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Re: video from Utah                                                                    posted with permission from Bryan Burrell

In a message dated 12/10/2003 5:19:38 PM Pacific Standard Time, bryan@digis.net writes:

Did you get the video?  You'll have to ask Ryan Layton for more details. I actually just made copies for him on my computer and agreed to get one to you.  I do know that a young man videotaped this in early November of year 2000 on the Mountain just east of Layton Utah.  He was scoping for Deer in the early morning and saw the tall walker. I examined the video in great detail using computer tools to enhance and magnify the image and single step through the video.

There are several Pros and Cons as to whether it is a BF in my opinion:

(1) uniform dark in color
(2) fairly tall, exact height is unknown
(3) fairly good stride at times
(4) doing fairly non-human things such as up so early in the morning, walking in the snow, etc.
(5) several times the pack seemed to move up on the body and hide the head.
(6) Seemed to be headed off into rough gully which normally a human that time of year wouldn't be doing.

(1) I could not detect any arm swinging
(2) It stopped and was kicking at something with its feet. I think this is something that humans do with hard shoes, not when barefooted.
(3) It raised its arm once and looked like it was adjusting pack.
(4) It meandered up the hill slow and fast as if tired and stopping to rest.
(5) It stepped up on a rock and then down. This is not something an experienced hiker or wild animal would normally do. Normally a rock or log is stepped over or around as they are dangerous.
(6) Once it appeared to almost trip and hurried to catch itself so as not to fall forward. More likely a human error than a BF error.

(1) The movie maker and dad and friends went up on the hill immediately to look for tracks and couldn't find a single one.

I'd be interested in your comments.
Bryan Burrell,  Utah
+  bryan@digis.net
PS. My son and I spent two nights driving the back roads looking for BF between Portland and Willow Creek, California. We spent a day at Willow Creek and surrounding areas looking for sign. All we saw were normal wild critters except for plenty of tracks in the Willow Creek museum.
Yes...have the film.  Sent you a card...gotta get something to play film on yet.  Can I get a hard copy on the computer to look at and run in the newsletter?
+  RayCrowe@aol.com
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Video taken of possible Bigfoot in Utah

UUFOH Report Credit:  Ryan Layton - UUFOH
the Layton, Utah 2000 Bigfoot video clip
coming soon
(sorry not yet available)
Photos below taken from DVD video copy. - thanks to Don Rogers

Roll over image: move your mouse over the image to highlight the subject.
UUFOH REPORT by Ryan Layton

General information:
  1- Equipment: Video shot with Digital 8 camcorder      (High zoom)
  2- Date of filming: Nov. 11 2000  approx 7:45 am     
  3- Location: Layton, Utah off US 89 on the Wasatch Front mountains...( near Hobbs Canyon. )
  4- Details:  first spotted with binoculars, then grabbed video camera for approx 4 minutes of video.

      I believe what you are seeing is the real thing based on the location, & is a real Sasquatch individual, appearing to possibly have a young juvenile on its back.
      It was taken in 4-6 inches of snow.
Having reenacted it recently on location it seems like about 80 yards of walking footage taking its time , even stopping & twisting & turning several times. Because of the great distance the film was taken at in the Zoom mode it is difficult to make out an incredible amount of tell -tale indications on the physical anatomy without high tech scrutiny applied such as a SAGITTAL CREST on the cranium,
{in other words a cone shaped head}positive identification of juvenile on back such as arms legs swinging so forth.}

       However the individual does seem to be large and pear shaped {MESOMORPH body type} especially when viewing it disappearing into the oak brush. Also extremely dark contrasted to the surroundings as you can observe.
      Many researchers and notable big game hunters in the area who have had their own sightings & encounters felt that it was bonafide and not a put-on, hoax or setup. They were satisfied that it was indeed a Sasquatch in their own way of evaluating it. As well as myself.

Other reports from the area:

    In 1980 two US west technicians spotted a Bigfoot just off Us 89 as they were working on a Telephone box  -  watched it amble off in the general direction of the 2000 film. Only a difference of about 300 yards.
    Then in 1980, a stones throw away in the small community's of Uintah, Reports from, South Weber and Riverdale near Ogden, Utah.
   We had many sightings that made national news at the time, seen by several witnesses, again just truckin" distance from this 2000 film. see Utah Bigfoot 

     Also a point of interest, 2 hours after the film was taken 5 individuals hiked up to the location and much to their chagrin were not able to see or discover any tracks in the 4-6 inches of snow, as they were able to precisely gauge the exact location, no debate about it, covered the area where the Bigfoot walked plus all of the surrounding area and were unable to establish and discover any tracks.  
{Conditions were constant within that 2 hour period I.e no additional snow, wind, or melting had occurred}
     Which in my line of reasoning & deductible process of elimination kind of approach to it seems to indeed throw this particular event into a possible paranormal explanation perhaps? Did anyone mention paraphysical or dimensional characteristics of the Sasquatch? Well then give it some open minded thought. I'm not biased or partisan however but this is what I believe I've come to believe strongly as the years have passed evaluating many cumulative cases with tons of witnesses.

  Ryan Layton - UUFOH 12/18/2003
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< Photo: normal viewing - no zoom
Note the long distance in which the video was taken.
Video resolution is poor due to the distance.

DVD copy of footage thanks to: Ryan Layton
Photo stills taken from video thanks to: Don Rogers

will update:
UFO? - Object found in footage pic.

From: Brian Whitesides
To: aliendave@earthlink.net
Sent: 3/3/2004 12:25:41 PM
Subject: I noticed something in photo on website

I was looking at the picture from the Bigfoot video that Ryan received from the Layton sighting back in 2000.  I noticed an anomolous object above the mountain in the normal picture that was not zoomed in.  If you take a look at the photo, look at the white house in the foreground of the picture, in the lower left hand corner.  If you look straight up from the roof of the white house and just past the top of the mountain, you will see an anomolous object just about 1 inch above the top edge.  The resolution of the picture is not good enough to get any detail of the object.  It is kind of hard to tell if it is right over the mountain or at a distance in the background.  It doesn't look like it is a problem with the film or the camera.  There is definitely and object there, but whether it is right above the mountain or a few miles further back in the distance is the question.  I am not sure if this was noticed before and just not brought up, or someone overlooked it.  Just thought I would bring it up and pose the question, just in case.

Brian Whitesides
From: Dave Rosenfeld
Subject: RE:I noticed something in photo on website

Wow, good eye! wonder if its in any of the other frames? anyway ,.... it would be too little res- at that distance for any use other than noting your keen eye. I nor anyone else ever noticed it. I'll make a mention on the page, with your observations and see what comes of it.

PHOTO: Object in question highlighted, click on image for larger version
Click for larger version