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DEAD HAVEN - OGDEN, UTAH                  
DEAD HAVEN                                     

Utah UFO Hunters Investigators  
- Ryan Layton and Dave Rosenfeld 
Utah Paranormal TV
- Brad Staley & Co.
Utah Paranormal Exploration and Research Investigators       UPER
- Merry Jane Barrentine, Warren Braegger, Zane Judkins, JoMarie Taylor Khajah

Team up in a joint investigation into the Paranormal & Orb activity in a Ogden spook alley,
DEAD HAVEN                                                                 1/04/03
Video taped and photographed.
EVP Recorded                     
by UPER Investigators.
Phsycic Attack?                  
Investigator, Dave Rosenfeld experienced an strong unusual pressure and energy drain from a possible low level astral entity? or "Phsycic Vampire"? The experience was such a uncomfortable feeling, it was strong enough for him to decide to leave the location.

The location is noted for paranormal activity that is ongoing,
Continues the investigation into this location known for its unusual activity.

Photos and video are being studied, will update .......UUFOH - UPER
Photos are available at the UPER website showing orb actvity and updated report

   For the past year, the members of Utah Paranormal Exploration and Research (UPER) have been involved in a joint project with the owners of Dead Haven, an Ogden, Utah, haunted house formerly known as The Dark Domain.
   There has been periodic bursts of activity and as of Friday January 3, 2003, there appear to be two new spirits in the building,
Here are reports pertaining to the events of January 3,4 and 5th of this year.
   So far this has been quite a year for UPER and we are very excited about the new activity in the building and the possibility of communication with the unknown. ......UPER

REPORT :   INVESTIGATOR - Dave Rosenfeld
     As I entered Dead Haven with the other researchers that were invited to attend this special joint investigation, I had an excited attitude flowing, being this was my first official Ghost investigation. I knew nothing about the location we were at, this werehouse turned spook alley, in Ogden, Utah. Other than some of the stories told by paranormal investigator Alan Meyer and the video he had shown at one of the UUFOH - SLC MUFON meetings showing Orb activity.
  I knew very little about what I was getting into............
  'Zane' , greeted our group at the door and lead us inside and to the basement where the UPER team was waiting. It was called the 'orientation room' where we introduced ourselves and set up our equipment for the nights events. It was very cold and it was a good thing we were warned to dress warmly, even then, it was still cold enough to want something more.
Merry started by telling us some of the history of the building and the strange occurances that have gone on here. She also noted that the acivity peaks around Halloween when the building is flowing with people attending the spook alley. After the orientation, we were lead into the spook alley part of the building to begin a tour and Merry would explain were strange occurances or events took place. We continude farther into the darkness, exploring the building at a leisurely pace with the UPER team explaining what went on where, what video was taken, the EVP recordings they had acquired, and employees of the spook alley, seeing ghosts, spirits, and getting freaked out or even hurt.
  As we did our initial tour of the building, we took video and photographs, hoping to capture something unusual.  I myself was using a 35mm Canon EOS and a small inexpensive digital camera, in my attempt at capturing anything unusual. After the complete go around of the building we returned to the oriention room to warm up and re-group. After a short break, we split up into two groups, and moved into different parts of the building. Once again seeing if we could witness anything unusual, and capture it on film. Then once again returning to the orientation room.
  Brad Staley captured some very interesting footage of some orbs, and was replaying it for the others to see. He and his brother then had to get going. They said their goodbye's and headed out. We talked some more with the UPER team about their work here at Dead Haven.
        It was then, when my own strange personal experience was about to unfold.
I suddenly had a strange feeling come over me, slowly building in intensity, a squeezing or pressure from all sides was taking over, It was very uncomfortable. I just waited to see what would happen. It didn't go away, but felt as if it was moving around inside of me. I mentioned it to everyone, saying that I didn't feel good, that there was something pressing on me from all sides and that it was very uncomfortable. I told them I was going to go outside, that I needed to get out of there for a while.
  I headed upstairs and to the exit. I immediately felt the strange feeling go away as I left the building. After a short time outside, I felt assured that the strange feeling had left, whatever it was, and returned inside to join the others. I explained to them what I had felt and did feel some residuall effects after returning inside. Almost like it was still around or something had happened to me physically in some way. They explained to the ghost or spirit that it was not welcome to do whatever it was doing, while taking video of me and my general area.
I felt "normal" enough to continue.
    We made our way back into the hot zone, where we spent more time exploring the building, and getting the lowdown on the history of events. I felt tired and the energy level I had upon first entering the building had gone down considerably. I started yawning continuously. A short time later the strange uncomfortable feeling returned to me. I was never frightend or uneasy about being there, but this feeling was getting to be too much. It was a feeling that I had never experienced before in my life. It was very uncomfortable and was now worrying me, that it might increase to a level that I wouldn't be able to handle. I voiced my concern and decided that it was time for me to go. That the feeling had returned and it was not something I wanted to experience anymore.
  We returned to the orientation room where I packed up my equipment and said my goodbye's, thanked them for inviting me and would share any photographic results that I obtained while there.
  I wanted out! ..when I reached the top of the stairs, the feeling subsided and completely dissappeared as I reached the exterior of the building. Whew!.... but strange, as if "it" wouldn't follow me outside, like "it" was connected to the building or the basement somehow. I noted it and said goodbye to my fellow researcher Ryan Layton. And readied myself for the drive home.
  Upon arriving home, I reflected on the experience and what had transpired, I thought to myself, Was I a victim of a spiritual attack? As I knew little of the subject, I put it into the back of my mind till I could speak with someone with more experience in the matter. One thing I did reflect on was, I was glad to be away from that building, and it was definately something I wouldn't forget, or wish on anyone else.
  As I talked with several others on this, I found that I might have been victim to a low level astral entity, feeding on my energy. I don't know if this is what happened, but it does seem to make sense. It might be a possible explaination on what I had experienced there at Dead Haven.
For now, I'll probably keep away from ghost investigations until I learn more about the subject and the possible dangers of phsycic vampires or spirits. It was interesting none the less.

I would like to thank the members of UPER for the invitation to join them in the January 2003 investigation at Dead Haven.  Also for their hospitality, friendship, cooperation, and the concern they had for my saftey during the event that took place.
Dave Rosenfeld - UUFOH   '03'
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There appears to be EVP on the tape that was in the camcorder outside the orientation room and I have ton's of pics to go through. Sunday was quiet and the feeling that had been so strong in the building Friday and Saturday was not there.
  We are excited with the results of last weekends investigation and hope that Saturday's is just as active if not more so. The possibility of a storm coming in Friday or Saturday am should charge the atmosphere.
Spook ya later,    Merry
Hello Dave,
   I hope you are doing well, everything went quiet after you Ryan, and  Tracey left but we stayed till 3:30 and then hit Village Inn to check a report of haunted coffee and pancakes,.......
let me know when you want to do it again.
Spook ya later,  Merry Jane
Hey Merry,
I'm feeling fine thank you.
I have to say that it was an experience I'll never forget. I'm going to go thru the digital photos in the next few days and will do the 35mm ones after the roll is finished. I'll let you know if anything comes out of them.  Thanks, you guys are a bunch of great people and I'm looking forward to working with you again.
Dave Rosenfeld aka Alien Dave
My personal opinion is that something was trying to drain my energy, maybe I was a target for some reason, As I said before this field is somewhat new to me, (Ghost,etc.) so I refer to you for answers for what might have transpired that night. Dave
Alan Meyer 1/11/03
Hi Dave, We should talk about your ghost investigation experience when you get a chance.  ..................................
       You are generally dealing with low level astral entities.........What I was going to tell you though, is that I've done several investigations in that location and have gotten some interesting results, particularly on video.  However, Ryan said you folks spent several hours there.  That's setting yourself up to be drained, too.  I've investigated other sites of commercial  haunted houses and they all attract entities that might be described as "psychic vampires."  They feed on the energies (particularly fear) of the patrons.  You can protect yourself if you know how, but a group of novices, hanging out there for several hours and psyched out by the host, would be a welcome off-season energy source.  BTW, what is the "Paranormal TV" you said was there? Alan
Alan, fill me in on what Ryan and or Merri views are. Dave
Alan Meyer  1/12/03
Hi Dave,  There are both embodied (living) and unembodied psychic vampires.  The fleshy ones are often the best at draining energies.  Just a long verbal "lecture" can be a way of connecting with the listeners energies and draining them.  Chris Peterson with the Utah Ghosthunters Society is organizing an open hunt for Unknown Zone................ Don't judge by what you were subjected to.
Alan,  I have heard of psychic vampires and know a little about how to protect yourself from them. now I don't know if there are two types - spirit or ghost and living individuals. I seen a doc on Satellite about living psychic vampires a while back. Yes that is correct, we did spend several freezing hours there. Brad Staley is working on a pilot called "Paranormal Utah" He and his brother was there with us taking video, I happened to see one particular replay he took showing an orb moving along the floor and straight up towards the camera, stopping, then moving off to the left.
I was impressed with it.       Anyway...... the Ghost/spirit field isn't my bag. I know a little and I was just curious to see what would unfold, I was invited and had some free time, it was my weekend away from the kids, and wanted to meet with Brad again. It was my first official ghost investigation and I think I will leave that subject to the rest of you that have more experience and knowledge of the subject. I do have to say though, the uncomfortable feeling I experienced was like no other. I do not wish to experience it again. I felt targeted by an unseen force. I was never in fear, just very uncomfortable when it occurred, twice. To be honest I never intended to stay as long as I did, But maybe the pics I took will come up with something. my cheap digital showed nothing, but I took quite a few with my Canon EOS 35mm & a few time lapse exposures. I have to use up the roll before I will know if there is anything to be seen.  ..........Dave
part of the spook alley,
back hall way
part of the UPER team, UUFOH & paranormal TV

Time lapse photo outside the Orientation room