Immigration, taxes and little green men

Immigration, taxes and little green men
Candidate says Earth would be harmonious if ETs were known to exist
by Jay Hamburger OF THE RECORD STAFF
The Park Record
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Joe Buchman's campaign for Congress will address the typical fare for a Libertarian during election season -- immigration control, eliminating taxes, downsizing the government.

Then the political newcomer from Summit Park, who is running an outsider campaign in District 1 of the House of Representatives, might move to little green men.

In an unusual political stand, Buchman says he wants the federal government to reveal whether it has information about extraterrestrials, and he has created a Web site that provides a forum for enthusiasts.

Buchman contends Earthlings would become better people if they knew for certain there are alien races, and he plans a trip to suburban Washington, D.C., in April for a conference about extraterrestrials.

"One people, on one planet," Buchman says, describing his hopes for Earth if aliens are found to exist. "It would change the way we treat each other in very positive ways."

Buchman, who is 50 years old, a business consultant and a former university professor, says NASA is a commendable program of the federal government, but he prefers the space agency be funded by donations instead of tax dollars.

He does not discuss extraterrestrials in depth, but his Web site, called, notes the disputed 1947 event in Roswell, N.M., that UFO enthusiasts say was the crash of a spaceship. The opening page of the Web site says, "Welcome all earthlings Milkywayans and Universers!"

Buchman is campaigning for the seat held by Republican Rob Bishop. The incumbent is expected to easily win re-election in November, and he also faces challenges from a Democrat and a member of the Constitution Party.

Buchman has lived in the Park City area for five years and elsewhere in Utah for five years before arriving in Park City. He says he has never run for political office and he has "no delusion of getting elected." He says he will press issues important to his party.

"Libertarians are very much grounded on the Bill of Rights," he says.

Some parts of his platform include:

Controlling immigration by securing the U.S. borders. He says it is "unfathomable" that the government cannot stop illegal border crossings in the post-Sept. 11 era. He does not offer a blueprint, however, saying, "I don't have a clue, to tell you the truth." Buchman says the U.S. could consider redeploying troops from Iraq and Korea. "Maybe it would be more useful to secure our borders first, over other nations," he says.

Eliminating the federal income tax, which he says is "easy enough" to accomplish. He says the White House and Congress would then have to reduce government spending. Buchman says the size of the federal government should be reduced so its only duties are national defense and running a court system. The federal government is "utterly incompetent" otherwise, he says, and national laws should be to protect individual rights.

Apologies from Earth

Congressional candidate Joe Buchman's Web site,, contains a lengthy apology, based on human faults, to extraterrestrials.

The text follows:

On behalf of the people of Earth we apologize

For the hostility we have shown to all peace-loving beings; visitors to our planet, observers of our planet, our ancestors and all our generations to come.

We acknowledge our short-sighted behavior, our past and current nearly unbridled violence, our consumption and destruction of the nonrenewable resources of the Earth, our fear, hate, hypocrisy and greed.

We apologize for our lack of generosity, hospitality and loving-kindness toward others, especially those who have visited us from afar. We apologize for reacting out of fear, greed and a lust for (the illusion of) power over others. We regret our past unenlightened behavior and commit to being peaceful, gentle and teachable.

We invite the all who are wiser, kinder and more enlightened, our common family from across the Cosmos, to assist us in creating the Earth as a planet that is known as a true Garden of Eden throughout the Universe.

Joseph G. Buchman, PhD
175 Paradise Road
Park City, Utah 84098

435 649 7927 home
801 403 4648 cell

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