. Certainly the later words didn't exist back then, and the bible certainly does explain what would today be described as UFO encounters and extraterrestrial contacts. I myself have to admit it does make sense.

According to recent polls, 2.9 million Americans have symptoms of abduction. Or is it 2.9 million fantasy prone personalities walking around in a waking dream about aliens! Either way something's going on, and I don't think you'll find it televised. The numbers are clear, Dave is not alone, there are millions that share his story. Whether it be UFO's Bigfoot, Cropcircles, or any other paranormal subject, there are believers and witnesses. Professionals, government employees, doctors, pilots, and even Presidents. The list is long, and getting longer, with more and more of them coming out to tell their stories, only you won't find them in the mainstream media. There is something going on, and its becoming a reality to some.

Dave says " Its an amazingly beautiful unknown that exists with us, just under the surface, in the hard to reach places of the earth and mind, in a reality most have forgotten or filtered out of the pre-programmed lives they live. A so called unknown that you might only see with the power of belief." He goes on to explain, "If everyone believed an orange was blue, wouldn't it make it so?"
"would we all still call it an orange? and what about the few that still see it orange, are they dreaming? or nuts? according to the others, the believers of the blue orange, yes."

The Sceptics               
say, ' I'll believe it when I see it', yet most of them haven't seen a baby pigeon, yet believe they exist. 'Show me the bodies, the real life flying saucer, the evidence'.
In my mind I think that the sceptics need to spend just as much time studying, researching and analyzing, the phenomenon to show that it doesn't exist as the UFO / Paranormal researchers and investigators spend showing that the phenomenon does exist. "Its easier not to believe" says Alien Dave. "The Truth scares most. Some simply cannot handle the possibility that 'others' walk among us, that there are things out there and in here, that are much, much, more than we can understand. People want to believe that we have control, and that science can explain everything. The reality is, we don't have control, only controlled free will.
They will eventually see that our current science will never explain the phenomenon, so for some it will continue not to exist in their closed minds, oh sure, they will give it a socially correct title, laugh, and brush it aside, its easier, because they they can't explain it. It makes some people uncomfortable, probably because it doesn't fit into their preprogrammed lives. I feel for these people, they are missing out on a beautiful part of reality. The unknown keeps us moving forward, learning, evolving, its human nature to look where we haven't been and step into it"
Alien Dave & The Utah UFO Hunters          
Have also been the subject of the media....Well... here comes the Tongue in Cheek.
Besides a few cheezy morning shows and tabloid - like news articles it hasn't been all that bad.
Dave has also been been on numerous radio programs, one of his favorites is Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis, which got its start here in Salt Lake City. "I enjoy talking with Clyde, he's into informing the public about the unknown and current events that the mainstream media won't touch. He doesn't make fun or throw in the giggle factor. He's serious about what he does, like me. Clyde gets out there and investigates, and also has an interest in Utah. Clyde has told me that I more or less took over his title of Salt Lake's UFO Guy after he left Utah."
Alien Dave has also been seen on several TV news spots, newspaper articles, and the subject of several short films. "I only hope that in the exposure I have been given, I have opened ones mind to the possibility of other realities, the reality of other possibilities."
We are sure to see more from Alien Dave and his UFO search team, or will we...

"UFO Racism"              
Unlike the DEC. 26, 2002 City Weekly article, by Chris Sefiert. Who by the way didn't even get simple facts about Dave correct in his article. EARTH TO CHRIS - Report the Facts man.
This reporter isn't out to make another cheap tabloid report, inserting "the little green men" or the "waking dream"  punch line. Take personal shots at Dave to save face  or induce their own belief system as correct. That's tongue in cheek, spam journalism, which he doesn't deserve.
I don't need a sceptic's say in my report, no religious overtone, or the "professional" opinion from any media outlet, or social know-it all giving a scientific label to what they never experienced. I'm not selling my story. I guess I'm joining the 2.9million, the 79% that believe UFOs are real. I'm on Dave's side, I believe him, and I believe the others.

I find "Alien Dave" to be a very credible, intelligent, giving individual, and see the service that he and his group provide, although unusual, is needed and wanted. I also see that being in this field of investigation or even interest is full of ridicule. A sort of "UFO racism"
Dealing with the media is one of the things that he and others have to deal with, and that this sort of racism is spoken fluently in mainstream media. Poke fun, save face. Its no wonder that well known, well funded, researchers try to keep away from the media spotlight. Will it be much longer before the UFO Hunters join with others and avoid the media too?
I thought someone should stand up for what Alien Dave and his group are doing. Give a real honest report on the researchers and investigators that Alien Dave has brought together. He and the others of this search team spend countless hours looking into various phenomenon. Studying, gathering and following up on data, recording and gathering evidence or samples. Face it folks, if they don't do it who will? Where else are you going to find such devoted people, seriously looking into the unexplained in Utah? They are giving a open forum of data to the public, a stream of information that few will, I would have to agree with UFO Magazines quote...
"Good regional focus", but Great or even Best regional focus would better describe UUFOH's team.  Remember, they don't get paid for what they do, they do it because they have a desire, interest, a quest for knowing the unknown.

The Quest            
As Dave continues to investigate and research the mysterious, and inform the public of the strange happenings here in Utah and the west, he wants to make the learning experience enjoyable for all ages. " I will continue to make the website cool and hip as well as informative, the eyes are the windows to the soul, and the soul is where belief is born. I also hope to bring together Utah's Paranormal & UFO investigators, researchers, reporters, believers, etc. into a solid group were serious study and the free exchange of data can be examined with an open mind. I think we all contribute in the search for truth with our own specialties and interest, its great to have a variety of members with different opinions and input, its never one sided, With so many great, devoted and experienced people working toward a common goal, 'Truth' , its sure to eventually produce results, especially with so much happening here in Utah." Dave also says,
"I personally thank all the members of UUFOH and our much needed supporters "

As for Dave's own personal quest into the unknown,.....He says
"Hopefully, in my personal quest into this phenomenon, I will find an answer that doesn't hurt."

That's sincere, I too hope Dave and the others of the Utah UFO Hunters find some answers, whether it be ground breaking or just personal. I also think that they will be remembered for the work and information they have provided openly, to all of us, with style.
Many would certainly agree with UUFOH's logo "The Truth Is Here In Utah"
  'Blue' - 2003     

If you would like to learn more about the Utah UFO Hunters
please visit www.aliendave.com or contact them at aliendave@earthlink.net -
also, if your a Utah resident, you can join the quest for truth by becoming a member of UUFOH.
UUFOH welcomes donations of any sort and is always looking for sponsors, if you would like to contribute to UUFOH's cause please contact them at: aliendave@earthlink.net
They are a non-profit organization

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