UPDATED: 6/4/2005
Strange UFO Photographed
by Dave Rosenfeld in Emigration Canyon, Utah 1/14/2004
This strange & beautiful photograph may show a UFO of a different sort, its reported to move or pulsate as if it were alive. It also has a very noticeable strange luminous stripe or line along its length.  Photo taken through high powered telescope.
© Copyright 2004-2005 UUFOH - Dave Rosenfeld
l Strange UFO Photographed by UUFOH Director
Occurred : 1/14/04 approx. 2:00AM
Reported : 1/15/04
Location of sighting: Emigration Canyon, Utah
Shape : Unknown, Living?, other, semi-cylindrical, (peanut?)
Available videotape or photographic evidence?: Yes
Describe: Photos taken with a Canon EOS Elan II, fit to a tripod mounted ETX 90 Meade telescope,
1250mm f`~16, and Celestron 500mm f~5.6, 35mm 800sp Kodak Max
Description of object /s : It was a orange luminous blur at distance,(naked eye) luminous, multi colored, semi-cylindrical, pulsing object when viewed through telescope
Sighting Event Details: I stepped out for some quick stargazing around 2 am, when I noticed this light, this orange/yellow/ blue? blur, "thing" in the sky, It got my attention and it was unusual, seeing it up there, hovering over the mountains behind the thin cloud cover. I say hovered but it looked at times to be slowly moving, and it kinda pulsated.   Wanting to get a photo of it  as well as a closer look but not prepared for either, I had to run and grab my camera equipment and ETX 90 Astro Telescope from the house.  I then made a mad dash to set it up, during the few minutes it took to set up my equipment, it slowly moved farther east towards the horizon.  I thought, Your going to miss it...hurry.., while keeping an eye on the strange light. I took two hurried photos with a Celestron 500mm lens and quickly switched over to the 90, I managed to get only one through my ETX 90, For a total of three photos, but  I have to say that just viewing it through the Meade made one hell of a difference! even if only for a minute or two, this unusual orange light seen with the naked eye wasn't much to look at sort of a blur at the distance., but through the 1250mm ETX 90, well,,, it got real and interesting fast!   Its was really strange and quite beautiful.
  It looked somewhat like a rounded peanut with a bright straight line going through it and leading a bit out of the front. smooth, no hard edges other than this line or stripe, no lights, the light seemed to come from inside it, glowing softly and evenly, it almost looked alive!  with its pulsating effect or breathing like motion. but its bright line never wavered and remained straight.  It reminded me of a 'Rod'  in a way, with its slight swimming or alive look.  It  faded quickly away as it moved? faded? vanished? to the east in 5-10 seconds.
I waited to see if it would appear again but it never did. I would have to say....yes. IT WAS AN UNKNOWN.
  I'm kinda bummed that I only got one photo of it through the telescope before it moved beyond my tracking it or before it made its quick disappearing act. I'm pleased that the one close up photo turned out, At that distance I was pushing the limits of getting a good close up photo of it with its stripe or luminous line. (ETX 90) And some with a reference point in the frame. (500mm)
Phenomenon visible for how long? approx. 8-10 minutes, 2- 3 minutes through telescope
Height / Altitude of Object:   high altitude, several miles? - unknown
Distance of Object from your Position: same - several miles - unknown - looked to be a good distance beyond the visible mountain range, (horizon).
Estimated Size of Object: unknown -size of my thumb at arms length
Speed of object: 0 -250 miles per hour
Hear Sound? NO                          Object solid?  Unknown
Noticed Object/s: Hover, change shape, disappear
Seen in vicinity of:   Mountains, reservoir,
Last Seen Direction of Object: East towards Uintah Mountains before disappearing
Moving in front or behind: Clouds
# of Witness's: just me
Weather:  thin clouds/cloudy -cold
Seen before? never seen anything like this before was my first thought,  but later noticed the shape is similar in a way compared to a UFO I witnessed and photographed a few years earlier, in the same canyon.  Emigration Canyon UFO 
Reported by: Dave Rosenfeld - UUFOH Director- Via UUFOH Online Report Form
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© Copyright 2004 UUFOH - Dave Rosenfeld
l Photo:1 500mm lens - was slightly out of focus
© Copyright 2004 Dave Rosenfeld - UUFOH
l Photo: 3
1250mm lens
l Photo:2 500mm lens>
w /contrast enhanced close ups
© Copyright 2004-2005 Dave Rosenfeld - UUFOH
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