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Updated: 8/1/2007
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Encounter with Praying Mantis People
Fruitland, Utah  Aug 1st 2002
Credit: Alien Dave

Story told & updated by the 4 witnesses at the August MUFON-UUFOH Meeting.
Correcting the story posted earlier, which was fear based and incorrect in the details.

  A small group of people had a experience involving a highly inteligent and loving race of beings during a UFO Watch at a known power location now called "Dixieland."
  During their watch they asked a highly "sensitive" person that has the ability to call in or contact aliens to do so, They said "We want to see an Alien". So he explained that if he called down the Nortic type, that it wouldn't be as convincing as maybe a 9 ft bug. A praying Mantis Person. So he called them down and did a "blessing" using the four winds. They noticed a "Hole" open up in the clouds in a perfect circle. Only then could they see the stars. they noticed a ship coming down, a triangular "Cloaked" ship moving down very slowly. And saying that "it blocked out the stars".
  One of them walked around back and felt that the air was different, cooler, and thicker. she called one of the others to experience it, then another, and another, then the last person. They could sense the area of coolness to be circular, and sense that something was there with them.
  A beam of light was witnessed. One of the group had their pony tail pulled and he said "They are here,  but they are cloaked" He explained to them, "I will show you they are cloaked, I will walk in back of them" as he did so he disappeared, but could be heard, then reappearing on the other side of the "coolness" he then said he was being embraced by them, and only part of him disappeared, they could still see his pant legs. One of them walked into the center of the coolness, wanting a more personal experience. And wanting to be touched., which she was. One of the others said "Well there you are and then your not", she was followed by another. They felt a overwhelming sense of oneness, love, safety, and said it was very natural. They each asked them different things, communicating with them telepathically.
  They could hear them talking, "it was like clicking" and could hear them walking about, and breathing. Even sometimes seeing their shadows
  Then as if it were no big deal, they each did their own thing, some of them going back out front, walking around, etc.
  One of them said to the others "Im going to go out back and see if they will show themselves to me" as he did he asked them "Can I see you?" They said "do you really want to see us?" he said "yes", they asked again, "do you really want to see us?" he said "yes", then the said "nope, not yet." in a humorous manner.
  As the night went on they did decloak partially to reveal their large red eyes. About the size of a coffee cup saucer and 8 1/2 feet above the ground.
And each person of the group was touched by the wing or arm of the praying mantis aliens.
Later, They sensed and knew that they were leaving, and watched the clouds close back in and they couldn't see the stars again for the rest of the night.
  After each of them went to sleep later that night, they were witnessed by the Wiz going up the road one at a time, to meet individually with the aliens for a "tune up". None of them remembering doing so at the time. but one of them waking up with cedar sap on the bottom of his socks.
  Also they seen "tracks" of the aliens all over the ground in the spot where the coolness or cloaking took place. looking somewhat like a half of a deer track.
  As the Wiz explained at the meeting these are 9 foot bugs, that breathe through their abdomens,  they have six legs, walk on four with two in the air, very inteligent, they are the highest form of physical beings, and talk to each other in clicks,
There were 9 beings that night.

This article is by / Credit: Dave Rosenfeld aka Alien Dave
and is posted with permission by the witnesses on the UUFOH Website
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Contact caused by psychotronics not ET's
Implants are now smaller than a hair's width and are injected with vaccine and flu shots. Millions have had this done unknowingly. These 'biochips' circulate in the bloodstream and lodge in the brain, enabling the victims to hear 'voices' via the implant. There are many kinds of implants now and 1 in 40 are victims from 'alien abduction' statistics, though 1 in 20 has also been gauged. [World-Action: In 2001, I was figuring a level of abduction far higher than people expect. Later in 2001, I saw a figure of 55% of Americans being abducted at some time during their life. And I believe, this was nearly always done in early childhood.] The fake alien abduction, revealed to be actually done by the US military using technology to make hologram spaceships outside, virtual reality scenarios of going onto a spaceship with humans in costumes, has been astutely perceived. Though real abductions occur, the 'alien abduction' scenario has been useful to stop any further investigation or accountability to the govt. authorities by the poor victims who would face being thought silly.
CREDIT: - Asa M. Ph.D.

Dave, I found the comment connected to the Dixieland Experience interesting.
  I noticed that the author stated that "implants are now smaller than a hairs width and are injected with vaccine and flu shots."  Unfortunately I haven't had any shots since 1984 therefore I don't think that this conclusion has any bearing on my personal experience at Dixieland, in fact I have concluded that the conclusions arrived at by Asa M. Ph.D., do not seem to follow an exact science of investigation.

I would have to say, I agree. I havent had any shots since I was 18. And I am well aware of Implant technology, hell.... alot of it was tested on prisoners at the State Prison (DNA & Mind control see chemtrail page) Also Utah is a top testing ground for most things similar,  but a hologram spaceship? come on, whos not going to see the difference. Seems that Asa M. Ph.D is getting the facts but not all the facts & basing belief or conclusion on incomplete data. (probably from behind a desk)
To easily label Abductions as psychotronic in this case at all is improper,... since all those attending witnessed the event, all would have to be (so called) "Implanted"
Maybe Asa M. Ph.D was just making two examples and not reffering to the Dixieland Event in general... Alien Dave
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