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l  15th Annual International UFO Congress Convention & Film Festival 
February 26 - March 4, 2006 Flamingo Resort Laughlin, Nevada
SPEAKER - GEORGE KNAPP – “Hunt for the Skinwalker” First presentation anywhere to examine all of the credible cases investigated by NIDS at the Skinwalker Ranch.
l Former Canadian Minister Of Defence Asks Canadian Parliament To Hold
    Hearings On Relations With Alien "Et" Civilizations  
l Godzilla Fossils Reveal Real-Life Sea Monster 
l Big Money Offered for Photo of Creature
l Amazing Story? Grand Canyon Cave from 1909
   THE PHOENIX GAZETTE of April 5th, 1909 - Explorations in the Grand Canyon
l  Canadian UFO Researcher Blocked by U. S. Homeland Security  
l  Skeptic Philip J. Klass Passes Away
l  Brit hacks Pentagon & NASA - finds evidence of Secret US Space Army!
l  Mexico's Massive Public UFO Fleet Sighting video
l  Possible space weapons of the future “Rods from God,”
l  Global Weather Control System: Who Made These People God? By Toni Thayer
l  Utah's Steve Currey's Expedition To Hollow Earth 
l  Indigo Adults: The Lost Generation by Don Anderson
l  Mystery Utah Explosions Cause Huge Mushroom Clouds Rense
l  US Military--Set Phasers to Stun
l  Jennings Special - Embarrassing
At 84, Original 'Abductee' Still Wants To Believe Betty Hill reflects on her alien encounter.
It's Time Our Space Program Took on a New Mission 
Two tickets to space station go for $40 million 
Heavenly-Opportunity Version 2.1 
The Truth about UFOs 
A Steep Uphill climb to 2012  
Elk Mutilated In New Mexico 
People Hearing Mysterious Hum Aren’t Alone  
US UFO Wave Ignored by Media
Bush Signs Away Area 51 Again
Phoenix Lights--Daytime??   
Preliminary Acoustic Analysis of Unusual Animal Vocalizations 
AREA 51 Site 'Hammered' by Interest, Hackers 
Aerial "War Games" To Resume Near AREA 51   
On Vacation, Go UFO Watching 
BIGFOOT' Leaves a Big Puddle 
Cattle Mutilations Klas-TV 
What's the Joint Terrorism Task Force Doing in the Tiny Town of Rachel? 
Bush Backs Evidence For ET 
Electrolytes and the Abductee   
UFO floating near International Space Station 
A Race for the UFO Technology 
Nevada's Extraterrestrial Highway Tour 
UFO's Through The Ages   
The 3 Second Eben  1952 photo of ET
300 'SPOOK WORDS'  that gets the CIA, FBI, & NSA looking at your website 
US Secret Human Experimentation 
U.S. Army Biological Warfare facilities in Maryland, Utah,...
PLAYING GOD  Reality of weather-based weapons  
ARE YOU AWARE OF UFOS?  You Don't Have To 'Believe'  
Updated: 12/17/2005
Pre-Crash Roswell UFO Photos? 
What are the radar rings? 
Dropa  Stones 
U.S. Air Force's Nuclear Flying Saucer 
men in black;FBI or CIA? 
Dr. Jane Goodall Comments on the Existence of the Yeti and Sasquatch 
from CNN: Britain opens files on UFO sightings 
Unusual Photographs -Canada's Mystery Lines 
Man Abducted In Brazil - Amazing Photos Of Scene 
CIA releases new 'Noah's Ark' documents 
Spiders weave huge natural wonder in B.C. 
Hover Knew of ROSWELL 
The ROSWELL Crash 
UFOs - Demonic Deception 
Mirror Matter  
Giant Winged Creature Sighted Several Times In Alaska
Photos Of Advanced Stealth Or Aurora? 
Mystery Area 51 Scientist, Dan Burish, Said Dead 
The Real Story Behind Mysterious Space Photos? 
MD 8th District Congressional Campaign of Stephen Bassett D  I  S  C  L  O  S  U  R  E  2  0  0  3
BOOK: Utah UFO's and Extraterrestrials! A Look at the Sightings and Science in Our State 
- Carole Marsh
"Mummified" Dinosaur Discovered In Montana
Helicopters give residents scare 
Sensation: Cities Found on the Moon! 
It was announced for the first time that man-made structures and objects have been discovered on the Moon."
The Human Mutilation Factor by Don Ecker 
Investigation Casts Light on the Mysterious Flying Black Triangle 
NIDS researchers contend that these type vehicles are lighter-than-air, blimp-style craft of the U.S. military's making. Likely powered by "electrokinetic" drive, the lifting body-shaped airships have been skirting the skies from perhaps the early to mid 1980s.
Area 51, truth seekers 0  
Bush reissues order keeping Nevada site secret   By Alex Johnson MSNBC
Police, Archaeologists Wary of Psychics' Theory of Smart Mystery 
Saturday, September 7, 2002 (c) 2001, THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE
UFOS Getting Back to Paranormal Everything changed? Not for the space aliens! 
Something odd is going on at Giza 
Nessie-like Creature Remains Washed Ashore? 
ISS Photo Of Chemtrails Over France 
The Evidence For Rods - Compelling And Abundant Rainbow rods: the evidence? 
New Photo Of Nessie Stirs Big Debate 
Astronomers: Asteroid Won't Slam Into Earth in 2019  KUTV News 
Historical Artwork and UFOs by Matthew Hurley 
Area 51 moves to Maine? 
In Search of Extra Dimensions and New Realities  
8Extra-Terrestrial Exposure Law 
more info and links
A 120 million year old map discovered in Russia
Biggest UFO Story of 2002 
Area 51: Bush Exempts Secret Base From Environmental Laws 
STAR KIDS - Richard Boylan 
UFOs And Certainty 
Boeing Unveils Bird of Prey 
Mayan 13 Year Count Down 
"UFO" Mutilations, Mad Cow Disease, and the U.S. Government 
Sleeping with Bigfoot 
Mission: Identify those flying objects 
Sacramento man well-known among UFO trackers for his careful scrutiny of NASA flights
THE CHUPACABRA A Bizarre "New" Creature
Loch Ness UFOs 
Debunking Chemtrail Debunkers 
Fighting The Fear Factor Scientists working to give UFOs legitimacy. 
Hubble Shoots the Moon 
ET-Cloning Cult Spreads Atheism 
Flying Saucer Photographed? 
Former NASA Astronaut Mentions ETs At Area 51 
Rendlesham 'X-Files' Released Under Freedom of Information Act 
Cruising the Extraterrestrial Highway 
A Look Inside NORADs Mountain Home
l Spaceships Will Appear  On My Signal 
l Solar Cycles & UFO Activity  
l  Bigelow Shuts NIDS Down
l The X-38 Photo Gallery
8New giant ape found in Congo
l Flying Triangles - NIDS Report  
l Doomsday Cropcircle  
8Chile- Non-Human Caught on Film
8Ancient Artifacts from Iraq  
l Alien Disclosure From An Astronaut  
8V-shaped Airship
8Vatican Acknowledges ET Presence 
8Army UFO Manual 1954 for real? 
l The Reality Of Triangular UFOs 
8Plane Crashes taking off -Area 51
8Element 115 is credible.... 
8Bush Backs Evidence For ET 
8A Race for UFO Technology 
8Biblical UFOs" 
l  The Black Triangle Mystery - Estimate of the Situation 2000 
    An Excelent  Article On The Flying Triangles!
Soviet Army Fought UFOs 
Some of our UFO's 
Bush to Announce Missions to Mars, Moon 
Mexican Policeman Attacked By A Flying Humanoid Entity 
Bush visits Roswell, NM, for first time; jokes about UFO 
8ET TO EARTH    "Do You Wish That We Show Up?"  
A Message To Mankind?              Are We Ready For Contact?  HOT TOPIC!
The Global First Contact Experiment 
Initiating Contact and Envisioning Paradise  
UFO Roundup Volume 9 #2  
US Has Limited Means For Reaching Moon And Mars 
The Best Ghost Photos Ever Taken 
Incredible ghost pictures and the equally remarkable stories behind them.
Semi-Disclosure of UFOs a Reality in 2004? 
Is the World Economic Forum about to address extraterrestrial technology?
Phoenix Ascended Update 
About the issue of extraterrestrial technology having gotten to major corporations.
Evidence for Creation by Outside Intervention 
Book - Global Implications of the UFO Reality 
“How will humankind react when full disclosure of the alien presence in our world is finally released?
UFO Shoots Down Meteor!!! WOW EVENT
"Dinosaur" Sightings in Cortez Colorado?  KSL  5 
Colorado's Mystery Reptile Could Be Mini Dinosaur  FarShores News the COSMIC CONNECTION show 
UFO INTERNET RADIO - PAHRUMP RADIO - KPAHBroadcasting to the world Internet Radio  Every Sun at 4 pm PST
NASA Commissions Book To Prove Moon Landings Real 
Possible Pole Shift Precursor Found 
Cluster Of About 15 Lighted Discs Baffles Yuma Couple 
The Real Tubes on Mars - Part 1 
If Dark Eyes Could Speak by Clyde Lewis 
Recent Dinosaur Discoveries In Utah And Wyoming 
Albany Videotape of Unidentified "Missile" Sent to Military Intelligence 
AZ: Mysterious Cattle Death in Navajo County   By Kathy Gibson-Boatman 
US 'Mood-Altering' Weapons Program Claimed Abandoned 
Top Ten Signs Your Neighbor is Brainwashed 
Huge Number of Recent Earthquakes and Volcanoes 
Implantable Human ID Chip - Implantable Chip, On Sale Now  WE GOT WARNED ABOUT THIS 
Tiny Humanoid Creature Found In Chile 
In Search of ...Seeing God in crop circles. 
Scientists Find Tiny Alien Probe - Oct 22nd, 2002 WASHINGTON  Preliminary examination of a mysterious UFO measuring just ¼-inch in length has reportedly convinced U.S. Air Force experts that the tiny craft hails from a miniature planet!
'Chemtrail' Hoax -- According to the U.S. Air Force
Wet and wild: Spring storm socks the state hard  Deseret news 
Angry Weather Wreaks Havoc Salt Lake Tribune  
Photos of the 99 Salt Lake City Tornado  DRX 
What's So Great About The Olympics? - Part 2 
Strange Phenomenon in Recent NASA Film 
NASA's Dirty Little Secret:Remarkable UFOs Captured On NASA Open Broadcasts 
What Is PlanetX - Also Called "Nibiru 
Disc-shaped spyplane could hunt for terrorists 
Chupacabras Attacks Coastal Chilean Town : 
Bony Bigfoot Almost Street-Meat Wiireless Flash Weird News : January 16, 2002 
Anatomy Of Ball Lightning 
Wild Jaguar Photographed in Arizona 
Developers Use Olympics To Grab Utah Land 
Indiana Mystery Creature Baffles Residents 
Strange beams over Nevada - AREA 51 
NANCY TALBOT Sees Crop Circle Formed 
Incredible UFO Video Captured by British Mother January 17, 2002  
Man Seeks $10 Million For Piece Of UFO? - Florida 
Intriguing New UFOs Photographed Near Popo Volcano 
New Species Of Giant Squid Found - Pictures 
Area 51 Guards on Strike / WALK OFF JOB 
City of "Atlantis" Possibly Found in the Caribbean 
US Space Based Laser (SBL) System 
Featured on Ground Zero Sat Night NOV 17th
The Most remarkable Paranormal report this year! From Surfing the Apocalypse 
Utah town first to pass Ordinance Mandating "No to the UN" 
The Japanese 'Plesiosaur' Carcass - A Review Of The Evidence 
Ancient city in the Grand Canyon 
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