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The next day was magical as we cruised the sacred spots surrounding the area. Spots the ancient Indians would give sanctuary to whoever had happened to be traveling in the area; areas where sacred Indian ceremony had been performed for generations of time. And as the day wound down we found ourselves a mile down the road from our trailer at the house of an individual who called himself a master. Some would call him a shaman. But he preferred the term master. He had also been our guide for the day, so when we ended up at his place at the end of the day it was no surprise.
As we sat ourselves around him in an area close to his house, he explained to us about the nature of the site we were sitting at, how there were sacred energies associated with it, and the unique characteristics of it. He talked well into the night and we, as interested and as fascinated spectators, listened to him as he explained the legends of the area. He also talked quite a bit about spacecraft that performed extraordinary feats in the night sky; perhaps hundreds of sightings of them in the skies over the last couple of years.
Soon it came time to leave and as we readied ourselves to head to our lodgings for the night an extraordinary thing happened. Suddenly he stood up, chanting in what he later would describe as a long lost Indian language, and ran up the side of a small hill next to the site we were gathered at. We quietly sat and observed him as he turned to the four directions and continued talking in a deep baritone voice. The beautiful language flowed from his mouth, enveloping the silence of the area. Dave always said he was a bear hiding as a man. Stature wise he can be an intimidating figure at six foot six and three hundred pounds. Yet he is as gentle as a he is large. After seeing him stand on the hill I just about believed he could be a bear.
As he motioned the four directions a gentle breeze would blow in; first from the south, than the north, than the west, and finally the east. Afterwards he silently walked down the hill and sat back down in his chair, tears flowing down his cheeks.
“It is just a special thing to experience when this happens,” he said almost in a whisper. “The spirit flows through me and it feels like such an overwhelming experience. Such a great feeling of love.”
“I understood what you were saying,” exclaimed David. “You were calling in the blessings of the ancient ones and the four directions of the wind.”
“Perhaps.” He stated. “I never know what is being said. But I can get a general feeling. What you say feels right.”
It only took a few moments to return to Carla’s trailer. By now it was around nine pm and as we sat on the deck sipping our coffee and chatting about the days events we watched the sky as it gradually gave way from being overcast and filled with clouds to a crystal clear sky with hundreds of stars. It took only fifteen minutes for the clouds to give way and the stars to appear. A perfect circle of stars poking through the clouds as if someone had taken a cookie cutter and pressed it through the clouds over our heads. Stars so bright and so numerous they filled the sky. I sat mesmerized as I stared at the sky that had suddenly filled with lights. And right in the center, drifting within the circle of lights, was tremendous triangular craft. You could not make out distinct features, but you could see where the stars were hiding behind the vast size of the craft as it floated across the sky.
“I don’t recognize these stars,” said David as we all stared at the ship floating through the air. “I have studied the constellations and there isn’t anything there that I recognize. It doesn’t seem like the same sky.”
By now I was in a trance of sorts. I was totally in awe of what had just happened. I nodded my head in agreement, although I did not know many of the constellations other than the Pleiades galaxy and the big and little dipper.
“Well, I have to go to the outhouse,” said Carla as she rose from her chair. “If I don’t come back send someone after me.”
I heard her laugh as she turned away and made her way down the old wooden steps, listening to them creak as shuffled down them. The sound of cedar needles crunching under her feet as she rounded the corner of the trailer and disappeared into the night. A moment later I heard her voice as she called for Sandy.
“Sandy!” She shouted from somewhere behind the trailer. “Quick! Come Here!”
I paid little attention to either Carla’s shouts or Sandy as she walked across the porch and followed Carla’s voice into the darkness of the night. I was riveted to the night sky and all the stars that had suddenly appeared.
It was only a moment later when both ladies were shouting for David to come back. I paid little attention to David’s absence, only noticing the sway of the porch as he walked down the steps. I couldn’t take my eyes off the sky!
Again, after only a couple of minutes I heard them calling my name. It took three times before I answered their calls and reluctantly left my chair on the porch.
What could they possibly want! I thought to myself, irritated they would dare disturb my skywatch. As I rounded the trailer and approached the group I noticed they were standing next to the outhouse. I was amused at their behavior. I watched as they would extend their arms out in front of them, talking in a low voice.
“Here!” said Carla excitedly as I stepped next to her. “Feel the air right here!”
As I extended my arm I immediately felt a drop of perhaps ten degrees in the air in front of me. Not only that, I immediately started to hear what sounded like bird chirping in the air. Clicks filled the air all around the back yard, echoing through the night and off the back of the trailer. I looked out toward the road and noticed large shadow like creatures running up and down it. Not only were they running up and down the road, but they were also running around the backyard as well! I sat in amazement as I listened and watched the large figures in the backyard. Perhaps eight feet tall and with bodies which resembled large Preying Mantis bugs, eyes of red the size of saucers and they walked on four legs. But yet they still resembled shadow creatures. Their features could not be made out in the night, but you could tell they were there.
“Watch,” exclaimed David as he calmly walked out into the middle of the yard. “I am going to have one of them hide me and as they do I will disappear.”
True to his word he did disappear, only to reappear a moment later.
“I am going to have them do it again,” he said as his torso disappeared, leaving only his legs showing from the knee down.
Again he reappeared a few seconds later.
We all stared in amazement, nudging each other as he disappeared and reappeared.
“You see. They are real,” he said as he walked towards us.
Making our way back to the porch in front of the trailer we were talking casually about what was happening. It seemed like it was almost a non-event. But the ladies wanted to see more, so they made their way out to the front yard and were actually standing in the middle of the yard when Sandy was actually lifted off the ground by some unseen force. Her feet eventually were a good two to three feet off the ground before she was gently set back on the dirt.
I sat watching everything take place and decided I wanted more proof, so I told David I was going to go in the backyard and talk to them. He nodded his head and I went back to the place we were initially all standing. Standing in the darkness of the night I listened to the chirping and clicks, as well as the sound of their feet as they pranced around in the darkness.
“I want to see you,” I exclaimed aloud. “I want you to appear to me in full form. Not shadows as we now see you, but in full form.”
Instantly I felt the presence of one of the large beings standing next to me; his voice telepathically echoing in my head.
“Are you sure you want to see us?” He (I felt as if it were a male energy) asked quizzically.
“Yes!” I responded emphatically.
“Are you sure,” he responded
“Yes! I want to see you!” I responded.
“Nope,” he added in an amusing manner as he scurried off down the road.
I sat stunned for a moment as I felt him leave. This was a strange way to act, I thought to
myself as I returned to the porch in the front of the trailer. Very Strange. As I slowly lowered myself in my chair and grabbed my coffee cup I looked at Sandy and before I could open my mouth to ask her about the situation she responded to my question.
“I know!” She stated aloud. “And I agree!”
We both laughed in unison. Somehow we had been reading each other’s thoughts!

UPDATED: 12/26/2004
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Preying Mantis Encounter
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Utah UFO Group Meets Praying Mantis Beings
by Don Anderson

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Preying Mantis Encounter

It was midsummer and the weather was hot. The state of Utah was busy celebrating one of their biggest celebrations. The Pioneer days parade was going on in downtown Salt Lake City and a hundred thousand people were gathered along the parade route, admiring the floats and marching bands as they passed by. This was Utah’s own unique celebration dedicated to the arrival of the first settlers who arrived in Utah back in the 1840’s.  But this 24th of July, 2002, would be quite different for four individuals camped in the mountains of northeastern Utah. Far away from the fireworks and pageantry they had their own agenda. An agenda far removed from what mainstream America would ever consider.
As they made their way past the large reservoir filled with people water skiing and enjoying their holiday they talked, discussing their wishes for the weekend. The day was overcast as they passed the reservoir and made their way up the scenic canyon byway. Occasional rain showers pelted their car as they entered the high country pass, pouring on them from time to time in the form of sudden onslaughts. Myself,(Don Anderson) Wizard David, (a self proclaimed wizard from New Mexico, who was every bit what he claimed) a friend Sandy, and another friend Carla, (who’s trailer we were spending the weekend in) all chatted and discussed UFO phenomenon and the beings who were associated with them as we admired the country we were driving through.
“ I want a UFO to drop in and say hi,” Sandy remarked. “I am sick and tired of the hide and seek games these guys play. They show up while you’re asleep and you wake up with bruises and then you have missing time, but they never show themselves. I want to see a UFO and I want these guys to walk up to me and say ‘Hi, here we are’. I am sick and tired of this! I want proof! I want to know I am not just inside some mind game!”
“What would you like me to do?” asked the Wizard.
“Well, I want to see something,” Sandy replied. “I want to know there is such a thing and I am not just imagining all this.”
“Well, I could ask the Nordics if they would come,” the Wizard responded. “But that would not be real proof. They look just like you and me and anyone could say ‘yea, right’ to an encounter like that. How about the Preying Mantis? Then you would know it is real. You can’t disclaim the Preying Mantis. But it is always up to them if they show up. All I can do is ask if they will come.”
We all nodded our heads in agreement. This is going to be something special, I thought to myself as we approached the dirt road which led to Carla’s property. This could really be a special trip.
The first night was overcast as we sat on the porch of the trailer. It was a large porch; almost as large as the trailer itself. The old weathered wooden structure creaked and swayed a little bit as you walked up the stairs and across the deck. It was anything but sturdy. Yet it still supported the four of us as we sat in our lawn chairs and gazed over the mountain range sipping our coffee. Old baldy, a weathered and ancient peak loomed before us. It’s granite top protruding in front of us in the night sky; the clouds hanging just above the mountain peaks.
I was deep in thought thinking to myself about an encounter I had had at the age of 14 in the mountains of central Utah. I was now 38, but his encounter was still as fresh as if it had happened yesterday. I had been at a party over the Easter weekend and it was cold. Snow was still on the ground and I was the only sober guy there. It had not been much fun, I admit. Watching all the partiers drinking and carrying on as I kept the fire tended. But I was sober as sober could be. The smell of alcohol made me sick to my stomach that day and it was all I could do to keep what little food I had eaten down. So without a ride down the canyon I was forced to sit around the fire part of the time and look for dry wood to keep it burning the rest of the time. It was ten miles to the canyon entrance and we were the only ones in the canyon that night, so it was impossible to get a ride down considering the condition of the two lone drivers.
To make a long story short, when the sheriffs department pulled up I was the only one who was sober enough to run, so I did. And when they hauled everyone down the canyon to jail I was the only one left. No food, no fire, no matches, nothing was left and it was getting dark. The temperature was also dropping and it would get into the lower forties before the night was over. All I had to wear was a sleeveless down jacket as the Sheriffs had taken everything else. So in the best interest of myself I decided to walk. There was no moon that night and under the cover of the pines it was quite dark as I made my way down the campsite road. The smell of the pines filled the air in the dead silence of the cold night air. I always loved the pine trees. But tonight they did not feel right. Something was off.
Suddenly, off in the distance I could hear the sound of footsteps in the pine needles as they crushed under the feet of whoever was following me. Hearing them first on one side of the road as they seemed to pursue me as I walked, then eventually on the other side of the road. As a fourteen-year-old boy alone by himself in the mountains of central Utah at night I panicked. Images of coyotes or wolves traveled through my head as I broke into a run down the road, the footsteps gradually fading off into the distance before I slowed down and stopped. Realizing I had no place to go and whatever was following me would eventually catch me before I could reach the mouth of the canyon and arrive at the safety of the park superintendents house, I contemplated my situation. The only option was the outhouse just down the road from where I was standing. At this point I had also come to the conclusion I was being chased by a herd of skunks and had visions of them confronting me down the road. (Alien screen memories) So I hid in the outhouse and was taken by a UFO that night. When we had first arrived at the trailer that afternoon I had casually made the comment that if anyone were in trouble don’t hide in the outhouse! Little did I realize the significance that statement would have.

I sat on the porch with the others for about a half hour longer; listening to the sounds of the shadows running up and down the road. Their strange clicks echoing in the night air and the sight of the ship floating in the night sky, blocking out sight of the stars as it slowly drifted across the sky. It must have been after midnight now. For the last couple of hours we had been watching, listening, and talking quietly to each other. But I could take it no longer. I just had to see them. So as everyone else was talking in the front I excused myself and again went out back. I was determined I was going to have them show themselves to me. After all, they had been running around all night long. Why shouldn’t they?
Again I went to the spot where we had first noticed their arrival. I was sure they would show themselves this time. Once there I asked the same question as last time.
“I want to see you!” I exclaimed out loud. “Please show yourself!”
I immediately felt the same presence next to me I had felt before.
“Are you sure you want to see us?” he asked again telepathically.
“Yes. I am ready.” I stated.
“Are you sure?” He asked, just like last time.
“Yes.” I responded calmly.
This time I felt an arm drape across my shoulder. A cool electrical type of energy flowed over my shoulders and slowly crept down my back. The most unbelievable feeling of love came over me as he finally responded.
“No, little one,” he said in a loving manner.
The most sincere and caring response I had ever felt over a no answer filed me with compassion and understanding.
“It is not yet time. There will be a time, but it is not yet.”
I felt the arm removed from my shoulder as the sounds of steps faded off into the distance.
I had no qualms about his answer. I felt complete and total ease and knew that the time would come. In fact, I felt silly asking for this in the first place. All would be well. Somehow I knew this. As I took my seat again on the porch I felt calm and relaxed. Complete joy filled my soul as I listened to the sounds of their activity.
“They are leaving,” David exclaimed sadly. You could tell he was sorry to see them go. Tears filled his eyes and you could tell he was choked up over their departure.
“What’s the matter?” I asked.
“You don’t understand. These are the supreme beings of the universe. It is a big deal for them to show up.”
Gradually the sounds of their presence disappeared and the night sky, the one that had held so many stars, filled in with the overcast presence of clouds and the ordinary sounds of the night filled the air. They were gone.
We all sat on the porch for a few more minutes in silent contemplation. The air was cold. Even in July in the high mountains it can get cold at nights. I watched as Carla pulled the blanket around her a little tighter. Then I returned my gaze into the darkness of the night. No one said anything for another half hour as we all thought about these strange beings that showed up. I looked at the watch on my wrist and saw it was around 1 in the morning, and as if in cue we all looked at each other and said, it’s time for bed.
The ladies slept in the trailer that night. David and I slept on the front porch in our sleeping bags. We all fell to sleep quickly and slept very soundly. At least I slept soundly till around three in the morning. All of a sudden I woke drenched in sweat. I was burning up! My sleeping bag was drenched; my pillow was drenched. I couldn’t get back to sleep! I was roasting! I unzipped my sleeping bag and slept on top of it. Still, the sleeping bag was wet enough from my body sweat I could not sleep. So eventually I climbed into the extra bed in the trailer and opened the window above my head until it was all the way open. I Slept on top of the covers for the rest of the night until the late morning hours. I was just too hot for covers. My body felt like it was on fire.
The next morning as I was talking to David over a cup of coffee he looked at me strange and said; “You guys remember anything after you went to bed?”
I shook my head no.
“Only the fact that my body felt like it was on fire,” I said. “ I was sweating so bad my sleeping bag and pillow were soaked.”
He smiled at me as he spoke.
“You guys sure were busy.”
“What do you mean?” I asked
“All of you woke me up as you walked by me and across the deck. The ladies were gone about a half hour each. When one of them came back, the other left. You were the last. You came back about three in the morning I guess. You all took off and walked up the road.”
I looked at him and smiled back.
“That must be why I had cedar gum all over the bottom of my socks this morning.”
I never slept with my socks on. I still don’t. Why I did then I don’t know. But there it was the next morning; thick, gooey, cedar gum all over the bottom of my socks.
“Yea,” he replied. “Could be.”
“What do you think they were doing?” I asked
“Ahhh, just a little tune up,” he stated nonchalantly as he turned and walked into the trailer.
This remains one of the most spiritual experiences in my life. Probably the most spiritual experience I have ever had. It is one of those experiences you search for you whole life and are amazed when it finally catch’s you.

by Don Anderson


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