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Lets start with the story as described by the witness.

l Original Contact: (Names withheld upon request)

My name is (anonymous ). My wife and I attended the UFO group meeting at the Hunter library last Saturday but I didn't get a chance to speak with you. I found your email address on the AlienDave website so I hope you don't mind that I'm emailing you.
   I'm not sure if you, or perhaps some other people that you are associated with, pursue any investigations of your own but I thought I'd give you a brief rundown of our situation to see if you know anyone that we could contact that might be able to help us.
  One morning last summer, my wife and I woke up to find that the images of a few people were on our bedroom TV even though it wasn't turned on at the time. It turned out that these people (some human and some not-so-human) wanted to meet with us. So over the course of the next several hours we (kind of) met with them. I say "kind of" because a lot of our discussions consisted of various beings appearing on our TV in different forms while some of our contact was seemingly in person. Anyway, many different things happened during that time, such as: HUGE amounts of information being downloaded onto the surfaces of all the walls and objects of our apartment, many people appearing to be in our apartment even though we could only see them when we looked at the images reflected off of glass surfaces, and the image of my wife's recently deceased grandmother also appearing on our TV and mouthing the words "I love you" to us.
  Anyway, to make a very long story very short, we have been in contact with these people (an organization which is known as the "Elohim") ever since and they provide us with various sorts of information and seem to be guiding us toward a certain task. However what may make our case a bit different than most is that I think we can prove that we are in constant contact with these beings. Aside from various videotape, stills, diary notes, etc. that we have used to document our experiences, we also have some sort of strange electromagnetic (or some other force) field that follows us wherever we go. I'm not completely sure of the intended purpose of this field but it does show some VERY strange optical effects that I can show to anybody wishing to see them. I happen to have a degree in electrical engineering so I know the basic properties of EM energy and I know for a fact that this field causes physical effects that would boggle the mind of any physical scientist.
   So that's the basic story with all the detail left out. The reason that we are trying to come forward now is that much of the information that our new friends are giving us is prophetical and I believe that many of these things are getting ready to happen very soon (much of the recent information has to do with the Pope and his successors). I'm pretty sure that our friends want us to use this information to validate our story with certain people.
    Anyway, I will send a follow-up email after this one containing an attachment of some zip files that have some of the pictures that our friends have created for us - including a couple of the actual images of one or more of the alien beings as they appeared on our TV. So if after reviewing our material you (or anyone else) are interested in seeing/hearing more then please let us know. Our contact info is listed below. Thanks for your time.       (anonymous--- )

UUFOH Reply:
Yes we do perform investigations often. I am very interested in what you are experiencing. I would like to see if your phenomenon is reproducible and recordable. anyway sorry for the delay in responding. I will talk with a few people in our group that also might be interested and we will set something up........... Alien Dave
PHOTOS: Below are two of the numerous images sent to UUFOH for examination. Enhanced by UUFOH to show detail:
     © Copyright 2004 UUFOH  

The Elohim - God Inc.

Elohim is the common name for God. It is a plural form
The name given to these non-Earth humans by the ancient Hebrews is the name Elohim, which means "those who came from the sky."

A Utah Couple In Contact With The "Elohim"?
How does this relate to UFOs? read on...
UUFOH was contacted by a couple in Midvale, Utah who will remain anomalous, who told us an incredible complex story, filled with spiritual, high tech, ancient 'ET's' showing themselves in the reflections of a dusty TV and said to be training them for some unknown event. Announcing themselves as an organization known as the "Elohim"
The couple decided to try and record some of their visitors, & did so, on video and film. They sent us the video and photos for examination, after viewing the interesting photos and video we decided to look into the case further, perform an investigation with multiple recording and measuring devices and see if our equipment would produce similar results. We also invited UGHS for their professional experience with EVP and spirit investigations and for a outside opinion.
During our investigation - no strange or paranormal activity was physically witnessed. Some electromagnetic fields were noticed early on, but not reproducible.
The video, audio & photos taken were studied and examined, as well as possible EVP & other data collected by UUFOH & UGHS.  After careful examination, a few of the photos taken by the UUFOH team indeed show 'something' interesting and possibly never before recorded. Although most of the couples claims were not reproducible during our visit, a few interesting photos are considered 'phenomenon unknown' or 'original'  in a sense that we have never seen anything quite like it before, or since.

This report is posted as is, and is considered to be incomplete,
although updated since first post,  the investigation is considered 'ongoing'
PHOTO: Submitted by the couple- UUFOH enhanced to show details of what look to be several faces, overlapping on different layers. Look closely, do you see?

"We are they"
  Copyright 2004 UUFOH
THE INVESTIGATORS:                                                                       

The Utah UFO Hunters  www.aliendave.com
+ Dave Rosenfeld - UUFOH Director / Investigator/ Researcher
         Equipment used: Canon EOS Elan ll 35mm SRL camera, 28-80mm lens, 800sp Kodak film, Tripod, high intensity blacklight.
         Results:  PHOTO- Several photos of unknown or interesting anomalies, in some ways similar to the examined witness photos (analog)

+ Pete Day -UUFOH Investigator/ Researcher 
         Equipment used:  Digital camera
         Results:  PHOTO-Numerous photos of orbs through out the apartment, 2 Photos of  "eye orbs" (digital)

+ Brian Whitesides -UUFOH Investigator/ Researcher  
        Equipment used:  Sony Digital 8 700x video camera with Nightshot and Super NightShot,  MiniTemp Laser Thermometer,
     Cell Sensor EMF Detector,  Polaroid instamatic with sonar, and standard 35mm camera.
         Results:  EMF-Some magnetic anomalies noted early, but not reproducible. VIDEO- Nothing  unusual captured on video taken (digital)
     Audio  from video examined as well
The Utah Ghost Hunters Society  www.ghostwave.com
+ Chris & Nancy Peterson - Ghost Investigators/ Researchers / EVP specialists
         Equipment used: Audio Tape Recorder - EVP
         Results:  No Results or EVP obtained

How does this relate to UFOs? read on...
Human Origins: The Elohim http://www.salemctr.com/newage/center31.html
The name given to these non-Earth humans by the ancient Hebrews is the name Elohim, which means "those who came from the sky."
  Throughout history, the Elohim have come to Earth. They came to Earth at different times, to different cultures, and they heavily influenced these cultures throughout history. They were thought to be the Gods and spirits and so forth of the many existing religions which exist today. The Elohim heavily influenced these religions along a moral structure to help the people of this Earth survive successfully and viably. Therefore, when this didn't work, it became political influence to help establish order. Still, to this day, the Elohim are involved in Earthly matters............As Earth humans evolved and came to be aware of a spiritual reality, the Elohim stepped in and said, "We are they," so that they could guide humans.
The Catholic Encyclopedia- http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/05393a.htm
Elohim is the common name for God. It is a plural form, but "The usage of the language gives no support to the supposition that we have in the plural form Elohim,
The name Elohim is found 2570 times; in the Old Testament, If we have recourse to the use of the word Elohim in the study of its meaning, we find that in its proper sense it denotes either the true God or false gods, and metaphorically it is applied to judges, angels, and kings;
Even though the Bible is full of references to Extraterrestrials, the popular notion that Elijah was taken up in a UFO is false. Significantly, the account of Elijah testing the prophets of Baal delineates the separation between the false gods, the many manifestations of the fallen angels on Earth, and the True God ELOHIM.
Elijah gathered the priests of the "baals" with the people of Israel, and proposed a challenge, a contest between God and gods:
1 Kings 18:24 And you shall call on the name of your god; and I will call on the name of Jehovah; and it shall be, the god who answers by fire, he is the God. 18:38 And fire fell from Jehovah and burned up the burnt offering, and the wood, and the stones, and the dust, and the water that was in the trench was licked up by it. And all the people saw, and fell on their faces, and said  "Yehovah, He is THE ELOHIM!  Yehovah, He is THE ELOHIM!"
Deut. 6:4 Hear O Israel, the Lord your God, the Lord is one.
Literally translated, Duet 6:4 declares, "Shema Israel, Yehovah Elohim, Yehovah echad!"  I AM Gods, I AM unified.
Clearly, the definition of the name "Elohim" signifies the one God who is the Father and the Son and the Spirit.
Psalm 110:1. The LORD [Jehovah] said unto my Lord [Adona], Sit thou at my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool.
A plurality of divine Persons within the one God is exactly what we find in this verse. It has been universally recognized for centuries by both Jews and Christians as a Messianic psalm. Matthew 22:41-46 shows that Jews in Jesus day understood the "Lord" (Adona) in Psalm 110:1 to refer to the Messiah. Read Acts 2:32-36 and Hebrews 1:13 and you will see that the New Testament clearly presents Psalm 110:1 as an invitation by God the Father ("LORD"/Jehovah) to His Son, Jesus Christ ("Lord"/Adona) to sit at His right hand.
Two observations are in order:
  Notice that Jehovah is speaking to Adona (a singular form of Adonai). As was mentioned earlier, when the word 'Lord' is used for God it is usually written in the plural form (Adonai), which is in harmony with the historic Christian doctrine of God's Tri-une nature (Trinity). In this verse Jehovah is speaking to a specific Person within the Trinity, so he uses the singular word for Lord. God is in fact speaking to God, or to state it from the perspective of the Apostle Peter's sermon in Acts 2:32-36, the Father is speaking to His pre-incarnate Son, Jesus Christ.
  However, this points up a major contradiction between Mormon doctrine and the Bible, for according to the LDS Church, Jehovah is Jesus. In the words of President Spencer W. Kimball, "There are three Gods: the Eternal Father, Elohim, to whom we pray; Christ or Jehovah, and the Holy Ghost." 8 Thus, in the popular brochure, "What Mormons Think of Christ," the late Mormon apostle Bruce R. McConkie offered this translation of Psalm 110:1: "The Lord (Elohim, the Father) said unto my Lord (Jehovah, the Son), sit at my right hand."9 As we have seen, the KJV system for designating the divine names does not allow for this translation; it is completely impossible. The text clearly states that it is Jehovah (LORD), not Elohim, who is inviting the Messiah to sit at His right hand. In order to support the Mormon doctrine of God, Elder McConkie was forced to manipulate the clear text of Scripture.
8 Faith Precedes the Miracle, p. 85 - 9 See also, Elder McConkie's The Mortal Messiah, 4 vols. (Salt Lake City: Deseret, 1980), 3:386.
Jesus Christ explained to his apostles what events would immediately precede his second coming, "It shall be exactly as in the days before Noah entered the ark". Matt 24:38 , Luke 17:27.
What is the significance of this statement and how does it relate to UFOs? The Flood epic Gen. 6 begins with a strange account of the "sons of God" (b'nai Elohim), taking wives from among the daughters of Adam.
...The mating of human beings with angels resulted in hybrid creatures, evil spirits with human bodies. The human \ angel hybrids began to corrupt and destroy the human race, resulting in the Deluge, "the end of all flesh" except Noah and his family.
Satan's time is short...
The Bible warns that advanced beings, the b'nai Elohim or SONS OF GOD, not "gods", will continue to deceive mankind. Although the Bible itself does indeed say that the Sons of God genetically manipulate humans,
...they are not THE creators of the human race but merely beings who pervert God's creation. We are warned not to believe b'nai Elohim, for they have an agenda..
...to mislead the world. Extraterrestrials may admit they are angelic, but they give themselves away as the rebel angels.
Elohim's Crop Circles

Re: Pics Elohim enhancements
By the way, I don't mind if you share the photo's with Chris and Nancy for their professional opinions either. As far as I am concerned, these photo's are part of UUFOH's ownership for you to do with as you feel is appropriate. By the way, have you formed an opinion one way or the other as to their experiences ?
Pete Day  +

PS: I find it interesting that Dr. Boylan lists "orbs" as part of the Star Visitor groups..... See pic's in his yahoo pic groups for details.... Pete
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/UFOFacts  and to Dr Rich Boylan Reports Photos section of its webpage,
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DrRichBoylanReports .

Re: Elohim photo analysis #1 - #2
Hey, Dave.  Sorry, I haven't had much of an opportunity to get back with you on this one.  I have been down with the flu for the last week.  Just from viewing my tape that I got with the Sony Digital 8 camcorder, I haven't found anything at all that would be labeled suspicious or worthy of further investigation.  I will go through it again and see if I may have missed something, but neither the regular view or nightshot views produced anything.  I will give it one more go over and then shoot you a couple of frames of what I have.
  My opinion of this one is that if something is happening there, it sure didn't present itself very well on the night we were there.  We go a few anomalous readings when we first got there, but could not substantiate those later on.  With it being an apartment building, and units on both sides and below, it could have been anything that triggered the EMF detector when we first got there.  I haven't had a chance to develop the 35mm pics that I took, but will let you know when I have them back, and will get them put on a picture disk so as to email you the individual shots.
Thanks, Brian Whitesides  +

>Response from Chris
Re: Elohim photo analysis #1 - #2
You know, I would be much more impressed by the case if they would clean the dust off the TV and still get these images.
As it stands, I see this sort of stuff in clouds, and etc.
  Chris Peterson +

Re: Elohim photo analysis #1 - #2
I did some enhancements that are added. (Photo left) It does have overall balance and symmetry to the features and details / proportions of a real face, especially the eyes, that show pupils? & top of head, bottom of face is not detailed, no mouth is apparent but you can make out ears. In my opinion I don't think its human.  But does this photo back their claim?  I'm unsure, but it is very interesting, that this photo shows a hairless head with un human eyes just like the ones the witnesses sent me to examine. Might it be the same apparition / being / figure? or another of the Elohim.
  Dave Rosenfeld  +

Eerie reflections in TV screen caught on videotape. Is this picture showing one of the Elohim?
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  Copyright 2004 UUFOH
dusty tech used to communicate with
god inc.?
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  Copyright 2004 UUFOH
Orb photo enhancements
I have put together these two photo analysis results.  Its interesting that this 'eye' anomaly is captured on two 'separate' photos, both close to the "Elohim TV".     I have never seen "eye orbs" before!  its kinda creepy.....' 
also the bright orb in photo 2, looks 3 dimensional with form and looks like its glowing plasma. (my opinion)  Dave Rosenfeld

< Photo # 1: First Eye Orb
                               by Pete Day (Digital)

Digital photos taken by Pete Day show some very interesting 'orbs',
two of the photos taken show what looks very much like an detailed EYE inside the orb.  This photo's 'orb' was noticed during our investigation on the camera's digital screen, but only after closer examination was the eye detail noticed and accepted.

Pete Day
Dave. I got home last night and started to look through the pic's. Actually there are quite a few with orbs. The one on the t.v. with the eye in it is quite unusual too. I'll let you know which one it is as I send these because you'll have to blow up that area to see it. Let me know what you think of the pics when you get the opportunity to go through them.

  Dave, this has several orbs, some outside the t.v. and definitely one inside the t.v. This is the one with the eye or face in the orb when you look at it.....

Dave, this was taken when he was using the flash light on the ground. I see orbs on the ground (photo not posted)

  Copyright 2004 UUFOH
  Copyright 2004 UUFOH
  Copyright 2004 UUFOH
  Copyright 2004 UUFOH
  Copyright 2004 UUFOH
Above: This image 'grab' taken from video supplied by the couple clearly shows a head with detailed facial features.
also if you look very closely, you can see an arm /elbow (just to right) which looks like this 'being' might be trying to reach through the TV.
video: at one point  it shows more eye detail (pupil) and movement definitely a 3D form
Top: original  Bottom two: enhancements
Above: This image 'grab' taken from video supplied by the couple shows two faces overlapping.
Look closely, you can see one face (behind) with head, shoulders, browline, close set eyes, nose, etc.
The other face (front) is fatter and has strange large downward shaped eyes. The top right of this face is missing but Eyes, nose, mouth, chin, etc. features can be seen.
Note: the overlapping or blending of the two, where parts of one face is also part of the other.
Top: original  Bottom two: enhancements
< Photo # 2: Second Eye Orb 
                               by Pete Day (Digital)

Three orbs in photo...  Second eye orb noticed in upper left hand corner of TV screen,
bright orb lower left,
third orb upper right.

  Copyright 2004 UUFOH
  Copyright 2004 UUFOH
  Copyright 2004 UUFOH
  Copyright 2004 UUFOH
  Copyright 2004 UUFOH
  Copyright 2004 UUFOH
Eye Orbs
caught in digital photos taken by UUFOH
A new Phenomenon?
PHOTO: (below) one photo from the 'Elohim' case that is interesting, & somewhat creepy , does show something like what the witnesses were claiming..... It looks like a face, but a face that's not so human!
PHOTO: (above) this photo taken by Dave Rosenfeld (35mm) from the 'Elohim' case is interesting, a face is visible, a reflection or? Notice: the overall symmetry, and also the eyes notable pupils, a hint of little pointy ears, nose, head outline, etc. Also notice 'my' reflection is not visible.
The top of the head (top left) continues on through the dark reflection or dust
Top right - original.  Top left: zoom and contrast enhanced. Bottom right: two more enhancements (close ups)
head continues in back of --->
<----------- pupils
PHOTO: (above) this photo of the bedroom TV shows an interesting light anomaly, (unlikely camera movement)
by Dave Rosenfeld (35mm)
PHOTO: (above) this photo shows the witness shining a flashlight on the floor in circles, performing a light demonstration, or optical illusion, which is explainable (due to a natural eye optic phenomenon) {credit: Chris} and that he (witness) thought might be related. However, an blue anomaly shows itself  in the upper right.
by Dave Rosenfeld (35mm)
PHOTO: two tiny pieces of metal presented by the couple.(no analysis performed)
by Dave Rosenfeld
Eye Orbs

UUFOH has never heard of, never witnessed or known of "Eye Orbs" before this investigation, to our knowledge these photographs are the only photos of "Eye Orbs" ever recorded or reported. So far, inquiries and research has turned up nothing. To date, we have found no references to this particular kind of orb phenomenon, nor have we experienced anything quite like this since. 
Could this be a new kind of orb phenomenon?   You be the judge.
PHOTO: reflection of the skeleton doll, in same position they showed to us while communicating with 'Them"
(bedroom TV)  by Dave Rosenfeld
Thanks again for bringing everyone over last Sunday to talk with  ------------- and me. I was hoping that maybe our "friends" were going to show up when everyone was there but alas they did not. We really don't have a whole lot of control over when they decide to come around.  But anyway, I have managed to put together some short video clips that are less than 70Meg so I'll try to make it to the next meeting and give you a disk then. Also, I saw the image of ours that you put on the web site and it looks pretty good. Every time I look at it I see new things..............   (anonymous--- )

12/29/03  UUFOH UPDATE
We are still going over our data and photos, etc.collected from our investigation. there are a few photos that show interesting things.
Two photos that Pete took with his digital camera show what looks to be 'orbs' with a realistic & detailed 'eye' inside them.
One of my photos taken with my Canon 35mm of the TV shows what looks like a head/ face with similar features of the face in one of your photos you sent for examination. ( I did some enhancements that are added. it does have overall balance to the features and details / proportions of a real face especially the eyes, that show pupils? & top of head, bottom of face is not detailed, no mouth is apparent but in my opinion It don't look human. ) Interesting......... I'll attach the 'Eye orbs' in another mailing.
Please check them out for yourself and give me your comments or opinions.
NOTE: I will honor your request and keep your names off of our report/ article.
Did you try any of the suggestions we gave? has there been any continued activity or photographic evidence since we visited you?
Thanks you two, it takes courage to come forward with something like this. I personally think 'something' is going on, but never seen or heard anything like it before. Keep me updated!
Alien Dave
5/12/04 Subject: Elohim Report posted
The Elohim Report is now up, I have had a hard time with this one, and it /I came to a stand still not knowing what else to do with it but post it as is. If you have anything to add to it please let me know, otherwise I'll just add any responses to it. or any information that comes from posting it.    http://www.aliendave.com/Article_Elohim120703.html
Check it out and let me know what you think.                      EYE ORBS!
Alien Dave

Responses - feedback

5/12/2004   Subject: Re: Elohim Report posted
Dave, I think you put together an excellent report. I agree that this was a difficult matter to discern and an interesting topic none the less.
  I wonder what ever became of those people ?
5/12/2004   Subject: Re: Elohim Report posted
I agree also.  I think this is a tough one in that we were not really able to recreate any of the reported occurrences.  It is very hard to discern what we are seeing when there is 1/2 inch of dust and film on the TV screens, although they reported that is the way the Elohim want it.  We just don't know what is evidence and what is a play of light and shadow.  We should contact them to see if there have been more events and see if we can maybe get them to contact us when an event is occurring instead of trying to get evidence by happenstance.  I have been over and over my footage and have nothing.  I am going to go over it again with just audio and see if there happens to be some EVP that I didn't pick up on.  In the meantime, let's see if they have had any other events happen, and give them a way to contact us immediately if one occurs.  They can contact me on my cell phone, and providing I am not in the middle of an eyebrow waxing, I can be there in a matter of minutes. 
5/12/2004   Subject: Re: Elohim Report posted
Sorry to say that we got no EVP at all.
I think they're choice of the name "Elohim" is odd [and rather unfortunate] Elohim is the Hebrew name for God.
For example:
The Elohim   and
Use of pagan names, Elohim v. God, Lord, Baal G-d el elah eloah   And again,
Who Are the Sons of Elohim?
If these "Elohim" are related to UFO's then these people are in deep trouble.
Ezekiel Wheels, UFOs, Elohim, Seraphim, Alien Hybrids and Nephilim
I don't mean to sound preachy, and I certainly don't presume to tell you your business. It's just the name "Elohim" that concerns me. It leaves me to think that perhaps there is a demonic presence in their home that is masquerading as something divine, or something alien. Perhaps they don't need a ghost hunter in their home, maybe they need a priest.
Check out the links I sent you and tell me what you think.
> response
Chris, thanks for the feedback, and links....I have to agree with you on the name Elohim in that it is disturbing and that's one reason I had a hard time putting this report together. I just didn't know what else to do with it. and from some of the photos it does seem to be something other than what I would consider friendly.   Its my understanding Elohim means god 'plural' ...more than one. but seems there are many interpretations, once again making it hard to release this report.
I'm getting alot of feedback on this one. And I do appreciate  any and all theories, opinions, info and criticism. I'm staying neutral on this one.
Maybe, from the amount of feedback, it would be interesting to start a discussion on the yahoo group >  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/utahufohunters  or chat room > www.aliendave.com/Chat_room.html
Thanks again,
Alien  Dave
5/12/2004   Subject: Re: Elohim Report posted
Hi Dave,
That's an interesting report, but sounds fairly close to the same process as seeing faces in clouds.  Is that eye orb a reflection on the tv or was it photographed in the air or another place?
Alan Meyer
> response:
Alan, The eye orbs photographed are I assume, near the TV, in front of the TV, or? But showed up in two photos. and are slightly different.
I don't think they are reflections. hell my reflection didn't  turn up in some of the photos I took. The Eye orbs photos were taken by Pete Day.
Have you seen anything like that before?
Alien Dave
> response:
I've seen face-like forms in orbs and some with a somewhat eye-like appearance, but not as much as that one does.  Most of them have a cell-like look.      Very interesting!
5/12/2004   Subject: Kabbalah Elohim
Dave,  Very interesting about Elohim and the eye orbs...I've been studying Kabbalah now for almost 1 year.  Here is the Kabbalah's interpretation of 'Elohim' ...
  Elohim means Gods and Goddesses; they are Ancient Initiates who were in contact with the creators of other planetary bodies.
  The Cosmocreators not only govern a planet, but have influence in the whole solar system.
  This is Monistic Polytheism, it is Polytheism within Monotheism. But all the Elohim, Gods and Goddesses, come from one source,
the Ain Soph.   http://www.gnostickabbalah.com/Kabbalah/kab%2001atz2.html
I've never seen an eye orb or heard of them before.  I did see an eye floating in space in front of me once a long time ago.  This is interesting to say the least.  Have you ever taken any pictures of your tv screen?
5/12/2004   Subject: Check Out WarzoneWinner Products
WarzoneWinner Products  Hi Dave ,
  The stuff you have on about the ELOHEIM is very interesting.I am sending you this site,because a lot of stuff you have written at the end of the report was discussed by this man on Coast to Coast the other night.I found a lot of what he has interpreted from the bible was interesting about aliens,angels and the third of the host of heaven.Anyway if you can listen to it you might find it interesting. I would like to be kept in touch with what you find out in your investigation of the ELOHEIM
   thanks.... I, R,
  Copyright 2004 UUFOH
UUFOH Communication
I have been looking into a case where a couple says they have direct dialog with the Elohim, to back up their claims they have video and photos of beings interacting with them through reflective surfaces, strange electromagnetic fields that follow them around, optical effects, etc. After viewing some of the photos and video clips they sent me, I am,.. well interested and creep 'd out a bit. (if I get similar results using my equipment then its way past creepy!)  I am noticing details that would, at least for most, seem to point towards 'Ghosts' rather than aliens. anyway, I want to test the validity of their claims and see if it may be recordable and/or reproducible. I would like to set up a 'meeting' with them very soon with several members of UUFOH and etc. included.  I'm wondering if you may be interested and if you may be able to help me find someone with a EMF meter to use during the investigation. Ghost hunters tend to have these and wondering if you can help. This case demands a lot of equipment, techniques, and specialties. I believe this one might possibly get results on several levels. let me know if you can help with this and if your interested in this case.
  Alien Dave
Yes, Chris and Nancy are the two that I would contact to do the EVP side of it.  They are the two that are best at EVP, that I have found.  I will contact Chris and Nancy, and see if they could coordinate a time to do this with you.  Do you have Chris' contact information?  He will probably want more information and the where and when on the whole thing.  I am sure that he also has an EMF detector or two that we could use, as well.  Also, to determine if they are spirits, instead of aliens, not only would the EMF detector register the subject as a spirit entity, but the Mini Temp would register a distinct drop in temperature, as an alien life form would register an increase in temperature as a warm blooded creature.  Any atmospheric change in the temperature would be picked up by the Mini Temp, and would alert us as to when and where to photograph the occurrence.  If these beings have any sort of form at all that would register as electromagnetic, or an increase or decrease in temperature, we will be able to track them and record them with EMF, laser thermometer, and infrared cameras.  I can be available whenever you need me, and I will email Chris and Nancy on this for you.

------------------ Now the photo results -----------------
PHOTO: This one has lots of orbs in it.....
by Pete Day
Elohim photo update
photo update
new photos released!
click on photo above
l Elohim update 12/12/2004
Technology & Visions of the Apocalypse
Story was told on GROUND ZERO with Clyde Lewis on  Sat. 5/22/04

UUFOH and Clyde Lewis would like to thank the couple for telling their  
  story and sharing what the Elohim has told them on Ground Zero.
    Indeed this is a fascinating story, and difficult subject. and made quite a show
      UUFOH will update as needed.
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l photo update
New photos released! 5/2004
l Couple tells their story and updates on
GROUND ZERO 5/22/04!