Strange Imprint Found On TV
Possible Reptilian?
Oklahoma   13 April 2008

Witness contact #1
my name is Bob. I live 40 miles s.e. of okc, Okla.
This last DEC 2007, I had been having really weird dreams, and my dog had been attacked and almost died due to deep razor like tears in his skin. several times I have noticed deep cuts in the ground looking like 3 fingers had dug in. sometimes the dogs bark, other times they are too afraid to come out. I got up one morning right after sunrise, to notice a T.V. in the corner of my bedroom, had some weird imprint on it, due to dust from living in the country, I was able to get this picture. (below) I took this to the okc zoo, and they said they had never seen a pattern like this ,but it looked reptilian, but not from here. the pattern of skin was almost crossed with that of a squid. It had many little suction cups. the T.V. sets in a corner about 5 foot tall, but a hard reach due to a filing cabinet. It is near all my computer equipment, and some believe its the  curiosity that go this. It brushed against  the T.V., so it had to be at least 5-6 foot. It was in my bedroom, and that's the freaky thing. This looked like that of a sweaty/oily armprint that's left on a car window. Its amazing at the detail in its  skin, and the variations of  the pattern.  Feel free to contact me here, visit if you like. my area is not for the  weak hearted, its dark, and way out in the country.  I hear a lot , and sense a low humming sound. It has gotten to the point my teenage son refuses to go out at night alone. I am told I am a idiot, but soon enough they will see or experience this too. I have been around aviation all my life, and frequently hear a low toned humming noise, and get the feeling I am watched a lot. I have heard something walking within 75 feet of my house, late at night in the leaves, but didn't have any cameras. I build fast, and mostly loud race cars. Maybe whatever it is is a hotrodder too. I have had many large time lapses working on cars late at night, and one time was out for over a day. I have been saved by a angelic choir, singing , and holding a high note to get my attention, and upon returning to the shop, I noticed my jack stands had leaned over, and the jack had backed off, this would have surely killed me, if I had given the car a small shove. God must have a purpose for me, or I would have  lost my life that day.  
UPDATED: 4/27/2008
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Witness reply #1

Hi Bob,
Very interesting photos you sent me, I'm at a loss at what may have done this. with your permission I would like to send the photos to a couple associates of mine that are in the science/ biology field and to a few other researchers and get their take on what it might have been that left the print. Also, it intrigues me so much that I would like to post the photos and info on our website as well. of coarse again, with your permission. Someone might recognize it and know what it could have been. I would suggest investing in a video camera with motion detection capabilities or a game came to capture whatever it might be if it were to return. And for now do not clean the TV, leave the print on it. I may have you try to take a sample of the oily substance and send to me for analysis in a lab. I'll let you know.
Please let me know if I have your permission to share your photos and I'll be in touch.
Thank you and take care,

Dave Rosenfeld
UUFOH Director

Witness contact #2
April 18th 2008
you have permission for research, or to display them on your website. the T.V. has since been cleaned by accident. I do have several occurrences where there is a 3 fingered claw mark outside my farm house, it has been in several different areas. I assume that this creature is the one that has been drinking all the water, or taking it from the 20+ gal. water feeder from my dogs.,they freak out regularly.they don't drink 25 gal. a day. I am also going to show you a picture that has my dog in it. if you look at his back ., he has had a huge operation to save his life,severe tear marks, gutting him, and several deep slices and the 4 hr old infection was so bad, that he had to have 3 blood transfusions. what is so bad that a vet had to change out his blood 3 times, instead of filtering looked like he was attacked by something with long claws, similar to the marking in my ground.Maybe it is the loud race cars, or all the hotrods that are built here, or maybe its needing some technology from my it a time traveler from another planet???? what freaks me out is I cant see it, maybe that's a good thing. I do hear things in the woods, like I am being followed, and  my son refuses to go out at night. if this thing wanted to hurt me, it would have been along time ago. you are welcome to the T.V. if you want to test it. I am sure it was wiped down but I have a big piece of tape with the imprint on it, the zoo  told me to do it this way. if you did a glue release it might be a good  fact tool.ill do the camera thing.From the people I have spoken with, they think its reptilian, and a aquatic cross???I'm just a mechanic/welder I'll leave it to you , to decide.
thanks for your time.        
Bob Ledford

UUFOH Finds this print very interesting and the witness credible. UUFOH will continue to research this case and update with any information we might find