Continue your Deprograming
Do you know who's watching you ?
Prepare for an awakening  of the mind.
Alien Dave is not responsable for any dizzyness, nausea, shortness of breath, headaches, numbness, flashbacks, regressive memories, rapid eye movement, or falling sensations, you might experience, after entering his page.

The End Times are just a New Begining
for some, the End of all things familiar to others, in any case, the Last Days will be a strange  and interesting time
The Time Is Now
The Utah UFO Hunters
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Reality as most know it, is non-existent. For true reality lies in the heart
not the mind. but your using your mind to understand that,
so where is your heart?      ......Alien Dave
You have just taken the first step into what most would call a dream, fantasy or nightmare,
but as you open yourself to the awakening,
true reality is what you see,
not a dream.
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