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l  Deadhorse Corner Bigfoot Encounter in Modena, Utah l 

submitted to UUFOH by Carol Johnson - 2/12/2004
2/12/2004 8:50:23 AM
My name is carol and I live in modena, utah...along the nev/utah border.  I was hunting on horseback in the hamblin valley here..and my horse all of a sudden became panicked.  He reared up...with nostrils flared...and I looked in the direction of where he was looking.  I saw it...I beleive it was female..about 8 or more feet tall....black..and it was doing something in an old rock burned out root cellar.  It was bending over and saw me..and stood up.  My horse was spazzing out and terrified....It was dusk and the creature just looked at us....in heading out..I saw a big pile of poop...it looked human...but on a larger scale.  The area is called Deadhorse corner..named by local residents...and has old horse skeltons to mark the road.  I'am still curious and going to return with my camera.  There is no doubt that this is Bigfoot.  I've been around for 53 yrs and always look for the unusual.  I have had many sightings of ufo.s...my father is a ufologist hunter..so it was part of my childhood..the strange and unusual.
carol johnson

Sun, 15 Feb 2004
>Bigfoot sighting...sounds credible, would like to check it out.

Dave Rosenfeld - UUFOH Director - aliendave@earthlink.net


This sounds extremely interesting.  I have never been to that area of Utah, but may be heading that way around the 5th of March.  If you want, I can contact this person and see if she was able to get any photos of the evidence, i.e., foot prints, "poop", etc...  I know she mentioned that she was headed back out to the spot with a camera.  If I can time this right and stop there on my way to Mesquite, then we may be able to get more than just the report online.  If there is still evidence in the area, such as the foot prints or feces, then it would be excellent evidence to have analyzed, if the evidence has not been contaminated yet.  I will let you know if I am still able to go to the site.  I know, as of now, we were unable to get any rooms in Mesquite or Vegas, that weekend because of NASCAR, but we are still counting on some good luck.  Meanwhile, I can still contact the witness and see if there is anymore information we can use.

Thanks, Brian Whitesides UUFOH

Alien Dave & UUFOH Thanks Deb for sending us this Utah Alien Contact information/ experience.
We know how hard it is to talk about these traumatic experiences - to even think about them is to re-live them.
we appreciate submissions such as these -
For most do not realize they happen next door, to many thousands of people, everyday Joes or in this case Deb's.
UUFOH - Alien Dave

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Bigfoot Encounter Modena Utah
Story submitted to UUFOH by Deb - 5 / 2002 and posted with permission from author