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Humvee at Depot 2002
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The Utah UFO Hunters
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Encounter with Military Security
While Investigating Utah's West Desert, The New AREA 51
             THE DEPOT,
                         THE DANGER

By Alien Dave
The Utah UFO Hunters 2002

as we traveled south out of Tooele and into Utah's west desert.
  An hour before we had decided to head out to Dugway or the nearby Area, to get some good shots for a TV pilot Clyde and crew is currently working on.  
  Clyde contacted me, (Alien Dave)  interested in hanging out while he was in Salt Lake City. Do an interveiw and get the low down on current UFO activity, hotspots, and UFO Footage. set up some contacts, hang out, etc..

So here we were, heading out to one of the Scariest Places on Earth. an area called the New AREA 51  - Clyde, his crew, me, a mini van, recording equipment, and a determined attitude.
The Air grew thick and the Chem detectors were abundant, as we moved in on the Deseret Chemical Depot, where they destroy chemical nerve agents and bio weapons.
  A week before a mysterious intruder was spotted on the Depot grounds, dressed in all black. The Depot security, troops, dogs, FBI, and even a state police helicopter with thermal imaging cameras, (FLUR) couldn't find the intruder. Sounds real funny to me. In my eyes there is no excuse for not finding the intruder, in this rual, desolate area, with so many involved.
This event still has no explanation.
  We stopped and got out at the entrance to the Depot, streched, got into position and shot a take, (which was the only one Clyde's crew got in at this location.)
  As we approched the fence and walked onto the road, we noticed a Humvee coming down the road. Someone said "here comes security"
Deseret Chemical Depot
Clyde Lewis - whats behind you man?
The Entrance Sign at Deseret Chemical Depot

  Even though we were still on BLM property, and had every right to be there, we were glad to get out of there without incident, or further harassment. A few days before, a Intruder scare at the Depot has the security hightened and on edge.
Without a believable answer to exactly what happened out there regarding the mysterious intruder, dressed in black, disappearing without a trace, some of us have come with possible scenarios, and theories, such as a possible MIB? non-human envolvement? or other? but thats another story.
  see the Dugway The NEW AREA 51 page for links to articles on this story.

  We headed towards Dugway and pulled off on a side road that had some great shots of the bunkers and barracks.
Clyde was finally able to get some video pieces done and not be harrassed by "Security"
  On a rual desert backroad, with a Secret Base in the backround, Clyde did his thing. the way he does, with style, and a dark overtone.
  After the hostile Dugway Encounter, we headed for a location were I had taken daylight footage of a UFO in 98. We did a little shoot there before we lost the light to the night.
We headed back to the studio, and bullshit'd for a while. Going over what had happened out at Dugway, the strangeness, and almost deadly events that unfolded, before calling it a night.

   Clyde continued his quest for cool and possibly dangerous paranormal locations over the weekend. Getting up to date on Utah's UFO activity. Hooking up with Alan Meyer a local Paranormal Investigator, and doing an interview with him, As well as the Paranormal and Ghost activity, with the Utah Ghost Hunters Society.
  It was Great hanging out with Clyde, Meeting the man behind the smooth voice. Doing some paranormal recon, and Ground Zero'ing Dugway. I'm honored that Clyde contacted me for an interview, and spent some time with me while he was in Salt Lake. I hope We get to do it again sometime ...............but...

"Next time Clyde,
were heading out to a really scary spot !"
                                                                                  Alien Dave
The Humvee slowed and stopped in front of the van. We nervously walked back towards them. The well armed military vehicle alone was enough deterant to humble us and make us uneasy about being there . We were told to leave imediately. We agreed. As we were doing so, the heavily armed Humvee and its military passengers left, a few minutes later, here comes a couple white SUVs. From Wackenhut? The white security SUVs did a blocking manuvere in back of us. keeping us there until ? We confronted one of them, he didn't say much, nor did his backup which was now out of his vehicle, and showing off his weapon, drawn, by his side, after a few minutes it was holstered, but a nervous hand was polishing the handle.
  We told them the military troops in the Humvee was more than enough deterrant to make us leave. We got the hint, we are leaving. One of the jeeps moved to make way for us to leave.We quickly got into the van and got the hell out of there! Before the "Wackenhut" gaurds got personal and performed a full body cavity search.
Whew! ...   we got out of there without being the next chemical test guniea pig,
or Desert "Deliverance" victims.
Rual Areas Where Paranormal activity occurs, Secret Bases in the Background......
Thanks to:
Clyde Lewis - GROUND ZERO
His Crew:
      Kevin Delullo
      Brian Baird
The Utah UFO Hunters
Alan Meyer
Utah Ghost Hunter Society
Alien Dave
Clyde Lewis out of Radio into Paranoramal TV
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PHOTOS BY: Alien Dave

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Clyde Lewis and a film crew journeyed into the west desert of Utah Investigating the claim that the military had moved the mysterious AREA 51
As they drew closer to the gates of Dugway and the Deseret Chemical Incinerator, Clyde and his crew met up with military inforcement, showing their weapons and escorting them off the property.
Alien Dave Rosenfeld was there to record the event and has put up a website about it. Here is the report where Clyde learned first hand that military security is serious when it comes to protecting "SECRET" Facilities
          ...........GROUND ZERO
Dugway Proving Grounds, Rated one of the Scariest Places On Earth!
Alien Dave & Clyde Lewis talked about this incident in detail on Clyde's Radio show Ground Zero Sat. night Nov. 9th 2002
Saturdays Show Nov. 9 2002
While shooting a pilot for a proposed "Ground Zero" television show, film director Kevin Delullo, and Brian Baird a producer for several major television shows accompanied Clyde Lewis and UFO investigator Dave Rosenfeld to a remote location in the west desert of Utah. The crew set up in an area that is rumored to be the new Area 51.
  While shooting the report the crew was detained by two Military soldiers that pulled up in a military Humvee. With cameras rolling an exchange between the crew and the soldiers was cooperative and the soldiers warned that Clyde and his crew should leave the area. As they packed up their cameras two white jeeps with Wackenhut security pulled up and was quite hostile. One got out of his vehicle and drew his weapon.
  Clyde and crew thought they were well within their rights to be there. However they left the area. Was It because that the Military was hiding some clandestine secret? Find out about the possible reason why Clyde and crew was detained in the desert. Alien Dave Rosenfeld will give details on an incident that occurred a few days before Clyde arrived on the scene. The story is mysterious and has authorities baffled. This story still has no explanation. You will hear all about it on Ground Zero this Saturday.               ............GROUND ZERO
The Mysterious MIB Intruder that vanished in broad daylight is a very creepy event that to this day still has no explanation. We wondered if there is more to this story than the military is telling. One suspicious clue comes from the Depot Commander, Col. Cooper was quoted saying, "We're not sure who he is or what he was," which is very strange.

This was probably why we were harrassed and threatend by security at the Depot. And ordered to leave the area.

We also hit up the Dugway Connection between UFOs, Cattle mutilations, Chemtrails, Alien abductions, Deadly chemicals and Bio weapons.
One such story involving Dugway and Aliens was submitted to UUFOH - "Footprints Outside my Window" 

The Secret testing of biological agents is a frightening subject, Extraterestrial viruses and diseases are a possibility too, In some way they may be all connected, We dove into the evidence and possibility that places like Dugway, MAAF, The Chemical Depot, THE NEW AREA 51 are involved, and have been for years.

GROUND ZERO's Saturday night's show was scary, yet all to real. Are "we the people" now becoming the guniea pigs for the new bio-warfare, exotic diseases, and designer viruses? Made by our government, tested on our people, and used to control overpopulation? Do we really want War knowing Bio-weapons will be used? Do you really want vaccinations that might kill you?
Wake up People, see beyond the walls they build, the doors they keep shut, and the pens they herd you into,
for The Truth is here in Utah.                                 ........ Alien Dave  2002

From a Dugway contact:
...this testing will not protect anyone......It was told to me that they will walk among you spreading a sicknes that no human has ever seen.........that they need no more bombings, the shake of a hand or a bump of a stranger will spread a sicknes that will tear the flesh from one's body........