The 1997 "Funk" or "Mike" Cropcircle
Updated on: 11/15/2003
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UTAH CROPCIRCLES Deseret News July 24 1998

Mike Logan - 10/27/2003 5:27:48 PM
Logan Cropcircle from 1997
Just thought you might be interested in knowing that the 1997 "Funk" or "Mike" cropcircle you have highlighted in your cropcircle section is man-made. I know the person who made it. Obviously his name is Mike (no, not me), and he told me that he did it shortly after it made headlines in the paper. He used to work for UPS, in fact he was making a delivery to the Carmike Theatres (where I was working that year) the day he told me, but I haven't seen him for a long time so I don't know if he still works for them.


not true..lab results are affirmative...he could not fake the microwave energy spinning plasma like capability to form the formation....Ryan
The Mike he is speaking of is Mike Norton, a major debunker. We emailed each other a few times, and it was obvious to me he was full of sh*t!  I think somebody put him up to the claims. ...............Later,
photos taken from video.CREDIT: Ryan Layton
picture enhanced by UUFOH

The some what religious design is also noted as looking like the word MIKE
The 1997 "FUNK" or "Mike" CROPCIRCLE
E.T. strikes again? Utah Gets another crop circle by Zach Van Eyck
-Deseret News July 12, 1997

Richmond-- You don't see crop circles that often. Unless you live in Cache County. For the second time in 11 months, local residents were stopping by the side of the road and even renting small planes to view an unusual formation of flattend barley.   Three men found the latest crop design in Calvin and Carol Funks field while observing a similar design four miles to the south in Smithsfield.   That design was discovered by farmer Gary Hansen. Several hundred pass-ers-by have stopped to take a look since then.   "Its getting more annoying to me every day" Hansen, 42, said Friday.  To others, its getting more interesting.   The formation found on Funk's Springside Farm is larger and slightly more complex than the Hansen crop circle. And it unusuall in the US at least, for more than one crop circle to appear in the same vicinity in such a short time span.     The first Cache County crop circle was discovered last August in Providence, about nine miles south of the Hansen formaton. "We knew ther'd be more," said Con Olsen, 39, of Wellsville, one of the first to step inside the Funk formation Friday. "I think there's going t be more and more. I feel there's something coming--earthchanges, something."   :Pictures are a universal language, and the're here for usto figure out." Some have suggested crop circles are nothing more than a hoax or prank, and two Brits did confess to making numerous "fake" crop circles in England several years ago. Hansen figured last year's Providence formation was probably just a joke. But hten it happend to him. " Its mind-boggling," he sad as he explored the Funk formation along with his son and daughter Friday afternoon. "Its almost too perfect to be a piece of groung equipment or a human because there aren't any tracks." Hansen was relieved to learn he wasn't the only Cache County farmer with mysterious design woven into his barley. "I feel better now, I was starting to wonder, 'Why are the picking on me?' Its
's a relief in one way, but I'd still like to know what caused it"  Olsen, Tres Dixon and Ryan Layton said there were no trails leading into Funk's field Friday before they entered to examine the circle and a W-shaped tail. "It was kinda neat, I've to tell you, to walk in there for the first time," said Layton, who will collect plant samples from the Funk formation and send them to former University of Michigan professor W.C. Levengood. Levengood and his associates studied samples from last years Providence crop circle and determined it was "authentic," meaning it was not likely created by human pranksters. Levengood's analysis showed the barley within that circle had undergone strucual changes created by some kind of high-heat energy, as has been the case with other crop circles he's studied. Layton, Hansen and others observed Friday that the nodes on the flattened plants inside the Funk formation appeared darker than those on neighboring stalks outside the design. Layton said he spoke with Levengood's assistant,Nancy Talbott, and she said the research team has been inundated with samples from six fresh crop designs in the past few weeks.  "This is going on all over the country," Layton said. Everywhere the Hansens have gone this week, people have made jokes about ET visitors.  Meagan Hansen, a 15 year old sophmore at Skyview High School, said she can't say for sure what created the crop circle-- and $500 worth of crop damage-- in the field just across US91 from her home. But she does know she heard strange noises about 12:30 a.m. Sunday--sounds she now thinks may have had something to do with the crop circle's creation. " It was like two beeps or a buzz," said Meagan, who was in the basement watching TV at the time. "It was like if you put a beep and a hum tone together. It was weird. It wasn't like anything I'd ever heard before."    Janet Funk, who lives a few hundred yards awayfrom the most recently discoverd crop design, wasn't worried about what she might hear. she was more concerned about what she might see-- like dozens of people trmpling her father-in-law's barley. Two newspaper photographers took to the air Friday, and Funk was afraid the curious would show up in droves Saturday. Layton who asked the Funk's permission before entering the field, was afraid his sample collecting would be hampered by human visitors. Todd and Lisa Weakland, of Ogden, spent two days this week taking samples from the Hansen formation and will send them on to Levengood. the Weaklends measured the formations circles at 74 and 31 feet in diameter. Layton had yet to take measurements of the Funk design, but said it could be 300 feet from end to end-- longer than the 258 - foot Pronidence formation. The Cache County Sheriff's Office was not investigating either of the crop circles Friday Deputies briefly looked into the Providence formation last year and determined pranksters, and possibly gophers, were probably to blame.  Neither humans nor rodents were apprehended.



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Hot clue on crop circle: High heat was involved By Zack Van Eyck, Staff Writer Source: Deseret News Archives Date: April 29, 1997
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