Triangle UFO Spotted in Delaware in 1905?
Farmers diary might be the first Triangle sighting recorded
Delaware Farmer Spots Triangle UFO in 1905?
I was contacted by an individual regarding a daily diary he found of a farmer in Delaware in the year 1905, which explains or notes a sighting of a triangle object passing through the night sky. In the coarse of investigating this he has sent me a copy of the original diary's front page and the page log that has the unusual entry. Along with a couple of maps of the area noting the location of the farm where the farmer had his sighting. I found this to be very interesting, in 1905 there were no secret government planes flying about. Nothing that would explain what the farmer seen that cold clear night on his Dover farm back on Saturday February 11th in 1905, except maybe a UFO.
Possibly the first known documented sighting of a Triangle UFO.

Here is some of the original contact information.

He wrote:
"........I'm not a UFO buff .and never saw a UFO..too many people have seen some thing that to this day can not be explained.. a few years ago I found a farmers daily diary...dated 1905.... the book is mostly of his crops and things he was doing around the farm.....etc..one entry.. stood out, he discribes on a bitter cold clear moon lit night  of seeing a triangle shaped object of equal sides.. passing through the night sky....thats all he wrote.. and continued on with his diary about his farm... I ruled out hot air balloon .they can't fly in that bitter cold ..planes ??
I guess there were.some in them days  ??  but none in that shape that he discribes.. this all happened in Kent County Delaware..thats where I live. interesting don't you think....I live in Dover Delaware....I was surfing the web and came upon.your site....if you would like to reply  Im at  - - - - - -   or  - - - - - - - ...what do you think he saw.?? I'm not a UFO buff .and don't keep up with the subject..it just seemed interesting to find this entry in his diary..."
Robert S------ 9/03/02

I wrote:
Dear Robert,
I find this very interesting as well, Could you make a copy of the original page/s and send it to me? Along with the farmers name, actual date, etc.?
In 1905 there shouldn't be anything like that flying around. but if there was, thats really interesting and should be noted. Triangulars weren't reported until the 70's I think. I would like to know more and investigate further if possible.
Thank you for your contact in this matter, it is a really good piece of history and would make an interesting story as well.
DR 9/04/02

He wrote:
".............I may have stumbled upon..a new look at this subject..by the way this farmer  was also a promenent..law maker ..in Delaware..and friend of the famed Dupont family..as you would see..when you receive the mail I will send you ..it is a short notation in his diary...my first thought when I read it was a UFO..mabey you will read it diferently  ???you be the judge...today  the skys are full of  NASA projects  the government is keeping secret..and not telling us about...but in 1905    not much was flying around   on a cold February..nite..question   what else can it be  ??? I never saw one or know of any one who has......................"
He also explained:
"The farmer is the son of the Governor of Delaware in the late 1700,s  Thomas Boon Causey"

So What was this Triangle object drifting away from the moon in 1905?
A secret government aircraft? No  A hot Air ballon? Probably not possible. that it could disappear in 10 seconds. As it doesn't list any sound or other details, its hard to make it anything that is known to fly around at that time.....  the Wright Brothers were just making the news then & if anything was flying aroung at that time.... A UFO?
The first recorded sighting of a Triangular UFO? I don't know, do you?

Thank you Robert for your keen eye and involvement,  and for sharing this unusual story with us.

We have been updating this page with any information brought forth or submitted on this unusual story. Or should I say History.

The photos below are copies of the original diary log.
Farmers Unusuall Diary Log:
"I saw an equal sided triangle object drift away from the moon and disapear in a few, perhaps 10 seconds it looked like a banner"
As noted: It could be "bonnet"
Farmers Diary front page
The location of the farm.
Also noted: The farm is located near the Dover Air Force Base according to the map.

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Steve R --- wrote:
I really appreciate the "honesty" of this whole entry. No one can possibly claim that what the farmer saw was a government research project. However, it looks like you haven't hundreds of hours searching through old handwritten census records... since you didn't recognize the old-fashioned "p" with the high top post and the open circle. The writer correctly spelled the word... "perhaps". Also, look closely at the last word in his entry. The word he wrote is "BONNET"... the farmer DID, indeed, cross the "t", but with a smaller cross bar than in the earlier words "object" and "drift". Also, if you'll look closely at the letter "r" in the other words he wrote, you will see that all of them take the form of a flat-topped shape rather than a more classic Palmer-writing-method lowercase "r" with a small upright mark on the left side. The word "bonnet" makes much more sense in the context of the overall note.
Great to see the information; keep up the good work!

C --- wrote:
Too bad there's not a whole library collection of old farmer's journals (that is generally known about, anyway). Chinese, Italian, French, German, and other farmers had to keep journals to know about
weather, and  to note various other phenomena with potential for relevance to agricultural inputs. Besides weather information, other aerial phenomena as well as astronomical observations are recorded. People should be encouraged to try using your site as a central location to send reasonably verified or verifiable digital pictures of old journal pages noting such phenomena as could be what we now call "U.F.O.'s", particularly if recorded before the existence or widespread use of planes and even balloons.
Brian--- wrote:
I don't have any info on this story, but I do know flying 'wings' (boomerang shaped craft) were flying out of Boscombe Down (then Hampshire) in the U.K. Also the Victor, Valiant and Vulcan jet bombers which were very triangular in shape flew from various bases in the UK in the Sixties. As for 1905....? That's anybody's guess.
Ciao for now
Brian Richards

Barry B.--- wrote: 2/06/03
Dear Dave:
I just read your interesting article on the farmer's sighting of the equal sided triangle in Delaware in 1905.   This may take some digging on your part, as I am not a researcher, but the article brings to mind an incident in the Nashville, Tennessee area in a period, I am guessing, that encompasses 1958 - 1961. I mention those years, because I was born in May of 1956, but remember seeing both the object and the newspaper article about the incident as a small boy.
  Two sources: the foremost Tennessee newspaper, The Tennessean, in which this article may have appeared is still extant, or the now defunct, The Banner, may have carried this story. But it was indeed in the newspaper because my Mom showed it to me.
   My Mom and I were driving in the Nashville area on a day in which the sky was absolutely stark, cloudless blue. We both, from the moving car, saw a bright, silver point of reflection in the sky. It not late in the day, so it was not Venus nor any other planet or star. It looked like a silver milar balloon way up in the sky. It did not exhibit any odd flight behavior; no sharp turns, no contrails - nothing. Just a silver pin point in the midday sky.
   The next day, my Mom showed me the newspaper, and said something like, "Hey Barry, remember that thing we saw in the sky yesterday? here it is in the newspaper." I remember looking at a black and white photo of what the newspaper called, "A flying triangle." It showed, if my memory serves me correctly, a blurry, yet intelligible photo of an equi-sided, glowing triangle shaped object in the heavens (a dark background). That's all I remember.
   I am almost 47, so for me to remember this, I must have been about 3 to 5 years of age, although I can remember some events in my life under the age of two years.
   It seems a skilled researcher might be able to contact the newspaper archives and see if this story is still filed away. It may have been later identified as something government in nature, but I just don't know.
Barry Bazzell
Pleasant View, Tennessee
Please contact us if you have information or opinions on this story.
As you see the responses and leads have been good.

please submit to www.aliendave.com -
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Phantomram--- wrote: 3/09/03
After reading your take on the diary entry, I agreed with your original conclusion concerning the word "banner". Then I read the email posting in support of "bonnet". I was surprised to see that someone could come to the latter conclusion, after comparing previous samples within the document. Furthermore, I can't see any reason why "bonnet" would make so much more sense than "banner"; unless it actually was a ladies bonnet, aloft in the wind. In other words, unless you were trying to controvert the sighting (which certainly wouldn't make sense in the context of the overall email posting) or you just simply needed to believe it was "bonnet" for some reason. If I seem to be a little rough on "Steven R.", then it's for good reason. When in support of any controversial subject matter, you must always maintain a certain level of objectivity throughout your analysis. One false move, and the opposition has basis to discredit the entire work. In extreme cases, discrediting even hard fact. I would say the UFO phenomenon is an extreme case; thereby giving overly-complacent or fearful people, more than enough reason to view the subject as frivolous or trite.
The "a" in "banner" is identical to the "a" as it appears everywhere else in the document. The right side stroke is carried all the way down, before sweeping back up to begin the next letter ("n"). The right side stroke of his "o" is carried straight over to begin the next letter from the top, such as in "moon" and "seconds". With his "r", he attempts to angle the top downward and curve the right side back in. He's writing too fast to accomplish this in it's proper place however, and the attempt becomes more apparent at the bottom. Here the right side stroke remains in character with the "r", until releasing with a quick curve upward. I believe the reason this particular "r" may look slightly different than the others, is because he was trying to squeeze the last line onto the page. He also started the horizontal part of the "r" (at the top) a little early, and then took it up a little further. This is what may appear to some as a very slight cross for a "t". His "t" is always crossed with force, in a long stroke. When he is finished with a word, he is ready to move on to the next one. It's a nuisance to have to go back and cross "t's" and dot "i's" when your in a hurry....and most of us are when we write. Although there is no next word after "banner", habits are hard to break.
I'm assuming that "banner" refers to the type used for sports teams & schools (pennant); marker flags; and banners, buntings and streamers seen at celebrations (and these days, used car lots). What the farmer saw could have very well been a single flag of this type, being blown by the wind. It was apparently an opaque object, absent of any lights or illumination; as, I believe, such characteristics would certainly be worth mentioning about any object in the sky in 1905. This would suggest that the object "disappearing" in 10 seconds, could have been about nothing more than it having been masked by darkness by this time. After all; the night of Saturday February 11, 1905 was illuminated by no more than a first quarter moon. Of course, we don't know what time of night the sighting occurred. It could have been in the evening, during or just after dusk. Who knows?
I am much more entertained by the idea that this was a sighting of something other-worldly. I have no doubt whatsoever, that we are not alone in the vast expanses of the universe! I also have no doubt that the UFO phenomenon is real! Therefore, my take on the issue is not one of total skepticism; but rather, one which mirrors that of AlienDave and MUFON itself (I found this article through the MUFON site)........eliminating all other possibility before jumping to conclusions. I also think this is an interesting story, from just the historical aspect alone. I am definitely interested in anyone else's views or research on the subject. I will be checking back from time to time, in hopes of new information.
I commend AlienDave and MUFON on their cautious approach to these issues, while still giving proper attention and credit where due. If we allow ourselves to assume that any claim is not worthy of investigation; we are, in essence, avoiding the truth. Truth is quite often found under the most unbelievable circumstances.     ~Phantomram~

Refer to the last line in the previous entry of the Delaware 1905 triangle
sighting. "Peaches all killed in my orchard".
Do peaches grow in Delaware in February???
Bruce Toll
Brent Schmidt.--- wrote: 3/10/03
It appears to me that the last word is more convincing to be banner. Due to the other o's in entries. His swirl carries from the top, to other letters. And looks more like a then after the b, more proposing the word banner, such as may have enveloped it as it was in the act of vanishing!

I have recently figured out how to produce electrostatic propulsion while investigating Nikola Tesla's Wardencliffe technology...  http://www.tesla-coil-builder.com/Tesla_Propulsion.htm   
Tesla was working on Wardencliffe in 1905 and was said to have discussed building flying triangles, which were claimed to actually fly.  It could be that Tesla was visited by Washington and told to cooperate, and he never spoke about it again.  I really can't say what, if anything, took place with the government, but I can show how
Tesla could have been working on flying triangles at that time.  
  David W. Thomson Quantum AetherDynamics Institute
  518 Illinois St. Alma, IL  62807 
  Web: http://www.QuantumAetherDynamics.com   

From: Kim Shaffer
To: utahufohunters@earthlink.net
Thursday, November 17, 2005 9:18 AM
Subject: comment on 1905 triangle/fine to post comment with name

One thing comes to mind in regards to this journal. A big question mark.
Living at nearly the same latitude that this journal pertains to, I know that peaches do grow(and do quite well) in this area of the country. But, in Febuary peach trees(like all deciduous trees) are dormant, leafless and what one would have to term impervious to weather conditions of about any kind. That is of course, unless a major ice event broke limbs and trunks of these trees. I would rather think such an event would be mentioned in this farmer's journal? Too, broken limbs and/or tree trunks does not mean that the affected trees are "killed" as he wrote.
This "anomoly" in the journal raises a red flag  which causes this ufologist to question the actual "age" of the ink.
A document this important to us that if authentic,answers a question about our government's involvement in the triangle ufo mystery and should be scrutinized heavily. We have been quick to accept evidence at face value too many times and too many times, we have been left embarrased and humiliated.
I suggest that the owner of this journal seek out a lab to conduct forensic tests on the journal, dating the journal and most importantly, the ink and when it was applied. In reality, a fairly easy test and I would gladly throw a few dollars at this effort myself.
I have long suspected that the US government was the primary suspect when it comes to big black triangles. This document would , if genuine, remove some suspicion that these craft are exclusively "black projects", as I now believe.
Thanks for posting this very interesting and possibly earthshattering piece of  possible evidence. I look foreward to future updates on it's authenticity.
best regards, Mr Kim Shaffer AUFORC- MUFON  Tn  State Director
Updated : 11/18/2005
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