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"Footprints Outside my Window" 

Story by: RoseMary
Edited by: Alien Dave
Alien Dave ,
This story I have to tell to SOMEBODY and it looks like that somebody.....is YOU........It is pretty long....so, what I am going to do is to just jump in and  begin....and type it in segments.....it will probably be a short book when I am done with it.  Well, It needs to be written down anyhow. Here goes:
There is a reason for the details which become evident as you go on.


My husband, Bill is a painting contractor.  At that time, in 1982, he went all over the U.S. and some foreign countries on these various contracts, which were at that time , primarily, U.S.  Military Bases.  In 1982 we had been together (not married), about 8 years.  We are both the same age, at that time, we were 38 or 39 years old.
In Nov. of 1982 I flew from California  back to Dugway,Utah.....we had about a 10 month contract to paint just about every building on the base. Bill had left about a month earlier, and picked me up at the airport. We immediately went to a Greek Restaurant (Bill is Greek), and I met a lot of his friends, acquaintances, listened to the Greek music, danced, ate wonderful domades, feta, and drank Ouzo, a strong Greek liquor, and then drove in the snow (first I have ever been driving in snow falling...magical...beautiful)....for a long time we drove.  I think it was a couple of hours one a highway, then about another hour on a long dirt road  leading to the entrance of the Dugway Proving Grounds Military Base.  We  arrived late in the night.........

It gets  very cold there, and me, having only lived as an adult in California, well, this was very different....in a GOOD way.  Those of us who have never lived in an area that snows, we are HAPPY to shovel driveways and the like!  It was beautiful. I was told that Dugway had 500 people living there at the time.  Perhaps, it was 500 families because it seemed to me more than 500 individuals.  It was way- the- heck  out in nowhere, so it was also, very self-contained; IT had a bowling alley, coffee shop, a little bar (which I saw once, the night I arrived) , PX, activities, library, and planned trips for anyone interested, such as skiing.  The base had its own Schools .  Except for the fact that it was miles from nowhere, and they were making deadly chemical weapons there, aside from that, it was pretty nice.
  The first person I met there, the first day,  was a young man that Bill introduced me to and we all had coffee.  His name was "Stormy" he was probably about 22 or so, slim, blonde.......he was born there on this base he said.  His mother worked for the office or something.  In conversation I said that I was so happy to be here, and intended to go out into the surrounding dessert area to look for stones, take pictures,  petrified wood, and "look around." Stormy very seriously told me not to pick up ANYTHING ON THE GROUND, "Everything out here is HOT." I asked what he meant, and he said "radioactive.' He said a lot , but one thing stands out when he said "The plane that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.......is buried right over here in .........mountain .....way underground.......it will be radioactive for the next thousand years!" ( I am thinking "Bill couldn't take me to Hawaii when he had contracts THERE......but.....he CAN  take me to this God-forsaken place that is introduced to me as "hot")
  I don't think I really believed him 100%, I know I didn't because if I did,  I would have left the place........ but he seemed very sincere....and made me think twice.  Never did go do that.....look for things in the dessert. (....and I never saw "Stormy" again either).
  We had a little same as everybody, barrack type apartment...... a one  bedroom, kitchen, living room, one bath semi-apartment.  The front had a snow covered yard, and a paved street and driveway. Trees lined the street. Very clean.  Behind, out our back door, and bedroom window, of our little apartment, was a huge field.  About a block to the left, you would see a sidewalk, then straight across the field, you'd see a row of semi-apartments ....just like ours, to the right of our back door, you could see about a block away, another sidewalk, leading to our street. The field behind our house was covered with pristine snow, it was I think about 1or 2 feet deep......you could see where birds, or a dog had walked in the snow......it was so clean......anything that walked on it could be seen at a distance.
There was one , I believe, Oak tree......at least it was very old and very big,  right outside the back-kitchen-only back- door of our apt. With that exception, the field was barren......just snow.........
  While Bill worked , I spent my time, talking on the phone with friends in  California, going to the library and checking out numerous books, reading,  cooking, cleaning, writing letters, going shopping at the PX or laundry, or go to appointments in Toole, miles away....to see an Optometrist, or go to a  'real' store.  Toole was almost a 2 hour drive....the nearest town.
  I made bread , because Bill likes french bread and there wasn't any in probably the whole state of Utah. Bill is Greek, and occasionally we would drive to Salt Lake City where there was a Greek Tavern, and many of his friends would be there.  Or, we would once or twice a month go to a gambling casino near the state line, or visit friends mentioned in /near Salt Lake City.  All-in -all,  I was enjoying myself there....It was temporary, and I thought of it as a sort of  vacation.' Plus, the contract was a very good one......so, we planned to make enough money there to buy a home when we returned to California.  All very positive.
  Bill's daughter, Stella, 14 at that time, even came to stay 2 weeks at Christmas time.  We shopped in Salt Lake, made snowmen in the yard, cozyied up in a warm room with the TV, fudge, and everything fattening.....It was pretty nice.

Bill and I were 'non-military' so we never got acquainted with anyone living on the base on a personal basis.  The residents there pretty much stuck to themselves, where we were concerned..so , we did too.  I always thought is was because we were civilians. Who knows.  I think I am right on that.
  We  fell into a steady routine....Bill went to work about 5 am......and I did whatever I do all day. It was either Freezing or at one point 20 below Zero......so, I didn't go out very often...occasionally, I'd stop at the coffee shop in the am when I went to the Px, then, once, coming back the apt....a 2 minute drive...I  hit Black Ice going 15 mph, and the next thing I knew, my van was spinning, ending up facing the opposite direction...Geez. I was learning about SNOW.
  Bill would come home about 5:30, we'd talk, have dinner, watch TV....I'd read my vast collection of Dugway's library books,  or other books while watching TV.  Bill usually went to bed about 10-11 PM.  I on the other hand, would stay up until about 1am....TV, reading, eating, etc. This was pretty  much our routine, punctuated about 2 or 3 weekends a month to go to Salt Lake,or the Casino's.
FEBRUARY 19, 1983    (my life was changed forever)

On this night, for some reason, while Bill watched TV, I was and had been  involved in a lot of reading.  I recall that  on this night, I did something I have never before or since done.......drawing pictures.  Not only was the drawing in itself, an unusual event, but so was the content of the drawings.
One pencil drawing (I still have it), was a big oversized desk, and on top the desk was a lit candle, a coffee cup, a book (Bible?), and a calendar. The date on the calendar reads February 19, 1983.  The other was a picture of a woman with a fine cover over her head......with praying hands, with highlighted shadow of a cross on her hands.  I cannot at this time recall what I entitled this, but it seemed to me it was the 'Biblical"Mary."
  I also wrote two or three poems..........another activity...never done before or since.  One was about "The Traveler", another "Armageddon Now", and the last, or other was about "Jesus".
  All this in retrospect , was unusual, because, at that time, I cannot tell you I was a Christian.  When asked my religion on documents then, I wrote  "Non-Denominational."   So, in doing these drawings, and poems, I just 'did' it........ I don't remember really thinking about it.
  Also, that night I remember reading from Walt Whiteman's book, 'The Leaves of Grass."  I had this copy , and every-now-and-then, I would read some of his poetry.  2 poems I read that night. One was something like 'To my Reader', and the other was about ........I don't know.......his soul and spirit. I'd know it if I saw it, just cannot  right this moment recall the name of that poem. I also read something else.  This was a paper, 2 pages, handwritten, of an automatic writing I had done in 1974!  I kept it all those years, and would read it now and again....... I was never to see that paper again.
  About 1 am, I was sleepy and decided to go to bed.  Just before I did though, while sitting in the living room, with an overhead bright light on, I saw....how can I say this....what looked like an energy forming over in the corner of the living room, near a corner, by the door.  IT was about half-way down from the ceiling, and was moving.......like it was forming or something....Describe?  If you took a crayon, and rapidly scribbled in every direction, and the lines disappeared after a second, that was what it was like/doing. Laser-like.   It  was gray-black looking.  I decided it was my eyes, or I  need sleep, and ignored it, watched TV a little, forgot or didn't chose to look that way anymore.......forgot about it..........got up to go to bed.
  As I said, it was freezing outside, so I was pretty bundled up for bed and had house slippers on.  I turned everything off in the living room, and went into our bedroom.  In this bedroom, was one window, to the left of entering the bedroom,  facing the field in the back of the apt.  The brightness of the moon, would make the pull-down canvas blind appear yellow, and would provide enough 'light' to see a little bit in the room.  Bill was sleeping on the left side of the bed, turned away from me.on his left side...I noticed he was sleeping very soundly...no snoring.... real quiet.  This bedroom was small.  We had the bed, a nightstand.......and directly in front and to the right of the bed was one small 4 foot tall 4 drawer wooden chest, and  to the right of this was a wall of sliding closet doors.
  I don't know why I recall all these last few seconds so vividly......well, maybe I know why.......but......I sat down on the side of the bed, deciding if I wanted to leave my robe on or not (cold in the mornings), decided to leave it on, slipped off my shoes (I think), laid the heavy blanketed covers back and lifted my feet onto the bed.  I reached forward to start to pull up the covers...........when......I SAW SOMETHING IN FRONT OF THE DRESSER IN FRONT OF ME.............whatever I saw, and to this day I don't know what I saw, but it was lower than the dresser.....when I saw it.............I immediately was terrified........and my eyes SHOT TOWARD THE WINDOW........my mind got so far as to think "how......" I think the sentence would have been "how did ......get in here"? ................. I  think.....my mind was screaming already.....but, I wasn't able to complete that whole thought.  It all happened so quickly...........to this day, I remember the terror.  I knew some terrible thing was about to happen.......

Resume ,  Thursday, October 3, 2002   9:11 AM

It is hard to describe in language much of what followed, but....this is my effort.  Some people will not believe any of this, partly because they have never had such or similar experience, or, partly due to fear of what they subconsciously already know to be true.  On  the other hand, there will be those who KNOW what I describe here IS TRUE........ because, it happened to them.  The words may be different, the incidents, the location, etc.,  but the core of the story is one they will recognize.
Back to what happened Feb. 19, 2002....about 1:00 am:

  I really didn't have time to really consciously express "fear" .....fight or flight.  As soon as I had the thought, and looked at the window I felt myself seemingly without my consent..... fall back ......I don't remember my head ever touching the pillow, because as I fell back......my head filled with what I can only describe as 'White light energy"...........I was more scared .....beyond scared than any other time in my entire life.......this was....... what?  What is this?  What is happening....flooded my mind before the 'White light energy' took it over.....it seems it may or should have been painful....but, I don't recall pain ...just overwhelming ....fear....I sensed that every single cell in my body had been
'transformed'...........light energy......or ?

  Now, things are changing....again.  I am emotionless, and while I am inside my body, I can view myself from a distance......there is no thought......just....observation.  I was somehow, now in a standing position .....mid air...yes mid air, my hands and arms were down to my sides stiff, I had a hypnotic look on my face....no thought.....no feeling..... just observing capability.......(when I describe this here, it sounds like a dream state, but I had not even been able to lay down to sleep).......Slowly, in the beginning, I began floating upward, and easily right through the ceiling.....and ......after leaving the room.......through
the ceiling........exceleration!  I'd say this was faster than the speed of light...........I was traveling upward, in an upright position, standing position.......STRAIGHT UP........... LIGHTENING SPEED.  I remember observing distant stars going by.......swoosh!!! I just kept ascending. Seems to me.......I arrived at what I will call the edge of the universe.
  Before I get to that, let me explain what this was like: there was no movement of air, or wind, although I was going at a great speed! When I thought later about this I decided the best way to describe it was that my body was in a kind of cylinder.......I couldn't see such, but what I'm saying is....my arms were tightly down to my sides, legs, feet together, but in a standing position as if in tight quarters.  Although I was moving at a
great speed, my hair, clothing , nor anything else.....moved...Still....perfectly still. Then.....I seemed to arrive at a "station" ....granted a galactic station.....but nonetheless, it seemed this was a predetermined location.  I shot straight, straight up.....then, suddenly.............arrived......and stopped.......somewhere in the UNIVERSE.  It was like a night sky....very dark with tiny distant points of light.   I looked down to see what about my body......knowing I would be real scared if I didn't have a body. Somehow, it was there and it wasn't. If I thought of it....it was there....so I rationalized "oh, I get it....if you NEED a body...you have one.....if you don't........you don't.  I sort of liked keeping mine.    
  Something begin to happen.  On the right side of my field of vision, I saw in the distance a....well, sort of a star, but then I noticed 2 things (I ) I had seen this once before (2) It was spinning.....like a wheel, sparkler it moved from the right to straight and directly in front of me......it was still very far away, but still now.  My attention was totally fixed on it......"It" was why I was here.  (Now begins a mental communication, mind-mind....pure thought energy would begin in the presence of what I would call this 'Light-Being'.  Still far away, it was still, but began very slowly , moving closer to me......as it drew closer I noticed I was simply amazed at how smoothly this Light glided. I recall thinking "I have never seen anything move so perfectly, as though it is on a conveyer belt......it silently......moved toward me. It seemed capable of measuring my thoughts, because since I was becoming apprehensive......it stopped.  I was relieved...then, I looked at it as closely as possible. The light it self was brilliant, but didn't seem to hurt my eyes, perhaps the word 'luminous' is better....whatever it was it was beautiful beyond description.  It did seem to pulsate, and there was a core that was the brightest.  Rays of light energy emanated from every angle.  One of these rays.........began traveling toward me........I watched it mindfully move in my direction....slowly......and watched as one of the single light 'beads' touched a hair..... yes, a hair....on my arm..........This was LOVE,JOY, ESTACY, PEACE...PERFECT LOVE.......THERE ARE NO WORDS FOR THIS........in our language...because none of them describe this transmission.....of .......feeling.  I knew then, everything was perfect.  This, was my initial introduction.  Next, the Light Being was just still "there.'.......no movement......I thought, asked.....mind-to mind, (this was the form of communication and seemed perfectly normal at this time) "ARE YOU WHO I THINK YOU ARE?"    The Being responded, "YES."...........I then said "WHY ME?"........   The luminescent Being said "I CAME BECAUSE OF YOUR FAITH IN ME."  This really surprised me, because all though I had great faith in love, creator, life, and some, not much, sense of the Bible, I wondered and was amazed at how little faith it took to .........be here.  I thought, others ...many others have a much greater faith than I.  I was humbled.  Truly was humbled and thankful for bringing me there. I felt very very grateful and blessed.
  Then, I looked to my right in this terrain of blackness with little points of light.........I saw ME......sitting on an invisible 'ground. It didn't really look like me, but it was.......I was about 5 years old but seemingly ,old for my age....or an old spirit.  I had on some kind of robe. It had a hood, seemed camel colored and it covered everything but my face.......long billowy sleeves and full , long body.  Next to me was  of all things, a tree stump, and what seemed to me Jesus, or an angel, male, 30ish, brown curly hair that was curly long to his neck. He did not have a hood on his robe. His robe was white, plain........like a long, plain one-piece robe...it had sleeves and full cuffs. The fabric was of something like fleece.
   He had his left foot up on this stump......and he was speaking.....I was listening.......He talked for in our time (time is insignificant )about 2 or 3 hours, gesturing with his hands. The situation was as a Teacher to a pupil.  I looked at the expression on my face. Very sad, very depressed .....very bad ........what he was telling me was going to happen.  The whole thing is that to this day, I have NEVER been able to recall ANY of what he said, yet, while I was there, I know I heard it all. It was about my life, the world, things that were going to happen.....explaining all of it.  I just don't remember any of what he said.
    Next thing I knew, I was back in the first position, looking straight ahead at this new beloved being again.  Mentally, somehow the Being told me I had to return...."go back." Well, I did not want to go back!  I thought, which he heard, "I don't want to go back!  Why can't I stay HERE, where I belong.......I am home now, here.......I don't want to go back!!!!" I guess you could say I was pitching a fit.
   Did I think of my family, children, friends........no.  Nothing was more important than staying there.  It seemed he heard my thought, and I head a gentle laugh.......... understanding.......I soon understood, I had to go back......I knew......that I had to do that...... he said "You aren't finished yet."  I was very sad but knew this was true.  I knew I would have to come back when it was 'time.'

  I don't recall another conscious thought.....nothing......except..awakening very early.  The morning sun was hitting that shaded window, and I woke up light on my face.  I got up, immediately went to the window. It was still down, and locked.  I lifted the shade and looked out to the beautiful sunny, snowy morning. I think it was about 7 am. Possibly earlier. It was a sunny bright day, and the snow shined crunchy beautiful all across the big lot/field.  I was alright until I saw the footprints.  I looked down, straight down beneath my window and saw the snow was dirty, moved around, and followed the direction until I saw Footprints leading TO MY BEDROOM WINDOW . I looked to the right, the direction the footprints came from. The sidewalk, almost 2 blocks across the snow. Someone had walked in a direct path , with no movement in any other direction straight across that field right up to my bedroom window.  This whole street had the back of peoples windows along that row......why my window?  You could see the footprints were of a big show..... probably some type of cover for shoes for walking in the snow.  These tracks lead up to my small bedroom window........moved around (the snow under the window was mashed way down all around the window area and dirt mixed in with it).  Then, the tracks lead AWAY.......in the opposite direction toward the sidewalk 2 blocks away..........going to the left side. I WAS LOOKING AT A  VERY BIG 'V' ......WITH THE POINT BEING AT MY BEDROOM WINDOW.

I want to say here, that when I look back, this was the singular most profound  experience of my entire life.  Bar none.  No matter what words I use, no matter how hard I try to express exactly what happened that night, somehow, it looks on paper or sounds......... crazy if you don't believe it......if you DO  believe it.......for whatever reason.........still, there is no real way to convey exactly what happened.

  You would think after that experience, that I would write it down, talk to my cousin, or friends, or Bill...........it was 10 years before I even approached the subject.  10 years...... I knew it happened, but if I had the thought for some reason to say anything about it to Bill or anyone else, something seemed to stop me.  I would just clam up.  It was like in the back of my mind somehow and stayed there for all those years. Back to that later.

  That evening when Bill came home from work all day, I showed him the footprints to our window.  (I said nothing about the 'other').  I told him I wanted to report those footprints leading right up to my window to the M.P.'s on the base.  We talked, and Bill said that we were guest there, and he had a job to do, and he did not want to report it and bring any type of negative attention to us.  I was disappointed in this answer, but at the same time, it made some kind of sense to me.  And decided against a formal report.
  I said nothing to Bill about the EXPERIENCE. While we were enjoying our dessert, he said he was going to bed early , because he didn't sleep well last night.  I asked why.  (remember how soundly  he was sleeping when I went into the room that night?).  He said , sounding a little stressed, he had .....a bad dream.......I asked what it was about. (I was thinking here I might tell him what happened to me).  He said "I don't know....it was
...weird ......just..weird....there was something .......something was sitting in the Oak tree.........behind the house....it was........it was.......weird......"  I pressed for him to be more detail, but he suddenly waved the whole thing off and said "I don't know, I can't remember." (It seemed to me he didn't want to remember). I wanted to tell him what happened to me last night........something just tied my tongue....I said absolutely
nothing about the EXPERIENCE.
  I thought it was odd in a way that Bill did not want to report this to the MP's.  Also, Bill is one of those people that says "I don't dream"....so it was a rare thing for him to have not only a dream, but one that obviously disturbed him.
  When Bill went to work, later in the day I went to Coffee shop.  It had a little sandwich bar with about 10 stools.  I guess people came in for their wake up morning coffee and breakfast of donut.  I was sitting there drinking my coffee, and an MP came in and sat down right next to me.  After a bit, I introduced myself, and I apologized for talking to him on his free time, but explained what happened regarding the footprints to our window, and I told him what Bill said about making a formal report.  So, I casually, explained that part, the footprints............I told him he could still see them over there right now.  He said "I'll look into it.........we don't like that sort of thing around here."  I thanked him, left to go home, and felt good that at least it was reported to a military officer.  At least they knew. I never heard from the MP nor anyone else on this subject, nor did I expect to.    I called my cousin Peggy in California 2 or 3 times a week. Peg and I are like sisters, and usually we could tell each other anything....no matter what it sounded like.   I tried to tell her about it........but.....would leave out a lot...... stammer, hem and haw.........I just couldn't tell anyone.

You would think that I would have done a lot of contemplating of the EXPERIENCE. I didn't .  I remained in Dugway, went on with life as usual, until the job was complete, and it was time for us to go back to California. I didn't think about it, but it was sitting right in the back of my brain.........all the time.  I blocked the memory .  I had changed.  Some of the changes would not be recognized for another year, but for now, I noticed I could no longer estimate 'time.'  Had difficulty remembering phone numbers, even my own.  Looking back, I was in a trance like state.....or a daze. I mean I did all the things I was supposed to do , but it was as though I was on some kind of 'automatic drive.'  Mind you, I never questioned any of this, nor related it at that time to the EXPERIENCE. Aside from not being able to estimate time, and difficulty in remembering phone numbers......I had changed in some more significant ways.  When Bill and I came back to CA we rented an Apartment on Starbird Circle, in San Jose,California.  He had to go on a job right away to Guam.....so, I was home alone, but my family and children were living in San Jose.....and I was happy to be home. I had missed everyone, and was glad to be back.
  We came back to San Jose, in Sept.of 1984.  Bill went onto Guam after we rented the apartment.

  I will, in this section, try to condense and describe the changes in me and some events indicating these changes.  From Sept. 1984 through Sept 1986, I was experiencing things that I did not understand.  Looking back, this was all part of the EXPERIENCE in DUGWAY.  It took me a a long time to understand this "new" world I had been thrust into.  Although I eventually understood it, it was not without growing pains.
   As I sit here, trying to think of what to write, where to begin, what to include, I have left my desk at least 5 times.....I guess, fear of ridicule is the reason.  Well, if I am going to write it at all, I may as well make it as truthful as possible.
   When I got back from Utah, at different points in time, different things were seeming to happen to me.  It was like.........I don't know how to describe what it was like......I'll just write it.
  I was watching TV one day, and a man by the name of Whitley Strieber was on a show, may have been The Oprah Show.  He was selling his book called 'Communion' and was talking about it.  When I saw the cover of the book, I got my purse and car keys and drove straight to the nearest bookstore, and purchased 'Communion.'  It was the picture on the front jacket of the book that caused me to fly as fast as I could to get that book at the store.  Up until this very moment, I had no thought whatsoever of UFO's, aliens, or the
like.  I previous to this incident, had little to no interest in the subject of UFO's.  I am an avid reader, but I doubt , no I know, that I never checked a book from the library on the subject, nor purchased one anything remotely connected to ufology.  I do recall when I was about 15 or so, reading in the newspaper about a couple called "The Hills." It was a big story, for awhile.  That was I believe the only time the subject ever even caught my attention.  That was a long time ago.

   Not so now. I bought Striebers book.  Then, here and there, I would buy a paperback book on UFO Abductions.......I was looking for something in these books that would define what happened to me in Utah.  I was looking for people who had the same experience.  While these books were interesting all of a sudden, and there was something about them that made me want to read more, they were never close enough to my own experience, to say "aha......there it is"...........there would be bits and pieces that were similar, but..... still....not what I was looking for.
                                                              Another book called "....................

thanks again for the photos on this site.......brings back "Dugway" memories.
Story  by: RoseMary Sofes
Edited / published by: Dave Rosenfeld aka Alien Dave
"Thank you RoseMary, for this very interesting and very detailed story.
It has to be one of the most interesting encounters ever submitted to UUFOH.
It gives us yet another look at Dugway Proving Grounds, its residents and employees, and the way it changes lives."
-UUFOH Director-
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Here is an additional 'story' note:
Remember Bill was contracted to paint almost all buildings and facilities.  He had a crew of about 6 men.  One day, they had to take a 'class' all day long.  It cost $35.00 per man. This
was an instructional class on what to do if you hear an alarm go off in the building you are about to paint.  This building was located a few miles away from the general population.  Chemical Weapons were stored here.  The men had to learn that....bottom line.....if..."while you are painting this building.....you hear an alarm go off......take this gas mask we are giving you today ($35.00) put it on (showed the men how), and then, take this hyperemic needle already loaded with something in it to give you a fighting chance to live) and "SLAM IT INTO YOUR THEIGH,THROUGH YOUR CLOTHING. IF YOU WAIT UNTIL YOU SMELL SOMETHING.....YOU ARE DEAD."
These painters had to do this!  I doubt we would have taken this job......had we known.........about Dugway.
   1 of our painters was air lifted to Salt Lake,Utah.....seems this 25 year old couldn't make it to his car one morning and fell to the ground while trying to dial for help at a nearby phone booth.  They said he had 'flu-like
symptoms.' Then, another became strangely ill.......recovered.  Maybe it WAS the flu.

Also, forgot to say this too.......the electricity went out for 2 weeks during this time. " of the story"
  (just mentioning it).

It is one of those things........you either know......or, you don't.  For people who have had such experiences.. they 'know.'........I told my aunt recently, well, at the rate we are going with more and more people having these common experiences..... soon, we won't have to convince anyone......

                                 WE will be  . . . .   the MAJORITY.
  Just thinking out loud.  Thanks, Dave

P.S. One of the benefits of this experience.....lost normal fear of death.
© Copyright 2003-2005 UUFOH

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