Follow up on witness report 12/13/02:
UUFOH investigators met up with the witness at the location of the sighting on 12/19/02 -

Color of object was two tone, the top was a shiny silver almost liquid in appearance, rippling at times, the bottom was black or tinted,
Other features: three small circular rings just slightly lighter than the tinted color. Transparent, and the witness got the feeling these rings was where the occupants were. (gave description of- separate seats) He felt there was 2-3 'persons' inside the craft.
Noticed: The object did a roll over maneuver, going from the black tinted color (bottom) to the silver color (top)
The silver side was showing most of the time, reflecting light from street lights,etc.
Lights: No lights were observed on the object.
Noticed: The object changed its length various times during the sighting.
Distance from witness: The object hovered within 15 feet of the witness in the road near the Red Butte Health Center for 45 sec to 1 - 1/2 minutes in front of 30 or so witnesses. After slowly moving over the AURP building. (witness showed exact location)
Noticed: He felt a magnetic energy coming from the object,
Communication: The witness stated he tried to communicate with it telepathically. (mentioned that his thoughts might have let him get that close to the object, and he wasn't surprised to see it )Witness also has had many dreams of UFOs and thinks that this sighting was somehow connected.
Other Location: The object also hovered 150 feet over the near-by Firestation and post office, and was filmed by a KSL cameraman.
Witness was contacted via information submitted online report form
Other Organizations: The witness was also contacted by NIDS -

UUFOH Note: Object was witnessed by hundreds for several hours over the east bench area of Salt Lake City until darkness made viewing troublesome. .
Object maneuvered to various altitudes and locations either under its own power or by drifting.
Object is guesstimated to be 40 feet long, 10-15 feet in width
Object is man made
Objects owner, unknown
Object: no ordinary blimp.

Follow up report by UUFOH - Ryan Layton & Dave Rosenfeld

Don Rogers presented a talk at the UUFOH - SLC MUFON meeting Jan17th regarding this event.

UUFOH is very interested in hearing from any other witnesses of this event, & other footage / photos taken.

Hundreds see this 40 foot object on 8/01/2002
UUFOH Investigators looked into this case, met with witnesses and acquired a copy of the footage shown on the Channel 5 News broadcast. Taken by KSL cameraman Jen Pilgreen with a Sony Betacam DNW7 camera in 16X9 format the footage shows it to be a blimp of some sort, with a propeller in the rear and some box-like objects in front.
See Utah 2002 Reports
UPDATED: 3/10/2008
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* Blimp outdooradvertisingauthority.coml
Huge 40 foot craft seen by hundreds near U of U
Filmed by KSL News Cameraman: Jen Pilgreen
Investigated by The Utah UFO Hunters
Photos thanks to Don Rogers
On 8/01/2002 A UFO witnessed by hundreds was a 40 foot man made blimp. UUFOH is re-opening this case to find out who the owner of this craft is,
who built it, and where it is now.
We are interested in hearing from anyone with more information regarding this event. contact

KSL Footage photos
Updates, observations, conclusions

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Drawing- Witness details object - © Copyright 2003-2004 UUFOH
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unfortunately we don't think this craft could maneuver at high speeds, it probably was adrift and powerless at time of the KSL recording.
This bright red propeller would have been quite visible at 15 feet away,
Blimp UFO Header                                                    Object: looking east from around Foothill Blvd
The UFO - BLIMP Object - 8/01/2002
UUFOH Team member Don Rogers has acquired the UFO Blimp footage of the KSL Channel 5 News Broadcast that aired on 8/01/02 & 8/02/02 -Footage taken by KSL cameraman Jen Pilgreen with a Sony Betacam DNW7 camera in 16X9 format
The KSL footage shows the object to be a large blimp-like object approx. 40 feet long, probably constructed of silver mylar, Helium filled, with some sort of electric propulsion, owner / builder 'unknown'  purpose or reason also unknown.
Close examination of this video and photo/frames taken from it, (enhanced) reveal a electric powered, red propeller on the rear of the object (which never moves in video) and 2-3 dark, box-like objects in the front.(propulsion & steering? batteries,) also a rope or string of some sort is visible hanging from the front of the object on parts the KSL video tape.
Making this object - Man made - electric and not a UFO with occupants from elsewhere.
(But may be a test or test flight of some sort that lost power and drifted from Dugway or ??)
  This event was witnesses by hundreds of people in the foothills area near the U of U and caused quite a stir but was never followed up by the news media after the 8/02/  KSL broadcast apparently until 1/08/2004

  No one has stepped forward claiming ownership of the craft, location of craft, purpose or reason behind the creation, nor has anyone been directly tied to this very public event witnessed by so many including police officers, firemen, news media, etc..
Some witnesses claiming they seen the object as close as 15 feet (overhead) and still considered it a UFO , with beings aboard, contacting them, by tearing a hole in space.. Even though at 15 feet the box-like objects near the front would have been clearly visible held on or supported with tape, and a little red propeller with wire stands out back. (photos below) The case report is below and has been re-opened, with revealing photos and info.
credit: Don Rogers & Dave Rosenfeld - UUFOH

Object: head on, slightly right
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Object: side view, an impressive craft
Footage shown on KSL Channel 5
Object: close up, front.
This enhanced photo shows the box like objects apparently 'taped' on the underside of the craft.
These features/ details also would have been clearly visible at close range or with magnification

UPDATES: Other Utah Blimps
mysterious blimp          thanks to Mike Wolfe
Hyperblimp Catches the Watchful Eye   Jan. 9, 2004
Ed Yeates Reporting

A 16 foot blimp that blends into the background and zips around like a hummingbird has caught the eye of residents living in the Sugarhouse area. Even though it's sixteen feet long, the see through skin on the remote controlled helium-filled blimp makes it almost invisible against the sky. Inventor Daniel Geery flew his prototype low to the ground so we could keep an eye on it. But higher up, this whisper quiet hyperblimp, as its called, could keep an eye on everything else. It does what it has to do, then moves on quickly.  Daniel Geery, Inventor: "I've got the next generation in mind already and it should be quite a bit faster than this one."
Surveillance from an onboard mini camera is only one possibility. With more sophisticated electronics, the blimps could scout for the lost in search and rescue operations.  Geery: "There were people lost in the Uintas a few weeks back. Something like this could have probably helped find them a little quicker."
Geery is now working on an array of solar panels for his blimps. No need on a search or surveillance mission to return to earth to recharge batteries.  Geery: "Conceivably, if you had a large array of solar panels to where you had excess electricity, you could store it in fuel cells so it could run overnight."
In his backyard garage, Dan does all of his inventing. And we're not just talking about blimps. He showed us another flying craft. Without batteries or an engine, it zooms underwater in swimming pools as a toy or a tool perhaps to teach kids to swim. A lot of neat stuff is coming out of Geery's backyard and he's just beginning.
Dan Geery would like to build a larger manned hyperblimp within two years, one you could fly from a cockpit attached to the bottom of the blimp.
  CREDIT: KSL, Ed Yeates
UUFOH: Don Rogerts responds: the guy that made the blimp that Channel 5 reported over Sugarhouse and sent him a picture of the "UFO Blimp".  He says it's not his and wanted more information about the "UFO Blimp", so I sent him some of the pictures that I had.  If you want to check out what he's working on, check out his website at:   

Building witness said the          location where witness  blimp hovered over                        came within 15 feet   
of object          
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