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Moab Encounter - leaves implant in tooth
  Submitted account:  by name withheld    3/25/03
  Will this ever end?

I wanted to share an experience from 1995 or 96, that happened in Moab UT and has bothered me to talk freely or even about it at all.
This happened in mid to late summer because it was warm enough that I was going to sleep out side on the deck. I was staying with a friend who lived "up against the rim" as we called the location (Spanish Valley)
Comfortable in my sleeping bag, I gazed at the stars noticing that my attention kept being drawn to one particular star which eventually had me feeling like I was hyptmotized to it.
I lay there un able to move and can't remember if I could blink my eyes. then I felt some thing tilt my head back and my mouth was pulled open by my bottom jaw and held open . I tried to move but couldn't and I felt panic and fear run through me. then a high pitched noise like a frequency pinged in my left ear and I felt a sharp pain in a bottom left molar, and remember being somewhat aware of what was happening, thinking this couldn't be happening, and more fear. Then I remembering feeling tears running down my face. I remember getting angry and feeling like someone could hear what I was thinking as I told them they would not take my soul away from me!
and then my thoughts were silenced and I felt a pressure being lifted off of me leaving me gasping for air and my heart pounding. It took me a few moments before I realized that I was able to move again. When I did I went into the house, my friend getting ready to go to bed, ask me what was the matter and why did I come back inside ? I told him that something didn't feel good about sleeping out there tonight.
  He asked me Are you sure your ok ? What's wrong ? I told him that I'd be ok and to go to bed.
After that night, I would occasionally notice that same ping and ringing in my ears.
This went on for about a year until I was eating corn chips one day and one split the same molar in half forcing me to go have it pulled. The dentist had asked me when, where and who put the filling in my tooth? I told him I couldn't remember.
The truth is I've NEVER had any dental work done to that tooth other than a routine cleaning !
After the tooth extraction, I didn't hear the ringing for some time and then out of the blue it came back again.
I have had other experiences, before this one and a few more after. I don't talk about these things. I do feel like I'm being watched, still and recently last week as well.
  will this ever end? and how do I obtain peace of mind about the past and now???!!!

PLEASE keep my name confidential.

Thanks for sharing your story with me,
Question: did you save the tooth?
There is several sources of what I would call help for the abducted, one great book is 'The Secret War' >a must read!
If you still live in Utah, I have info on a new abductee support group you might be interested in.
Also  I find its helpfull to talk with others that have had similar experiences in person, on a personal level. I generally do not speak freely about my experiences unless its on a personal level, with someone that has some understanding or experience with these occurances.
Only then is a shared understanding and learning process achieved. It helps.
There are ways to protect yourself.
.................................. sharing your experience will help others understand the extreme range of strangeness and diversity ranging from fear to love that is reported with this subject.
Please let me know if I can help you with anything such as the support group, ..............
keep searching, the truth will be known,
Alien Dave
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