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US Troops In Space
JUST months after liberating Iraq, President George W. Bush plans to bring freedom to another far-flung region, the moon. High-level Pentagon sources confirm that U.S. Marines and Air Force personnel are receiving special training from NASA in preparation for a massive 1,200-man invasion of Earth's satellite set for May 2004.

"The President's position is that when we planted a flag on the lunar surface in 1969, we in effect staked a claim to the moon under every principle of international law," reveals a Defense Department insider.

"Putting a large expeditionary force on the ground will back up that claim with muscle and allow us to make the moon America's 51st state." The far-sighted move could be a brilliant coup for the commander-in-chief.  "He believes that securing the moon for the United States will cement his legacy as one of our greatest presidents, just as the Louisiana Purchase did for Thomas Jefferson," explains the source.

When John F. Kennedy first set the goal of putting a man on the moon by the end of the decade back in 1961, the original intent was to claim the vast new territory for the United States, the source reveals.

"But by the time Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon on July 20, 1969, President Nixon was concerned that seizing the area might heat up the Cold War and was pointless since we didn't have the technology to colonize it at the time anyway," he says. "Now, of course, we do."

The plan, code-named Operation Soaring Liberty, remains top secret. "We know that the Europeans will raise a ruckus when we announce the moon is ours," explains the insider. "If we gave them any advance warning, they'd have the plan mired in a U.N. debate for years. The element of surprise is crucial here, as it was in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

"By the time the international community finds out about it, we'll have an army up there and no one could even dream of trying to dislodge us."

Details of the sneak-attack plan are hard to come by, although it's rumored that the ambitious scheme involves an armada of 100 space shuttle-like vehicles already under production by a well-known defense

Among the advantages cited by Bush advisors in planning sessions:
a.. Our troops will face no resistance since the moon is uninhabited.
b.. Colonization will be easy because the moon is far closer than any planet.
c.. Huge oil reserves discovered on the moon by NASA earlier this year -- a still-classified development first reported in the April 15 issue of Weekly World News -- will meet America's energy needs for the next 100 years.
Congressional Democrats, who dislike unilateral U.S. action, signed on to the secret plan after the president made them an offer they couldn't refuse.
"As a concession to Al Gore, who won a plurality of votes in the 2000 election, Bush has agreed to appoint him live-in governor of the moon," the source revealed.

Despite the shroud of secrecy, rumors about the upcoming invasion are making the rounds in diplomatic circles -- and Europe is hopping mad.

"The French feel they have just as much right to the moon as America, even though no Frenchman's ever risked his life in space and the closest one has got to the moon is in the writings of Jules Verne," the source says.

"The president disagrees. He told us, 'Many brave American astronauts have already sacrificed their lives in the space race -- we've earned the right to colonize the moon. And the entire universe.'"

Special Correspondent
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Control of everything, ..........
I find this somewhat disturbing, if true.
  The overall thinking and attitude of the president making claims to the moon. I personally don't think anyone "owns" the moon, or to clarify, the Earth or any other planet. To say  'We claim' the moon, is clearly displaying a power-hungry, control minded, one sided, NWO, 'cement my legacy' sneak attack on the world, its inhabitants & its future. If this happens, it will show us that our own leader is not working for the people but for his own power legacy. Not for Americans, or any other country.
  I'm all for us going to the moon, if its for everyone, the next step for human space exploration not to mention Mars. But putting a military force on the moon, ( that means weapons) clearly states the intent of the president, not exploration but control.  It also shows our intent to any other intelligent beings, (namely ET's) out there, sending a message  that  we are hostile, unpredictable, and now moving 'off planet'. Not a message most of us would want to send to any ET's, alien's, or Star visitor.
  ( may I remind you of a fact: All Nuclear weapons that we have intended or attempted to put into space have been disarmed or destroyed. We intended to 'nuke' the moon, unsuccessfully.  All these events included and involved UFO's, meaning... "We are not allowed to take weapons into space.")

  Do we really want the US military to have that much control over the future of humanity? Knowing its secret keeping tactics involve more than national security but more towards world control & beyond? Not to mention  the truth about UFO's & aliens and their apparent interests or involvement with the moon.

  Could it be that the US, unknown to the public, has been going to the moon since the Apollo program and its now that China is planning to go there, a public statement is released to "return" and "claim" the moon.   And in, doing so would cover the fact that US space bearing vehicles have been going to the moon and beyond for years, and the fact that other structures and 'secrets'  exist on the moon that aren't ours and haven't been made public. Cleverly disguised as another "Win" for America, so we will once again, all wave flags, proudly cheer and continue to pay taxes while they take away more of our 'freedoms' & rights with big brother controls in the name of terrorism and use us and the ecosystem as guinea pigs, testing exotic technologies used for weapons of war and world control never knowing the real truth or purpose behind the moon mission plan.
  As it stands right now we have no say, we have no power over the choice of how new technology is used, who uses it, why, or what or who it is used on. Truth is kept from us to control us, for example: if free energy or zero point energy becomes common worldwide, billing you for energy used would be non-existent therefore a loss of control, but using it for weapons or war, makes it an additional control tool. Giving more power to the few, the powerful, the control.
If we don't have any power over Truth it will eventually be used to control us beyond the point of return or the destruction of us all.    The Earth, the Moon and Humanity will lose.......... In the name of one mans legacy.
   Concerned ..... D

PS: The refferance to oil on the moon is obviously some form of disinformation added to discredit the story in whole, (since this isnt true, then none of its true) a media disclaimer: {heres a message, it contains some truth, and a lot of lies, but were not saying what part is true.} but in part the story may have some creadible points that possibly can be confirmed. Certainly the mention of Military astronaughts is something we know can and does exist and more than likely giving demand for military spacecraft to exist with force.

I wonder if this "future" armada of military spaceships will be publicly announced and/or shown to be launched from the currently secret  US Military Space Base in Utah ?

The 1967 Space Treaty - the first international legislation on space exploitation - also stated that outer space should be free for exploration and use by all states, and would not be subject to national appropriation by occupation or any other means.
       The current US plan ignores this....
      D 2003

12/29/03 is some additional info:
I do not know about the vast oil reserves, but the moon soil has been tested and found to contain items worth mining. Gold, Titanium, Melibnium, Platinum, Berilliium etc.
Also, vast underground water and when mixed with the lunar soil creates "Lunar Concrete", some of the hardest concrete known, which will be used to construct additional dwellings that will be built for habitation.
The X-33 program that was successfully tested at Dugway Proving Ground in 1995-1996 was meant to be the next generation of re-useable space shuttle.
The newest generation of shuttle, the X-35 was successfully tested and was constructed for the specific purpose of carrying 30 manned troops into space and landing anywhere in the world within 30 minutes.
Here is one for all you rocket scientists.
The X-35 was again launched in July of 2002 and made a successfull landing on the lunar surface on a lunar concrete runway that has already been constructed.  This landing was in August 2002.  All the test landings were conducted at the 1643 lunar training base in the west desert at Dugway Proving Ground.
Sounds like a little Sci-Fi I know, but what are we thinking?
The United States Military Space Command is already in place to take charge of securing the lunar surface for future development.
By the way, the Russians reached the Lunar Surface first in 1967 when a 3 man crew crash landed near the Giddeon Crater.   I understand that they only survived for about a day before they all froze to death.

P.S. to U.S. Return to Moon announcement
In reminding UFOFacts and DrRichBoylanReports members about the already-extant secret U.S. bases on the Moon and on Mars, I should have added how personnel and supplies get to these bases. This is done through a secret U.S. Military Astronaut program and a U.S. fleet of antigravity craft, such as the _real_ antigravity Aurora, the X-33A antigravity craft, the Nautilus antigravity vessel, and possibly the antigravity discs manufactured by Northrop and the X-22A Lockheed-Martin discs.
   The military astronauts train at a secret facility in the mountain east of the regular Air Force Academy at
Colorado Springs, CO. They are deployed from various bases, including the headquarters of the
U.S. Space Command at King Mountain, UT.   See  this article for further details.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D
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Now the US wants control of space >  
The United States is planning to take control of parts of space and develop patrolling military aircraft in orbit as part of a revived Star Wars proposal for an American military empire above the ozone layer.

Space Command and NRO proposes that access to "near-earth space" may be refused to other nations. & patroled by a "military space plane,".......the first "space plane" in history with a directly military function.
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