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Heard many rumors about The "WING"  It is even in this or last months Popular Mechanics or Science.             ..........Mark

This piece is only for a very few.  Some of us knew about the crash several days ago,  inspite of the fact that is not being reported in the American press.....and probably will not be.   I for one do not want to scrap what is left of our battered U.S. Constitution in order for America to become a world-dictator-power.  That is not what our Forefathers died for.  These Black Projects cost the American tax payers trillions of dollars that should never be squandered this way, when our own infrastructure needs to be maintained.  It behooves us to keep a close eye on this whole scheme!
................ E.

April 24, 2003, 2:45pm, Mountain
At first, I had no intention of saying anything about our government's latest secret deadly weapon.  However, a friend sent me an article from a Russian newspaper (see below)...and I can no longer delay release of this information.

The "WING" makes the Aurora look like it's in reverse when flying.  The "WING" out-flies the Aurora by five (5) times the speed.

Somehow we're still working on finding out how government scientists managed to figure out how to cancel the sound of the plane using its speed.

The "WING" is able to leave the atmosphere, but not by much, and still take crystal clear pictures of its targets.

The engine is a "pulse" very similar to Aurora's, however, the fuel consumption is much better.  I've had it explained to me in terms of an automobile:  Imagine getting 1500 miles to 1/2 (HALF) a gallon of gas!

The "WING" has the ability to stay aloft for weeks on end.  If it needs refueling, it reenters the atmosphere and is refueled as any other airplane.

Now, THE KICKER...its fuel is oxygen and hydrogen.  The government, as we speak, has teams of scientists working on a conversion kit so The "WING" can "suck-in-and-convert" its own fuel from the atmosphere.

The scary part... The "WING" is also designed to deliver nuclear weapons as well as conventional weapons.

Its exact speed is actually unknown at this time.  Its silence makes this plane an extremely deadly weapon in the hands of a warmongering president such as ours.  Currently, there are four (4) working prototypes;  they are based at the 'new Area 51' in the state of Oklahoma.

Added April 22, 2003
The location of the base that houses The "WING" will remain unspecified for security reasons.  Security reasons because people attempt to find these areas and try to get a "look."  A "look" at this particular base could possibly get a curious "looker" a close look at the death experience.  The area housing The "WING" has a security rating much higher than Area 51 and our government intends to keep it that way.

The "WING" has some very unique security features.
First, if there is a problem it is recommended that the pilots "ditch" the plane in a body of water. When the plane hits the water, it instantly breaks apart, killing all twelve pilots aboard, and the water will instantly start destroying all the equipment.

The "WING" has a skin covering the skeleton of the plane.  This skin is a super-tenacity fiber designed specifically  for this plane.  The skin was designed to be ultra light in weight.  The skin also has an insulating quality which keeps the temperatures inside the plane livable.

The "WING" has the ability to leave Earth's atmospheres and cruise at a couple thousand miles outside our atmosphere.

The "WING" has a crew of twelve (12).  All twelve are pilots.  All twelve are capable of various additional duties such as navigation, minor repairs and so on.

The "WING" is approximately five to six times the wingspan of a B-52 bomber.  It is a huge plane equipped with living quarters, kitchen, exercise area, cockpit, computer room, darkroom and more.

The engine of The "WING" is non-polluting.  There are no contrails from the engines of this plane.  And, this plane is silent during flight. Government scientists have somehow cancelled the noise using the speed of the plane.  This is developing...

In recent history, The "WING"" has been mistaken many times for an alien spaceship.

Updated April 23, 2003  10:25am, Mountain
  Another extraordinary feature of This "WING" is its ability to take off within fifteen hundred (1500) feet and then go straight up.  Once this plane makes its "lift off" it can turn ninety degrees and go straight up and leave the atmosphere.
It can land by coming straight down to about two thousand (2000) feet then level off, touchdown and stop within fifteen hundred (1500) feet. This is an amazing feat.

April 24, 2003 10:25am, Mountain
The ramifications of this plane are world domination and total control. Stop and think about it for a minute.

Imagine an airplane such as The "WING" which has the capability of carrying 2000 nuclear bombs flying just outside our atmosphere.   Now, imagine a dozen of these planes all fully loaded with nuclear, chemical, biological and conventional weapons, flying over the cities, towns and villages of the world.

The "WING" was made for world domination and that alone.
A plane that is capable of flying ten (10) times the speed of sound, carrying weapons of mass destruction, the ability to leave  Earth's atmosphere and having twelve pilots completely and totally loyal to this agenda make the WING The most deadly weapon ever possessed by any government.

The "WING'S" speed makes it extremely difficult to target.  Forget about a shoot-down.  Its stealth capabilities far outweigh those of the F-117 Stealth Fighter jet.  And, the fact that the scientists responsible for this new airplane have somehow cancelled the sound of the plane using its speed, makes this one confusing plane to understand.                Developing...

Feel free to email any questions you may have or call me at .*** *****.


www.wintersteel.com   5:20 pm Moscow Standard Time, 19 April, 2003

KLININGRAD, RUSSIA (Friday, April 18, 2003) The entire Russian Baltic Fleet and a large number or residents of Kaliningrad (formerly Koenigsburg), a city of over 3 million inhabitants, in the Russian Baltic enclave on the Baltic Sea, watched in awe as a "flying wing" shaped Unidentified Flying Object winged over rapidly and plunged into Kaliningrad Harbour at approximately 6:17 pm. Local Time. The event was caught on videotape by a local RTR Russian State Television news crew, which was present on the massive naval base, filming a documentary segment on the fleet for airing on Russian television.

The Unidentified Flying Object, described as a "Flying Wing", with two elongated, dome like protrusions on top, and three similar structures, underneath, was over flying the Baltic Fleet, which lay at anchor in Kaliningrad Harbour. According to a Russian Naval Commander, who wishes to remain anonymous, the craft was apparently caught, accidentally, withing the sweep patterns of ship mounted search radars, which came on to track it's progress, causing some sort of malfunction which resulted in the crash. "It was traveling at a tremendous rate of speed" he said to RTR reporters, on the scene. "It was very low, not more than 1,500 meters (approximately 5,000 feet) above the surface of the water. When our radars came on, it simply winged over, and dove into the water, as if it has lost either power, or control".

The craft, estimated by onlookers to be traveling at speeds in excess of Mach 2 (twice the speed of sound), was absolutely quiet as it passed, but made a "tremendous noise" as it plunged into the water, causing a geyser of steam and water, mixed with small debris, which shot an estimated 500 meters (1500 feet) into the air. "It appeared" one witness, a civilian onlooker, said, "that whoever, or whatever was in control of the craft made a deliberate effort to take it away from the naval ships and the shoreline before it went into the harbor".

One Sovremini Class Destroyer was lightly damaged by flying debris, but, so far, no casualties have been reported. Radiation levels at the site, are high, but the source of the radiation, as well as it's nature, have yet to be determined. Russian authorities, from the Ministry of Health, are quick to point out that the radiation levels are not dangerous, simply "higher than normal".

So far, debris recovered have been small, averaging less than a meter (just over three feet) in diameter, at the largest. Most debris recovered, to date, have been what appear to be "skin material" of an unknown alloy, and interior bracing and piping, composed of a very high grade and extremely pure aluminum. All metal debris have been dispatched to various institutes and universities for analysis, including the prestigious Bauman Institute of Engineering, in Moscow, and the Moscow State University School of Metallurgy.

Owing to the speed at which the object was traveling, it is considered highly doubtful that any significant remains of crew, if, in fact, the vehicle was piloted, will be recovered. "This looks like your basic 'hair, teeth and eyeballs' situation, one Russian Navy diver said, somewhat grimly.

It is interesting to note that, in spite of the high speed at which the craft was traveling, and it's extremely low altitude, there was no characteristic "sonic boom" associated with it's approach, and no noticeable vibration on the ground. This has led many observers, especially those associated with the Russian military establishment to speculate that the propulsion system of the craft was based on some sort of "anti-gravity" device. "Whatever it was", said one Russian Naval Captain, "it was certainly not one of our craft, and I am also not aware of anything of this sort being present in the West".

The immediate area of the crash will be dredged, as soon as a Naval dredge, also attached to the Baltic Fleet, but currently on assignment several hours away, can be brought into position. Dredging operations are expected to begin within the next two to three days, at the latest.

The entire episode is noteworthy in that it was not only captured on videotape by an RTR news crew, but was instantly aired, not only on RTR, but on all major Russian Network television, via a live feed from the RTR crew, in Kaliningrad. Updates have followed on each regular news broadcast, since the initial downing. Russian Government officials are quick to point out that the downing was, in fact, accidental, and not a "shoot down".

Wintersteel enjoys a very good relationship with the Russian Navy, as well as with the mainstream Russian media, and will be posting photographs of the site, and debris recovered, as soon as they become available. We will also be following updates on the situation, and will post such as become available to our site, at www.wintersteel.com, as well as including them in our newsletter, and in any supplementary material that may become necessary to distribute.

*Due to the sensitive nature of the ongoing investigation, names of all quoted witnesses are being omitted, at the request of the interviewed parties, and, in the case of serving military personnel, at the request of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. The Russian Ministry of Defense assures WinterSteel, and all other media outlets, that a full disclosure of the names of witnesses, examining experts and vessels involved, will be made as soon as recovery operations are complete.

Ongoing television and radio coverage of this incident is continuing, as of this writing
(5:20 pm Moscow Standard Time, 19 April, 2003.
Dennis & Ann Bossack Deming, NM
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MOSCOW, RUSSIA (Tuesday, April 29, 2003) Almost ten full days into the ongoing investigation of the Unidentified Flying Object which fell, unexpectedly, into Kaliningrad harbor, near the suburb of Baltisk, there are still more questions surrounding the incident than answers. Diving operations, at the scene, were suspended on Friday, owing to the apparent  lack of any large pieces of debris, while dredging continues. As mentioned, previously, television coverage still exists, but, networks are reluctant to release any footage of the event, itself, or any follow-up, after an initial airing. Unofficial sources speculate that the matter is being treated as "military matter", with footage aired, but immediately sent for analysis. With this in mind, it would be easily explainable as to why Russian statements and documentation are taking the current turn, but would fail, under any normal circumstances, to explain the silence on the part of United States officials, or the lack of airing in Western,  particularly United States owned, media.

Debris recovered, to date, have been transferred from the crash area to the prestigious "Baumann Institute" in Moscow, one of the foremost Engineering facilities in the world, specializing in aerodynamic and aeronautical engineering, and to the Russian National Space Agency facility in the Moscow suburb of Korolev. Both facilities are equipped to do thorough and definitive studies of the composition of the materials used in construction of the craft, which is described as having been of the "flying wing" design. The relative size of the debris recovered, generally less than one meter in diameter, has hindered any reconstruction of the craft, as such, as has the absence of any debris from the craft's power plant.

Speculation is still high that the craft was of earthly manufacture, and represents a "next generation" in Western "stealth" technology, as the materials recovered to date are all of known origin, although much purer in quality than similar metals that are commercially available. According to Ministry of Defense spokesmen, all materials recovered, to date, are consistent with current aircraft technology, however, are of a much higher quality than previously seen.

With the exception of differences in size and minor configurational differences, the craft observed at Kalingrad strongly resembles the experimental X-47A aircraft, dubbed Pegasus, which successfully completed its initial flight on February 23, 2003, at the NAVAIR Pacific test range in Southern California. There is also a strong physical resemblance to an earlier version of the UAV aircraft which was unveiled Le Bourget airport, in Paris, during the June 19, 2001 Paris Air Show by the Northrop Grumman Corporation.

While the possibility of the craft being of earthly manufacture is being investigated, and, in fact, treated quite seriously, there is still the far greater possibility that it is of extraterrestrial origin. The technology exhibited by the performance of the craft, it's high speed and the total absence of sound, are, as far as is known, completely beyond the capability of any known manufacturer or design bureau in either the West or in Russia. While experiments into masking the sound of an aircraft have, in fact, been ongoing for many years, so far, no success, of the observed degree, has been known to have been achieved.

A disturbing note with regard to the release of information concerning the craft, and the incident in general is the seeming attempt to block access to such information, in the West. While information flows, more or less freely within Russia, attempts to transmit such material abroad are meeting with resistance. Many, if not all Western owned mainstream media outlets are simply not releasing information on the incident. Such information as has managed to be released, in the early stages of the investigation, were sketchy, at best, and later releases have been altered and "tampered with" after transmission, and before receipt. Such manipulation is not taking place inside the Russian Federation, but, rather, at some point after transmission. Likewise, a number of "unidentified" incursions have been made into various internet based news sources which have handled the information, with several experiencing shut-downs and various technical problems. All of these sources are U.S. based.

At this point, in the investigation, two questions arise. Who, or what "entity" would have a vested interest in keeping information regarding this incident from reaching the general public, in the West, and why? As the saying goes, "all that glitters is not gold". By the same toke, it would appear that all that falls from the sky is not, necessarily of extraterrestrial origin, or if it is, there is a vested interest, at some point, in keeping this fact from being known.

The Russian Sixth Army Headquarters, in the Kaliningrad/Baltisk Region was contacted by WinterSteel correspondent Nikolay "L", on the 28th of April. They were asked, directly, to comment on the UFO incident which was reported by the RTR news crew, on national television, in a live broadcast from Baltisk on the 18th of April, 2003, at 6:00 pm Moscow Standard Time.

Speaking on behalf of Russian Sixth Army Anti-Aircraft Bureau at Kaliningrad/Baltisk, a senior officer, who has asked that his name not be revealed, "categorically refuses to issue any comment or statement on the UFO incident of the 18th of April". The Russian Sixth Army  "categorically refuses to either confirm or deny the incident".

U.S. Embassy concerning the story:  When Mr. James Choron tried to contact the U.S. Embassy about this matter, the response he got was as follows:

"The response, by Howard Solomon, head of U.S. Citizen Services was "I have no information, at all, about any such incident".

Now... Howard's been here for a long time, speaks perfect Russian, and watches Russian television.. His response was "official". He's neither blind nor deaf. This gives you an idea what's going on."

On a broader front, a very early report of a similar incident, some six days prior to the Kaliningrad/Baltisk incident, by a well known Russian UFOlogist,  is now receiving wide circulation, abroad, with a "preface" claiming  that the Kaliningrad/Baltisk Unidentified Flying Object represents "confusion" on the part of those reporting the incident. It is not mentioned, however, in this report, how it might be possible to "confuse" small, identifiable parts of what amounts to an unidentified, but quite normal small missile with the footage shown by Russian National Television, or the comments of Fleet officials at the scene on the afternoon of April 18. This report seems to have begun circulating, generally, several days after the initial reports of the Kaliningrad/Baltisk incident, and is being circulated, almost exclusively in the West. Of note is the fact that while the report, itself, is genuine, the attached preface is not directly traceable to the same author.

It would seem that the veil is lowering, at least to a degree, but some information is still trickling out. In many cases, such as this, silence speaks volumes.
More Updates to Follow...

Source: http://wintersteel.homestead.com/UFO_Crash_Ru.html kommissar@mtu-net.ru
The Utah Connection:

MAY 5 2003 Confidential Anonymous Source: - Identity Omitted
The rumor of The "WING" crashing is in part, "True".  It was the first prototype created and was the un-manned version.
The manned version has been seen as recently as the 28th of April, 2003 flying over the mountains in the Utah Desert just West of the town of Delta.
  Very Fast and Very Silent and Very, Very Large.Kind of Scary Looking and as all the rest, Black in Color.
Has been seen landing at the supposed 'New Area 51' located at the Michael Army Airfield on the Dugway Proving Ground installation.
At this very moment, they are working on a brand new Runway with additions to the length and width of the strip with the additional security measures as a 8 foot fence surrounding the facility, new guard stations and many new security officers and new unmarked vehicles that are white in color of painted desert camo.

5/08/03  Confidential Anonymous Source: - Identity Omitted
.......................We are living in very scary times and 'Big Brother' has no remorse when it comes to the incarceration of their own citizens and plans are in the works for just that.
........................out here near Delta Utah and in the West Desert they have been flying the new Stealth Helicopter called the "Commachee" late at night aroung the area.
We set out in the summer and occasionally see aircraft in the distance, black in color and the running lights are always a pale orange or yellow in color.
Most of the activity taking place on Dugway is conducted on the west side of 'Granite Mountain' and not visible from the Simpson Springs Campground.
Right now they are working on a mobile system for the 'Cyclops' mobile laser to knock missiles and projectiles out of the air.

UUFOH: The sensitive nature of this information requires this informant to remain anomynous
© Copyright 2003 ww.aliendave.com

7/25/03 Confidential Anonymous Source: - Identity Omitted
...............I'm listening to you and Clyde right now, and I went to your sight and read the story on "The Wing." I felt I should tell you that we did have some B-2's (Stealth Bombers, Bat Wings, whatever you want to call them) doing some practice drops on the range out there near Michael Army Airfield. We use Michaels when our jets have problems and need to land quickly (Divert as we call it), so I was thinking that might have happened with one of the bombers. We just got through fighting with the Army to keep the runway out there open. They wanted to close it because they don't use it, but then we wouldn't have anywhere to land the jets if there was a problem. Lot's of other bases use the range out there too. I finally got to go out there a few weeks ago to see the construction on the new runway, and it IS a strange place. I really don't know what they do out there, but I'd bet it has something to do with chemicals.
I was getting a new i.d. back in January, and there were a bunch of people from EG&G getting id's too. Most of them looked like ex cons or something, but I do know they were not a very friendly bunch...downright rude actually.
I'm not disagreeing that strange things may be going on in that area, but that would be way above my security clearance level, so I don't know. I think if they wanted a place to move area 51, that would be a pretty good place. Hell, I thought it was "spooky" just driving through there! Just my .02, I'd love to do a skywatch with you guys out there, but like I said, I'll be leaving in a few weeks. Maybe next year!?
Take care.
Chris O'D
more on this topic at Utah The New AREA 51?


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