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Genesis Down
The NASA Spacecraft landings in Utah will bring 'unknowns' to Earth.
2004 Capsule samples to land at Utah Test & Training Range, Dugway
just minutes west of Salt Lake City near Tooele, with ground zero so close,
Lets all hope 'Faster', 'Better', 'Cheaper', works this time!
Will our first contact with ET be an extraterrestrial disease?
drX abductions
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                                  GENESIS Landing Zone in Utah

In a report filed by Maxx Damage to the Ground Zero Newsletter from a CNN report, it seems NASA has a double standard when it comes to polluting a planet with space microbes that may kill life forms. The Galileo space probe is in it's final days and the aging probe is ready to be put out of it's misery by NASA.

They have the option of waiting for the probe to run out of propellant however CNN reports that there will be a more spectacular finish for their venerable piece of property.

NASA has decided to kill the Galileo probe by deliberately crash landing it on Jupiter. It also has been discussed that when the probe gets it's marching papers that it could be crashed into the Volcanic moon Io but definitely not Europa.

The reason is incredible considering the downplaying of the danger of project Stardust by NASA.

Galileo won't be flying into Europa because Galileo could still be carrying microbes, 11 years after its launch from the space shuttle Atlantis. Duane Bindschadler, Galileo's manager for science planning and operations told CNN that "We don't want to get anywhere near Europa, simply because of the possibility of life there," and moreover Andrew Ingersoll of the California Institute of Technology says that "They don't want to crash this contaminated spacecraft into Europa".

This is a blatant double standard when you consider the ramifications of an accidental introduction of microbes from a hostile alien environment to planet earth with a project like Stardust.
credit: Clyde Lewis -WARNING FROM ANDROMEDA 

Genesis Program

NASA probe to land in Tooele County Utah
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Above articles CREDIT: Disinfozero for the Ground Zero radio show

Two spacecraft carrying extraterrestrial samples are to land in Utah's west desert.
The Genesis Capsule will be landing in the Utah Desert in early September 2004
The Stardust Capsule lands January 15, 2006

The collected particles, stowed in a sample return capsule onboard Stardust, will be returned to Earth for in-depth analysis. That dramatic event will occur on January 15, 2006, when the capsule makes a soft landing at the U.S. Air Force Utah Test and Training Range. The microscopic particle samples of comet and interstellar dust collected by Stardust will be taken to the planetary material curatorial facility at NASA's Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas, for analysis.

Stardust returns to Earth,
bringing with it the first comet samples in the history of space exploration."


Ok, we all know NASA has a history of spacecraft landing failures, if something goes wrong this time,
This worst case scenario,.......might go like this..........

Something goes wrong, very wrong. Genesis is damaged upon re-entry, NASA doesn't know how bad, They make visual, capsule is trailing smoke and off target by 90 miles, (live) video is cut. Emergency procedures are implemented, Target and capture vehicles deployed to new target position, Local News picks up and live video is restored. The capsule is trailing smoke as we watch the chute deploy, but never opens. -as most of the dialog is filtered out from the movie like images, from the speaker an unknown military voice says, "Go Blue"... "Confirm,...................Green on Blue"... meanwhile helicopters are heard above from Point of the Mountain to Bountiful, the activity becomes noticed by the majority of Salt Lake City Valley, the Wasatch Front & Tooele. Live footage now shows a large capture helicopter attempting some sort of maneuver, - (more military code is heard in the video background) video is cut............
Outside above Salt Lake City, its seriousness is quite clear, the capsule is not slowing down, in fact its going to.......BAM! ,,,,,,,the capsule just hit the Army helicopter and exploded!... as the shock wave is felt by the entire Wasatch Front.... debris falls over West Jordan area towards the Oquirrh mountains, and beyond for the whole valley to see. The sky is teeming with activity, Jets are heard but not seen, Helicopters are everywhere. For a few minutes, several UFOs are seen traveling the same flight pattern as the capsule, sirens wail from every possible location as fiery debris continues to slowly fall over thousands of homes and businesses. There is no Major panic. The area is contained.. somewhat...... Days later, thousands of home video's of the event / disaster are being shown, some very disturbing. Some showing the UFO's. A strange and mysterious smell becomes present and starts to become stronger as temps hit above 90* again.
  Satellite photos show mass discolorations in and around debris field, more so farther west. Media reports then state communications in the area have been lost, The world takes notice, but are not shown any images. Back in the desert these discolorations grow aggressively and is known to be feeding on............salt. millions of tons of it........ in the first week it covers most of Northern Utah in a accelerated growth period, killing everything within 500 miles from the debris field and those that have come in contact with debris. At the end of the week, the organism turns black then suddenly hardens. Confusion sets in, while the government claims a state of emergency and forces Martial Law which is enforced but only at around 40% coverage. Three days after hardening, it cracks and breaks open,......... nothing apparent happens. A new growth is noticed where the 'Chemical Depot" should be. Much larger and certainly different, It moves randomly within the area and engages all aggressive movements made by the military without mercy. The US Military is considering nuking the site to save the planet............. The unknown organism, which can be seen from miles away, shudders and collapses, sending a dust cloud high into the atmosphere. The entire Earth shakes and buildings topple worldwide. Tidal waves 150 feet high slam into coast lines, the world goes black.. as all utilities shut down,......
Life as we know it is about to disappear, a new 'Genesis' is beginning and soon will replace all life on Earth........}
......Well I could go on, but you get the point of this undesirable fictional Global 'First Contact' -
We lose.......

POINT: We don't know what's out there.

Here is another version or alternate ending, which is more favorable......

After hardening, the giant discolorations, or organisms, burst open to release trillions of spores that shoot into the stratosphere and settle over the entire planet. Within days, rainbow colored mushrooms a foot high, with the most delightful scent and taste, sprout in every nook and vacant patch of land.  Subconsciously, these life forms send out a powerful unheard message, to all living things on Earth, an irresistible urge so to speak, to eat the mushrooms.
The kicker,....The consciousness shifting power of these fungi transforms human consciousness -- instantly,  ushering in a true golden age of peace and understanding.

Hollywood would like the first scenario, we all would gladly accept the later, I would think.

There are many who feel this shouldn't be taken lightly
2004 Alien Dave

Alien Dave was on FOX 13 mentioning the dangers of these projects.  see more

Genesis Space Retrieval Project scheduled for September 2004 in the West Desert.  
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Saw the program last night, good job! I'm with you on your opinion of what they may be carrying back from space.             Shar
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