25th August 1996 Crop Circle Providence, UT - Report file
Investigators : Todd & Lisa Weaklend
                      Ryan Layton
Circle dimensions : Large circle 58 ft across- Small circle 30.4 ft across
Path widths: 4 ft wide all the way. through and straight
The crops were laid down not broken off, at the ground level. In the paths the plant was laid down to the north, and in the circles the plant was laid clown in a counter clock wise motion. with the stalks parallel to one another. There was aprox. a three week difference in the maturity of the plant in the crop circle from what was out side the circle. In the center of each circle there was a divot in the shape of a bowl. and at the end of the most southern point. They were not holes. The plants in the circle looked to be sickly compared to the out side of the circle. They were discolored with black on the leaves and stalks.
Taken at several different points in the large circle was temperature readings of the ground temp. In the circle it was 86* +or-1* and out side it was 90* +or-1* the sun was in the western sky it was approx.6:30pm and the temps. out side the circle was shielded from the sun some what. The field was last watered in late July, And was in the process of being cut. it was discovered on Friday 23 August 1996. The owner of the field is Seth Alder age 8I of Providence Utah and the field was farmed by his nephew. Mr. Alders nephew said that there was no tracks or trails in to the crop circle. He is not sure how the circle was created. 29 August 1996 the word off the news on KCNR 86OAM is that the police are now looking at the idea of gophers! One theory that I overheard at the crop circle was they entered on stilts. At the time of the watering there was nothing in the field. The closest road is about 100yards. away to the north. 300 yards. to the west. And there is power lines that run along these roads. The closest homes are about 1/4 to 1/2 mile away to the east. And there is a convenient store 400yards. to the north west. And these roads and store see a lot of traffic. The homes are elevated above the field. The crop circle is about 258.4 ft in length. ( see diagram for dimensions) Two people reported seeing four big dark helicopters with no markings on them. On 13 August 1996. They flew over the field from south to north and proceeded to Logan and turned around and flew by again about 350 yards to the south, And headed back out of the valley. One person said that there was a sighting of U.F.O.S that was not able to be confirmed as of yet. The pictures were taken at 6:30 to 9:00 PM on 25.. August 1996 by the time I was on location there had been a lot of people to visit the site. Lisa and Ryan were on site at 8:00am
  The community of Logan and Providence is a very observant and nosey community. So if this had been done by people they would have seen something and there was no evidence left behind by anyone.This pattern looks like a native American design or Petroglyph I have seen this pattern before. I still am searching for the pattern.
        Todd & Lisa Weaklend
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The 1996 GLYPH Cropcircle
Providence, Utah

On Aug. 23, 1996, a circle with an extended design appeared in farmer Seth Alder's field in Providence, about 15 miles south of Smithfield.(courtesy Salt Lake Tribune)
This design is 240 feet long - It was found on Friday - August 23, 1996 by an 81 year old farmer in Logan, Utah on his wheat farm. His name is Seth Alder - while harvesting his wheat crop - his tractor broke down - so he began walking out of the field for help and came across this strange glyph. He contacted the Cache County sheriff's office and an investigation was begun. The local airport in Logan sent a plane over the field and picture/video cameras were used to capture this unusual glyph. After the investigation was completed - it was decided that it was made about a month earlier - when the wheat stocks were still green. One sheriff deputy said that maybe it was the work of gophers. There was no sign of anyone having walked in the field - as no wheat was found to be broken or stepped on - any place around the glyph.
See Photo !
Strange lights seen in the 1996 Utah Cropcircle
Dave Rosenfeld took this photo of lights or orbs at the 96' "GLYPH" Crop formation.
Photo was sent to BLT RESEARCH TEAM for study > see report --- click on photo

According to Nancy Talbot, BLT Research,
This might be the first recorded event of the Cropcircle Light Phenomenon in the US.
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THE 1996 CROPCIRCLE Logan, Utah
Sunday August 25,1996
(CREDIT:Joshua B. Good - Salt Lake Tribune)
LOGAN-- Wheat farmer Seth Alder has spent his whole life worrying about what the rain and bugs do to his crops.  On Friday, he was more concerned about visitors from another planet.
That's because Alder, 81, found a mysterious design carved in his wheat field. And as far as he can tell, it wasn't made by anyone who got into the field on foot. No trail into the crop design was found. The only access was from above.  "Well, you know, the scriptures tell of life on other planets," Alde said.  Still, Alder's not committed to any flying- saucer theory. Seth called the Cache County Sheriff's Office, hoping it could solve the puzzle.
Sgt. Mark Olsen and Deputy Kari Thurgood investigated and drew a diagram of the crop circle in their official reports. The design looks like a long-necked, long tailed turtle on skis.
The investigation revealed the damage happened about a month ago when the wheat stalks were still green. They were flattened, but not cut. The design is not visible from the nearest road, which is about 400 yards away.   One piece of evidence-- a hole in the center of a circle, made it look like someone planted a pole in the field and then, with a rope attached to the pole, mowed down the wheat in a circle. But the deputy and her sergeant couldn't figure out why there weren't any tracks into the cropcircles, located near the intersection of 1200 south and Highway 165. A trail visible from the air Saturday was made by Alder and sheriff's investigators.    "Whoever or whatever did it spent some time on it," Olsen said. "Unless it was a big machine that sat down on it."
On Saturday, some human visitors to Alder's wheat field needed only a few minutes in the the crop circle before they were convinced something made a galactic pit stop in Logan.  "It looks like the spaceship just landed out here," said Judy Cobia, a 53-year old Honeyville resident who drove to Logan to see the cropcircle.    Skeptical observers of the cropcircles in England, where the phenomenon has gotten the most publicity, say they are certainly human-made. In 1991, dozens of cropcircles were discovered all across England, leading many to speculate about alien visitors. Two men later came forward and confessed. They ad used a rope and two boards to flatten the wheat in neat, near perfect circles.
Even if the Logan crop circle is a hoax, some neighbors think it is still manna from heaven.   Don and Dotie Searles, who own Kate's Kitchen across the road from the wheat field, have already come up with a slogan to attract hungry sightseers. "You know what they say? The food at Kate's Kitchen is out of this world," Don Searles laughed after spending Saturday afternoon inspecting the circle. Great Western Aviation, at the Logan_Cache Airport, provided two charter aircraft Saturday to fly photographers and reporters from the Herald Journal in Logan and The Salt Lake Tribune over the wheat field.
The 1996 crop design was still visible a year later.
CREDIT: Ryan Layton
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Hot clue on crop circle: High heat was involved By Zack Van Eyck,  Staff Writer Source: Deseret News Archives Date: April 29, 1997
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