UPDATED: 4/21/2004
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Submitted Utah Anomalous Wildlife Report
Large Muscular Cat Spotted
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Dear Dave,
   I had stumbled across your web site today while I was looking for something else on the internet.
You have a real cool web site with lots of info on there. It's a real nice web site. I like it! 
I am not a member of your web site, but I found your email address of where it said Contact Us.   

Well anyway,
I want to report a Unusual Wildlife Sighting I had when I was driving a Semi-Truck in the Year of 1988.
I was working at that time for the PST Trucking Company out of San Francisco, California, which they also had a PST Trucking Division in Salt Lake City of Utah too. 
  But anyway, after my trailer had gotten loaded up it was already getting dark out there. And when I had left there PST Trucking Terminal my destination was for New York City. So I was Traveling East on Highway - 80.  Well anyway, my trailer was very heavy at this time, I had a large load of potatoes. So it was slow going climbing the mountains heading toward Wyoming border line on this HWY-80.
  But anyway when I finally reached the summit of these high mountains. I was already traveling in second gear with my Semi -Truck, so you could say I was creeping along almost at walking pace with this large truck.   It was already dark out there and I had my bright lights on this Semi Truck most of the times. I did not like the idea of hitting any wildlife when I drove these big trucks in those days.
  But anyway, I seen something up ahead of me off to the right side of this Highway sitting there. It looked like a large tan colored cat or I should say mountain lion or puma.  But when I gotten closer I think this big cat decided it better get across this Highway before I get too close. So it ran across my lane in front my truck of this Highway to the concrete divider and was debating to jump over it.   But it changed it's mind because the traffic was heavy on the other side of this Highway heading West toward Salt Lake City, so it ran back to where it was sitting before.   So now I had down shifted to my first gear because I sure did not want to hit this animal. 
  But anyway when I seen this big cat running back to where he or she was sitting before.  This cat was not a mountain lion or puma. Because it looked very different. It was slight bigger then a mountain lion or puma would be. I know what a mountain lion or puma looks like and this was not that kind of cat. 
  This big tan looking cat was very muscular and I mean very muscular more so then a puma or mountain lion would be. You could see all of the muscles bulging out everywhere on its body and face when it
walked and ran.  And this cat had a very short stubby tail.
  To me this cat resembled the large cat family that you would see normally in a museum or history books, as a Saber-Tooth Tiger or Lion.  Except that it did not have any large teeth or fangs coming out from its upper jaw as the Saber-Tooth Tiger or lion would have. 
And this big cat just sat there when I slowly past it by, I was debating if I should pull over to side up ahead of it and see what it will do then. I had a flash light with me, so I figured I could just watch it.  But then I figured I would be better off if I did not stop, I did not want to become this big cats meal so to speak!  So I continued on the road till I had gotten to Wyoming Weigh Station and then just continued on.  But anyway, when I seen this big or large cat I am sure glad I was not hiking out there at the time, like so many people I have seen do along the sides of these Highway's through many of these States.
  I just could not believe what I had witnessed of seeing, this very big and unusual looking big cat.  But then I started to think about it back then, these are wild mountains I was driving through. And this big cat could possibly be a freak of nature or possibly be a modified version of a Saber-Tooth Tiger or Lion in these wild mountains of Utah.  I figured that these cats could roam these mountains very easily without being seen very often by anybody. 
  Then I also was thinking that may be this big cat that looked like a Saber-Tooth Tiger or Lion, may be had walked through some time portal or vortex somewhere's here in Utah or possibly some other State.      Which I for one believe there could be such a thing as a time portal or vortex. But that's only my belief of it.  But anyway, incase you would not believe this true sighting of mine, that will be fine with me. 
  But this is what I actually had seen in the year of 1987. I hope that any body that walks around these mountains or foot hills of Utah will always be cautious when they are out there on foot.   Because I can tell you, I sure would not want to be out there with this very large cat roaming around out there in the mountains of Utah.  I could tolerate being around mountain lion or puma out there even though they are also dangerous. But this big cat gave me the creeps so to speak even though I was sitting in my Semi-Truck.  So I hope that no-body runs into this big cat out there in the State of Utah, when they happen to be on foot so to speak. I do not think they would have much of a chance to escape if this Saber-Tooth
looking kind of Tiger or Lion that would be out there with them.   
  I hope this true sighting of mine will help somebody out there in your State of Utah to be more cautious of there own surroundings they happen to be in.  I know that I would be watching my back if I would walking around in your State of Utah, especially in these Rocky Mountain States.   

Best Regards 
Ed Bak

Reported Via UUFOH email    Posted with written permission from Ed Bak 2004
UUFOH Note: Thank you Ed for sharing this very interesting story with us.
Hello Ed, Thank you for contacting me, your story is very interesting...indeed.  and a first for me, Re: Large unknown Lion/cat.......   I appreciate you spending the time to send your experience to me and UUFOH. ..................... Thanks in advance, hope to hear from you soon, Alien Dave
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Hi  Dave,
I scoured the internet for a photo image of this unusual looking cat that looked similar to the one I had seen on Hwy-80 East of Salt Lake City in Utah.
Unfortunately not much is out there for photo's of it. Except for this one below.
This below photo image is of poor quality, it does not show all of the body detail. But it is roughly similar looking of what it looked like.The unusual muscular cat that I had seen out there had more muscles then this big cat has, in this below image.But then this is a poor quality image.
I just wanted to give you a rough idea of what it almost looked like.
Best Regards

Unusual Muscular Big Cat.
update: 4/13/2004
Hi  Dave,
I also wanted to Thank You for posting my Wildlife Sighting Report on your Web Site.
I had stopped by your web site yesterday evening to read more of your information of what you had about underground tunnels & caverns & etc.....this topic really interests me allot. It's nice to know that this kind of info is all on one web site.....................
I hope when people will read this sighting that I had in your state of Utah 17 years ago. This will make them more cautious of there surroundings especially if they are hiking in alone in the foot hills and these Rocky Mountains of your State.
I will be visiting your web site from now on. On an off just to see if any body else had seen any other big wild cat sightings in your State of Utah, including the other reports of Anomalous Wildlife Sightings that I had read that were also posted on your web site on this web page and also your other interesting you have on your web site pages. That was also very interesting to read or learn.
And You are Welcome to your Thank You for my wildlife sightings report I had sent you a few days ago!
I would prefer to see the people of your Utah State to be safe when they walk around these wild places of Utah. Then to have them be sorry later if they would run into this big cat because they did not know there was one spotted a few years back. And if the people read it on your web site they will be Warned!
I am just sorry I did not know that,  a lot earlier that there was a place for person to report such sightings in your State of Utah as your web site!
Thanks Again for Your Post.
Best Regards
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