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l  Experiences from an Alien Contactee from Magna, Utah l 

submitted to UUFOH by Deb - 5 / 2002
  I was born in 1955...I was raised in Magna. I must tell you that your site has got my attention. I come from a strong family, yet it took many years for me to realize that what others called their imaginary friends...were real...to me, and not always them. Yet my entire family knew of, what we called them, the others. In the early 70's there was a rash of sightings, one need not have anything to see them.. they flew over the sky's without a care. I do not look my age...yet in another 3 years I will...perhaps..I am now working on a book..perhaps I will never finish. One thing they gave me was a zest for life...as well as the gift of seeing..It has always seemed so strange to me that humans are so self-contained, that they are unable (or unwilling) to see beyond their own world, however it has always been that way, Now the sightnings in just Magna go way back, before my birth as well as before that...The time for them to show them as they are...has been..always been..here, one just need's to hear. Look what we did the last time...a time that is easy for me to bring up. The atom bomb??? Look where that went.. Deb ----------------------

You see they still come. You are very right...being a contactee is more than at times I can handle. Yet they know this , so they are careful. Yes I did go seek professional help...for I felt my mind was in direr need of help. I got a clean bill of heath..I was told after so much humbug, that I was just gifted. When I asked what she ment by that she said "There are some people that can see more than others, for whatever reason, so instead of fearing it just let it be. So now I just let things be what they are try to figure it out later.  That happen 20 years ago.....so In keeping with what my father said.."If you seek it, it shall be known to you...for in every story there is part of your search." So you see Dave I feel that in every tall story there is a part of truth...I know that what I have to say may be viewed as a tall story.........I know different. That is why your sight got my eyes....for in what I have read , I can see truth.....I will say this much...it will not be long before everyone knows the truth...for this is their Earth also..Deb -------------------

Dave,    Sorry that it has taken so long for me to get back with you. As you said it is very hard to talk about this. As far as the gift they at times leave with one..I feel that these gifts are born within us all. So let's just call it the animal side we all just forgot. I will give you a TRUE story..for I have lived..it ...one of many.
The year was 1978. Place Magna, Utah..I was due to give birth for the 4th time...the docs had to give me Beta shots to insure the child would be born with active lungs..my children were born 6 weeks early....My son was fine..howerver the night after I brought him home to my parents(my husband & I were staying there ) This was Oct. 13,1978, that night as we layed in bed..my son was in a porta crib not 3 feet from us, I was nursing him, I turned to my husband and said" They are coming again" . Now he had been through alot of strange things with me, yet he turned to tell me I was full of shit..then I guess by the look in my eyes..he changed his tune. he asked me how do you know?
I told him just listen..can you hear the cows crying..dogs whining...the horses are upset..I told him that they won't get to him...Boy was I wrong..
I know that when you are asleep that a pre-waking state came happen, Yet I was wide awake..after all I know the change..the room changed I saw them putting in a probe to my son. Try as i may i could do nothing. When I asked Why??? I got the mental thought of You Will understand in time. .Since That time, as before I can always feel them..I have a way of seeing...that now I  know I had at birth..Who they are who knows...Yet there is a law on the books  that anyone that has had or is a point of contact..of ET of the 4th kind can and will be taken to a goverment installment, to be kept for a undisclosed time. It is called the ET LAW.  Now tell me why that law is there. How much of a threat is this.. As far as I know the others are us...Yet in fact that I can not prove, there are more than one breed of them...meaning that it is not just one race of beings here, there are many. --------

For myself talking about this starts things up again..as for the Grays not all of them are non feeling. The one that has been with me my whole life is in fact loving. Think of it this way. Were man to clone a human..they would see it as a non human...they would be so wrong..This is what happened with the Grays, at least that is what I have come to believe. You may post what I send you. I am writing a book or at least tiring to. I have to stop at times due to the activity that begins. When I open the door to that part of my mind they take full advantage. To be honest it really does scare the heck out of me.

Alien Dave & UUFOH Thanks Deb for sending us this Utah Alien Contact information/ experience.
We know how hard it is to talk about these traumatic experiences - to even think about them is to re-live them.
we appreciate submissions such as these -
For most do not realize they happen next door, to many thousands of people, everyday Joes or in this case Deb's.
UUFOH - Alien Dave

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Experiences from an Alien Contactee from Magna, Utah
Story submitted to UUFOH by Deb - 5 / 2002 and posted with permission from author