UPDATED: 8/1/2007
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A Utah Couple In Contact With The "Elohim"?

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ELOHIM UPDATE 12/12/2004

Hi Guys, hope all is well.     ....... I just wanted to let you know of a couple new developments relating to our ongoing relationship with the Elohim.   
A few months ago, the Elohim had told Rebecca through telepathy/visions that they would like to install some type of psychic energy-based technology in us that would allow them to show us very detailed graphics and moving images in our heads. Of course I'm sure they would have not done so if we had protested but there's no way we were going to pass up an opportunity like that! So anyway, over the course of last summer (while both of us were temporarily out of work) 2-3 times each week while  we would be asleep at night, we would be awakened by various gentle sounds (that  apparently were only heard inside our heads) and when we would awaken we would see an ET in an ethereal form (most likely an energy body as opposed to physical)  floating above us, smiling and gesturing that it was time to test the latest addition of  the technology. At which time we would close our eyes and we would see inside our  heads (via our third eye I'm guessing) simple geometric shapes in a greenish hue  (very similar to the "vector graphics" from that old "BattleZone" arcade game). I  believe they did this to adjust the technology to our particular bodies as well as instructing us in how to use it.    

Anyway, by the end of the summer I guess it was ready to be used. Basically when  we close our eyes and concentrate, it's like we have a computer screen in our heads.  We can see monochrome video-like images but there are also "Icons" just like on a  Microsoft Windows computer screen. They are dim little green images and if we focus  our internal vision on the icon it will then brighten; at which point
if we stare at it for a few  seconds longer it then "opens up" into a particular program or sequence of cartoon-like,  2D images.

So now that I've explained how all that works I can get to the important part:
  What the Elohim have been showing us in these images.
   (Note: before going into the detail on this I should say that I continually asked our friends  to show/tell us what is going to happen in the next few years and why Rebecca and I are being contacted and given all this information - basically what is our job /mission or whatever.  Also please remember that all these images are open to further interpretation until all info has been received.)   

1. The first simple video graphic I saw showed an old-time soldier in armor and carrying an old broad sword walking along the ground. At which point a classical Dragon-looking creature  came flying over to the soldier and began attacking him while the soldier swung his sword to  defend himself against the dragon. It was a VERY simple graphic and didn't show much detail  but while it was happening, the thought was put into my head that "we are here to battle the Great Dragon". I think by "we" they mean the Elohim, but all of us on this planet are going to be  involved in some way. At this point you might want to bone up on your knowledge of the book  of Revelation.   

2. Another night, the graphic I saw was a normal modern-looking human standing on the ground  when all of the sudden one of those dragon-looking creatures with the long necks came flying  over and just completely devoured the ENTIRE human in one quick swallowing motion. The  thought that came to my mind during this episode was that the Great Dragon and his "Angels"  (followers) are here to devour/conquer our souls. And don't think of this "devouring of souls" in  the classical Christian sense of Satan trying to take our souls back with him to Hell (the Elohim  have told us already there is no "Hell"). Think of it more as the "Dark" forces trying to get people to  follow them and their beliefs. I'm also pretty sure this has nothing to do with humans being food. :-)   

3. Another graphic shown to us (this time given to Rebecca) was yet another long-necked  dragon but this time the dragon was being held or forced back by a book floating in the air that was pressing against the dragon's neck. Rebecca say's she cannot say for sure whether the book was  a bible, an encyclopedia, or just some generic book. But this book was definitely keeping the  dragon from being able to do it's dirty work. I guessed that this might mean that humans need to  use knowledge to fight against the Great Dragon. Of course, who knows it may have been the  bible; but all we know for sure is that there is a way to fight back against these negative beings.  

  4. The most recent information I was given came after a very frustrating day for me (John) and I was a  bit angry at only being given info in bits and pieces so I began screaming very loud about my frustration  and about wanting to know more about why my wife and I are involved in this (contrary to what some  people might believe, this situation has not brought only positive aspects to our lives - our families  and friends for the most part don't believe us and we've become disowned by some; financially we've  struggled ever since we first made contact; and last but not least - having fore-knowledge of the  impending very-negative future events for mankind, Earth, and all her beautiful flora and fauna can lead  to some pretty severe bouts of depression if you happen to be overly sensitive). But anyway I asked  for more info and they responded in kind. The first graphic I was shown was 2 human males walking  along the ground in opposite directions toward each other; after they passed by 10 feet or so, one of   them turned around and pointed at the other's back as he continued to walk away. Well next thing  you know a mob of people were chasing after the person who had been pointed at and accosted him.  The next scene was of this person being held in front of what appeared to be a king or some very  important leader and his cronies. Well in this scene it appeared that the prisoner was quickly convicted  and then led away in chains. The next scene appeared to show what looked like a line of prisoners,  large wild animals on carts, and (believe it or not) what appeared to be dinosaurs (like t-rex, etc.)  being led into a large coliseum. The thoughts that entered my mind at this point were similar to the idea  of Romans throwing Christians to the lions, etc. but in this case it seemed to be humans that had not  pledged allegiance to the Great Dragon or whatever puppet he may have installed as leader (antichrist?).  After this, a strange thing occurred and all the sudden the simplistic 2D graphics morphed into a full-color 3D environment in which there were clearly U.S. soldiers fighting a battle against some enemy of un- known origin. Eventually it actually appeared that I was on the battlefield; although I can't say this for  sure. At that point I think it got a bit too intense for me so I bailed out. But I don't really have a very  good idea about what the war scenario was all about.  

  So at this point I think it's been confirmed and re-confirmed for us that the era spoken of in the Book  of Revelation is right around the corner if not already right upon us. The main difference (IMHO) is that this  is not really a battle of God vs. Satan for control of our souls but a battle of very advanced ETs who have  been around way longer than any human and have been battling back and forth for control of our physical  bodies (DNA and bodies A.K.A. "Spiritual Containers" being the most precious resources in the Universe).  There are no just good or evil beings in the Universe - that's too simplistic. It's more like North/South (mag-  netism), +/- (electricity), love/hate (emotions), etc. and everybody has a role to play to maintain the balance.  The main difference between the two advanced parties in this Earthly
scenario is that one follows the divine hierarchy of light and love created by the being we consider to be God (the Elohim) and the other group follows the concepts of darkness and exploitation (the Great Dragon). Unfortunately one thing that really confuses the issue is that there are many other ETs,
inter-dimensional beings, spirits, etc, who are hanging  around Earth with their own complex agendas either because they live here or they're interested in what's going  on and may have something to gain (even if it's just a look back in the past to see what things may have  been like on their planet during a similar era).
    WARNING - Speculation head:  But anyway we'll send more info as it is given to us and I'll leave
you with one more bit of food for thought.  Well, our friends have already told us that the implants that the Greys have been placing in abducted humans without their will are medical/historical records (and
possibly have other uses as well). And many  of us have heard that the Greys may be working in concert with other groups of beings that don't have our best interests at heart. And these beings are usually mentioned as having a reptilian heritage (Dragons?). 
Now you may recall the so-called "Mark of the Beast" which is to be placed in the foreheads and hands of  humans as the prophecies in Revelation unfold. Well were have the great majority of those implants from the Greys been placed in humans? Up the nose, through the sinus cavity, and into the forehead. And  please correct me if I'm wrong, but haven't many of these things been extracted from people's hands, feet, and wrists?     Just a thought...   
Thanks for listening and you may redistribute this note as you see fit. 
  See ya soon,  John & Bex Gratton